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  1. Yes, not surprised. And you’ll be very lucky to find a site which takes ‘bring ons’, they’re very few and far between.
  2. We expected nothing. However our site is freezing the site fees for five years and adding an extra year to everyone’s caravan licence. More than happy with that.
  3. You could be right 2seaside, that’d be great! Thank you for your good wishes, the thing I’m looking forward to the most, apart from making it down there safely, is getting my hands on our grandson again 👶although he’ll probably wonder who these two strangers are and start crying 🙁 Are you a tourer or a static owner? Any plans yourself??
  4. Our site owners are giving everyone an extra year on their licence, and have frozen the annual fees for five years.
  5. We had another email today telling us we need to email the site with the names and telephone numbers of anyone visiting us on site, in accordance with the track and trace thing. Very happy to comply. Weve not been asked to let the site know our own comings and goings but would be very happy to do so if asked.
  6. Well Paul, lets just say we all have..err..different capacities! 😉 We’ve done the drive down to the caravan many, many times over the eight years we’ve had it and the longest it’s ever taken us was just over six hours, which I must admit was a blooming nightmare. It was due to a bus catching fire and the motorway grinding to a halt for a couple of hours. It usually takes us anywhere between three and four hours, depending on how many pit stops are required. And we’ve done it twice, setting off early evening, with no stops at all! Im not expecting Saturday’s journey to be a breeze but if it takes us ten hours I’ll be very surprised 😯
  7. We’re very keen to go on Saturday as we have family coming to see us at the caravan on the Sunday, including our nine month old grandson who we’ve not seen since March. We’re just going to bite the bullet and go for it. It’s not so much the amount of traffic on the roads, with queues etc., which was concerning me, it was what the service stations will be like, not having been near one since lockdown began. Who knows, we may even do the journey with a non stop strategy, it has been known! Anyhow, thanks again everyone 😊
  8. Eric, I would feel the same as you, and do exactly what you’re intending to do. If your friend keeps her distance while you’re in her house, and you and she wear masks, you wash your hands in her house using your own towel to dry them and then hand gel them in your car as you leave, then wash them again in your own house, I feel you’re doing as much as you can do unless you don’t go at all. I don’t think you’re over reacting, I think you’re doing what makes you feel as safe as you possibly can. We all do what we feel is right for ourselves.
  9. Thank you Knaus and Jacko. I’m feeling more reassured by the minute and really appreciate all the responses as I’ve been quite anxious about the journey down 👍😊
  10. Yep Graham, we rarely stop at them. We do have our three favourite ones but I was just wondering, generally, what service stations are like during the virus in terms of keeping people safe, etc. Just been having another chat and decided 4pm is when we’ll set off and just take it as it comes, could be lucky or unlucky regarding traffic and busy service stations 🤷‍♀️ Personally, if I go into a service station to use the loo and feel uncomfortable I’ll just walk out and we’ll find a suitably distant and quiet spot in the car park to use our ‘on board’ facilities. I’m not prepared to put myself at any risk, being pretty vulnerable in health terms. What an adventure 🙄
  11. Ha ha Dave, I’m not sure of the route either if I’m honest 🙃 I get myself settled on the back seat with the dog, both of us with our seatbelts on, and just enjoy the ride. I sometimes ask other half what motorway we’re on or how far to the next services, but other than that.. He’s just told me M6, M6 toll, M40 🤔
  12. We’re travelling north to south. Thats very reassuring B3, must admit it’s the service station stops which concern me the most. Stricter the better for me! We have actually bought some things to use for a pee in the car, if necessary, some kind of crystals in them which turns liquid to gel, but would only use them as a last resort.
  13. We’re heading to our static on Saturday, yay! 😁It’s a 200 mile journey, mainly on motorways. Just been having a chat about best time to leave home, what to do about service station stops, and the journey generally. For a number of reasons we can’t head off early morning as we would normally do, so probably intend to leave home about 4pm. Given it’s being referred to as Super Saturday, with the roads expected to be very busy, and the fact we would probably have to stop at least once at a service station, what time would you leave home? And what are service stations like these days?
  14. To be honest, and I’ve heard it suggested many times, a large tourer on a seasonal pitch comes nothing even slightly close to having a static. Splea, a real bargain, well done and glad you’re happy with it 👍
  15. We had an email from our site last week to tell us they’ll be opening on Saturday, in line with the guidelines. They also said they’ll be sending a further email this week outlining new park rules which will come into effect on Saturday. I assume that among these new rules will be something about track and trace, something which I fully support.
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