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  1. Hi cb300, I am having problems with water getting to the underside of my van too and I tend to agree with you, although this is not a cure it is a good preventative measure. Could I ask what make of cover you have and if the van suffers from any condensation whilst it is on, thanks
  2. Hi can someone please advise, I am wanting to remove the front and rear bumpers from my 2017 Cabrera so that I can fit some drip strips along the front and back of my caravan as I am getting rainwater running onto the underside of my van and its only a matter of time before the plywood undercarriage starts to rot. I have managed to remove the 4 little corner bumpers but can't see how the others are attached. Unfortunately I can't get this done under warranty as the last service was carried out by a none NCC service centr
  3. Hi, I have just bought a 2017 Unicorn Cabrera and guess what the roof strap is leaking onto my bed. Unfortunately Bailey won't cover with warranty as previous owner had it serviced by an unapproved company thus invalidating my warranty. Anyhow I am going to attempt this fix myself, I am writing for any tips or advice. If I undo the 7 clamping brackets from inside the bedroom should the strap prise out once the seal has broken? Also how are the endcaps fastened in, are they just stuck in with sealant or fastened mechanically ? I intend to thoroughly clean the strap and roof and use do
  4. Thankyou Matelodave, I have a husband who is "H"Andy who may be able to sort.
  5. Thankyou all for your responses will check for alarm when we pick up. Are the alarms easy to fit?
  6. Metelodave - Thank you for your quick response this is very helpful. Do you know if the alarm is fitted too as standard, looking at the manual on line I assume it is?. We are currently upgrading and currently have a Bailey Pageant 2004 so a little green when it comes to the newer vans GaryB1969 thank you for your response, if there is only a £30 discount maybe not worth renewing the tracker service, especially as the response rate is slow
  7. Just a general enquiry in preparation of purchasing a 2017 Bailey Unicorn Cabrera series 3 - Can you confirm if the tracker, alarm, alko wheel locks fitted at factory as standard. Also is there a locking wheel nut adapter?
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