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  1. It was kenmore caravans at Mirfield in West Yorkshire Sally the owner was absolutely fantastic and all the staff especially Brendan she even refunded us for the extras we purchased which were a new leisure battery and a pigtail. She was really upset about it but as we have said at least nobody was hurt
  2. Caravan dealer contacted us they are giving us a full refund of the price we paid . The guy who came to pick it up was really upset he has been towing for 35 years and never had a problem. We told him we were glad it happened on site and not when he got on the motorway at least no one was injured.
  3. My caravan was on a seasonal pitch I’ve only had it 6 weeks when the floor started dipping rang dealer who arranged to pick it up to repair came today set off out of site caravan came unhitched and crashed into a post Causing major damage. The driver coupled it back up and set off back to dealers. We are waiting now to see what they come up with will post later
  4. If the light is off on the fridge would that confirm there is no power to it ? Btw is an elddis affinity 2015
  5. Thanks for the reply is tv amplifier for the aerial and won’t the fridge turn off if I switch the power off
  6. My caravan is on a seasonal pitch we have to disconnect the ehu when we go home I have a solar panel on the roof should I switch the power off on the fuse box when I go home or doesn’t it make any difference
  7. Thanks for your reply it makes me feel a lot better knowing it can be repaired
  8. My warranty doesn’t run out till 20/7/21
  9. Thanks for your reply when they take it i will tell them that I want to know what’s caused it especially if it is a damp issue. and ask them to provide a damp report and also a guarantee for the repairs done
  10. I recently bought an Elddis Affinity 554 and had it delivered to a seasonal pitch . After taking the carpets up to clean the floor I noticed the floor seemed very soft in front of the sink and around the entrance. I’ve only had the van a couple of weeks so I rang the dealer up and they said that I could leave it till the end of the season and they would come and pick it up and do the repair under warranty. Will it get any worse if I leave it till probably the beginning of November? I think they are being quite reasonable with their offer what do others think ? By the way it’s a 2015 model.
  11. Sorted thanks very much I had to retune the tv and that sorted it
  12. I’ve plugged the aerial in by the 12 volt socket and it’s turned on in the top locker am I missing something or is it possible there isn’t one ?
  13. I’ve just got my Elddis Affinity 554 and can’t tune my tv in it keeps say no aerial connection is there an inbuilt aerial in the van or do I need an outdoor one . It is the 2015 model I can’t see one on the roof except a small one which I think is for the radio
  14. Don’t you think it’s time some of these campsite reviews were taken off some are ten years old
  15. Cheers got it bit slow today lol. MANUAL.
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