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  1. Sorry Ern , I did read your post but not properly , so you think its best to get a new one , I am inclined to get a new one as its easy to swap it straight out but when I read on the other company,s site they put high strength torsion bars in and it has a two year warranty its hard to know what to do. That is why I wanted peoples opinions but thanks for the advice and if the price is around the same I will go for a new one then. I would drive down there to pick it up myself , bring it back and fit it. Will let you know what they charge when I get an email back..
  2. Hi , no like the others have said you have to remove the axle and send it up there. Yes I suppose its down to price , the company I have been dealing with sell them cheap WTA western towing , like 400 to 500 pounds for mine , my axle is only 830kg to 1060kg , that is what is on there web site so I am interested to see what they want for a new axle. Sorry I should clarify I will be removing my axle , its not rocket science , I grew up on a farm , my dad could strip an engine down to its last nut and bolt and rebuild it. And although I don,t know half of what he knew he did teach me a lot , I have done a few top end rebuilds ( on bikes ) and done all my own serving over the years on our cars , not now as its mobility we have. But it looks very straight forward to me. I will probably get a friend to help me put it back on though as I think it will be a bit more fiddly. I just though I would ask what other caravaner,s thought , because I have read even new caravans have had problems with there axles and with that company in Scotland saying they put high strength torsion bars in , I am on the fence to which one I should choose. Again it will be interesting what price they come back with for a new one.
  3. I have known for a while now my van is leaning one side , one arm is in the loaded position and the other unloaded , as its a 1994 caravan I think its just worn and have probably been over loaded at some point as well. Tolerance is 12mm Alko says mine is at 17 so 5mm out , that really would not bother me as there are lots of vans out tolerance from what I have read but with the one arm binging in the loaded position so I am going to get the axle done. So my question is , would you go for a new axle or get it reconditioned from that place in Scotland ? , that place in Scotland puts high strength torsion bars in when they do it but a new one will have standard ones in. I have been in contact with a company that are in contact with Alko , I sent them the plate number and Alko sent me a diagram to check all the measurements which are correct. Just waiting for a price now , things are a bit slow as Alko only have a skeleton staff in. Your opinions would be grateful please , me thinks get it reconditioned. Thanks
  4. I do that with mine check it for leaks when its raining or if I wash it ,, When I bought mine it had water ingress a real bad leak but it had been sealed , I still had to strip it back and fix it , 2 weeks it took me. Later on I found another small part of the caravan that had leaked but that is all fixed now , protimeter says caravan bone dry .....
  5. I think everyone should have been wearing them mouths ago , my husband is high risk and it worries like crazy if he catches Covid...
  6. The first site we went to a week ago everything was open showers blocks , loo,s but the second site everything was closed. Lucky for us my mum lives down the road so my disabled husband used her wetroom. I got showers in our little caravan and it was very tight to move I have to say , hopefully all the shower blocks will be open soon on all the caravan sites.
  7. My husband is high risk and always wears a mask when out ( I get them from work 3M masks ) , he has only just in the last few weeks started going out in town. I did take him out most days on lock down to the county side for fresh air.
  8. It covers the car as well , I only wanted UK. I thought they offered Europe as well.. Ok a lot of people have mayday on here
  9. I took out Mayday recovery last week , I do have breakdown with another company but I was not happy with it as the paper work was a bit confusing. If my caravan breaks down I can not be doing with a headache , I just want it taken home and everyone else has it so when in Rome...
  10. Mine says in the manual , but on the side of the tyre it says max 65psi , mine are light truck , but I put 42psi in.. That is what advises in mine anyway , I would think it says it in your manual what to put in , hope that helps..
  11. Hi DACS Thanks , I did think a bout that afterwards and thought I bet that is with the car as well , payload is 680kg... There is our two little doggies in the back as well.
  12. Thanks everyone for all your kind help and advice I now know how to read the vin plate ... We are looking forward to going away for the first time in our caravan and hopefully lots more times..
  13. I managed to get the picture on.
  14. That is what is on the plate of his wheel chair and its electric... I have to use ramps to get it in. Our car van is a combo life.
  15. I just had a look at some old posts on here how to read it. So 2-1110 KG is the rear axle , well with the caravan with a nose weight of say 70.8kg and my husbands wheel chair at 85kg , there is loads left ,we could put all our bags in the car as well. I worked it out with everything in the car including us works out around 350 KG. The caravan unladen is 830kg and fully loaded 1060. I don,t think a battery , motor mover , spare wheel , gas bottle and a few bags come to more then that. Am I missing something ?.
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