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  1. You not been tempted yet Graham? I know you were teetering on the brink 😉
  2. No, not the one in the sky but our own little piece of heave ...our static. For many reasons..lots of appointments, a week long visit from family, other stuff..we’ve been at home for four weeks. Tomorrow we head back down to our static, this time for four weeks, interrupted only by having our 18 month old grandson in our sole charge for two nights, yikes!! It’s a trial run as another baby is on the way so mum and dad want to get him used to staying with us without them 😱🤞as it will be another home birth. We can’t wait to be honest, he’s a lovely little chap and we’re going to spoil h
  3. Dyson cordless rechargeable, we have one at our static and one at home. Wish I’d had one when we had the tourer. I never use the big dyson at all now.
  4. We’ve never had a problem with the ff in our static, which we’ve had from new and which is now ten years old. The ff backs onto the shower cubicle. It gets switched on at the beginning of the season and only gets turned off when the seasons ends eight months later. The static gets very, very hot at times, to the point we had air con fitted last season..not for the ff but for us 🥶 Perhaps we’ve just been lucky.
  5. Depending on what it’s going to be used for, one of those telescopic poles for hanging net curtains or voiles might do the trick.
  6. We used ours whether we were away or not, it was all set up so why not?
  7. We started off with a watering system which worked really well, we’d come back from two months abroad in the tourer to a very lush jungle back garden. The front garden only had the drive and a large deep shrubbery which took care of itself. We then had a water meter fitted and decided to do away with the watering system and gradually changed the planting similar to Joanie...flowering shrubs, small trees, and perennials which don’t require much water. It works well, it’s a riot of colour at the moment but that will change to more greenery and less flowers as the summer goes on. The s
  8. Clipit (or similar)storage boxes, the square ones, or rectangle ones, are very useful. They stack well and save space, unlike round ones. Or the plastic take away type lidded boxes, very lightweight and stackable. We bought a set of three cheapo pans with glass lids from Matalan or somewhere like that, when we got our tourer all those years ago. I’m still using them in our static. We too always used proper glasses and mugs, and are still using them too.
  9. LongTimeCaravanner, I’ll be honest and say it took me probably two years to stop yearning for our tourer, it wasn’t my decision to stop touring but my husbands as he’d had enough of towing. As I didn’t tow, I didn’t feel I could insist we carried on, and getting a static seemed a good compromise. Our static is in the middle of a large pitch, we have garden either side and at the front, and a big paved patio area behind, all fenced off. It’s something we liked about the site, each static having their own garden. We face onto a ‘village green’ as do all the caravans, when we look out of the
  10. My feeling is that any card can be falsified/forged and wouldn’t necessarily be taken as proof of someone having had the vaccine. Maybe better than nothing though, who knows 🤷‍♀️
  11. Graham 😂😉Do it! Our static is down south, not in a typical holiday destination but in the countryside very close to the banks of the Thames in Berkshire. It’s a family owned site, has tourers and tenters on a completely different part, and a few..very few..rentable statics. It has no facilities, we walk through a farmyard to get the the village, where there is one small shop, a posh pub, a not so posh pub and a doctor who has a surgery once a week. We came from touring but decided the time had come to hang up the tow bar (we travelled extensively in Europe, especially France, f
  12. Had a very good journey down here, no problems, and our son & family, who had used the static while we were at home, had left it spotless...there were a few bottles of wine missing, and the whiskey bottle looked a tad empty, but we’re not complaining, just pleased they’re getting the use from it 😊 We unpacked, had a cuppa, then took dog for a slow meander round the site to catch up with any owners who were around. The site is so quiet, remarkably so, and that’s just how we like it. Going to have a relaxing, quiet day tomorrow, then get cracking with the list of things we want to
  13. GPS, it’s a shame all surgeries haven’t yet dragged themselves into the 21st century. As far as I’m concerned, my medical records can be viewed by anyone who wants to see them. And I absolutely love telephone consultations, I just feel it’s a pity it took a pandemic to make them almost the norm. We’re hoping to get to Sweden for Christmas, to see our eldest for the first time in what will be over two years, so if having this app with all the information which may be needed, makes this possible, I see it as such a good thing...and Sweden needs to get to grips with COVID and jabs too o
  14. We only downloaded the app two days ago, and did it so we can order repeat prescriptions and book appointments using it. The thing about the vaccines was incidental, but might possibly be useful, who knows..🙂 We already had facial recognition on our iPhones for banking, WhatsApp, etc., so once we’d set up a password and signed into the NHS app we just switched on facial recognition and bingo! Took all of five minutes🤓
  15. If you download the NHS app on to your phone, your jabs are there for anyone interested to see, with date and time they were done, along with all your appointments and the medical records your GP holds. Personally I think it’s a waste of time laminating or anything else, a bit of card or paper. Just my opinion.
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