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  1. Did you have a licence agreement with the previous owners? You may find there’s something in that about them selling and how it will affect you.
  2. Indeed, can’t be too careful. Hope your relatives are doing ok.
  3. I worked in the caring sector all my working life, both for the NHS and Social Services. Theres no way I would let anyone I didn’t know (and even many I do know) use our static. If that makes me unfriendly and uncaring, well, I can live with that 🤷‍♀️
  4. It may make some people a bit more adventurous in their eating habits when abroad! I broke my ankle on our last trip to France with our tourer, on my birthday, and guess what? We found a perfectly acceptable kind of bacon in the supermarket there and had bacon baguettes, expertly shopped for and cooked by my other half, eaten sitting in the sun outside the caravan 🥓🥖☕️🍾
  5. Just had an email from our site owners to tell us that if we settle next years pitch fees in full by 31st March (which we always do anyway) then VAT will only be charged at 5% instead of 20%, saving us over £400. Yay! 😁 Actually, we always settle in full by mid January as the site gives us a discount of £130 for early settlement.
  6. We’ve not seen one of our sons since November last year, he lives abroad, currently in Sweden with his Swedish partner. Worried. We saw our other son in October when we were in a childcare bubble for two weeks. Should have been spending Christmas with him and our 12 month old grandson 200 miles away. Not happening. Havent seen our three girls and two babies in Scotland since 23rd December last year. Dreadfully sad. Has to be done though 🤷‍♀️
  7. That’s something else we’ve never done, Babs, used those crystals, or salt, either in the tourer or our static. And never had a problem with damp or mould in either. Its interesting though, I think, to see what others do or don’t do, and their reasons...another of those ‘do what makes you happy’ things 😊
  8. When we had a tourer, we kept it at home in the back garden. We didn’t do anything to it over winter, except make sure it was thoroughly drained down. It was never plugged in, never had any heating on, nothing. It was fine, no problems at all.
  9. The OP asks will you be having the vaccine. Yes I will. I wish everyone would but appreciate that some people, for their own valid reasons, won’t.
  10. Ken, sorry, I realise I didn’t answer your original question. We have a Pemberton and there were two reasons why we plumped for it. It has the layout we wanted, without fixed seating. Instead, it has two free standing sofas, one of which converts into a double bed. It doesn’t have built in shelving or a fireplace either, neither of which we wanted. The other thing is the decor and colour scheme. I really couldn’t live with some of the flowery, patterned curtains and upholstery which some statics have. The best thing to do, perhaps, is get in touch with as many manufacturers
  11. Taking into account all the above good advice, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a good look at all the static manufacturers models so that when someone does find the site they want to site their van on, they can tell the site which caravan they’re interested in. Our site was happy to buy from whichever manufacturer we wanted them to.
  12. We too have a key safe attached to our house for the house keys. Its the one recommended by the insurers and police, I believe and is as safe as a keysafe can be. I agree with Graham, For the static and car, I have one set kept in my handbag, he has another set which is the set in most use.
  13. Joanie, we do click and collect, started it when we first managed to get a slot for it in the first lockdown as I was shielding, and have continued with it ever since. I do the click, he does the collect. Click and collect slots (sainsburys)are readily available now, if that’s any help to you. I think once the first panic buying, in the first lockdown, had eased, delivery and click & collect have pretty much returned to normal.
  14. Ok, thanks for your reply, and good luck in your quest. Myself, I’m quite happy with the way things are for me.
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