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  1. ElaP

    12S Plug wiring

    Thank you everybody. Jay Tea that's the way i had wired up my plug but I didn't try it in case it was wrong. At the moment my caravan is unobtainable until half way through July, (Scotland), but when I can, I'll plug it in and let you know the result. Thank you all again.
  2. ElaP

    12S Plug wiring

    I was replacing a damaged 12S plug and I just removed the old plug without checking which wires went where. When I went to wire up the new plug that was when I discovered it didn't correspond to standard UK wiring colours. I've emailed various UK Hobby dealers for information but never received a reply. Thank you for answering.
  3. ElaP

    12S Plug wiring

    Yes. Unfortunately the UK wiring colours bear no relation to the wires in my 12S plug. I only have Orange, Purple, Blue, Black and Brown. Orange puts the reversing lights on. I checked my car is wired as per UK specification. However thanks for your reply.
  4. I have a 2010 Hobby 575 VIP with a battery, and strange wiring colours in the 12S plug. Namely : Orange - Purple - Blue - Black and Brown. I have worked out the Orange is for the reversing lights. The Blue is the earth, I think. The Black is connected to the caravan battery, but I'm not sure about the Purple and Brown. I may have the above wrong of course. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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