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  1. is is a special wheel bolt that allows a lock to be attached to it. This alone does not stop the wheel from rotating, there is then a seperate wheel bar which is in turn fixed to this bar. The lock should not be left on the wheel alone and certainly not driven with it attached! I'm stuck with the lock stuck to the wheel. Hope I explained that clearly !
  2. Both the letter and email have been sent. No time for further amendments I knew there would be little mistakes here and there but I think it says what it need to say for the mostpart. I even learned a new word today,: Succinct! a new one on me
  3. Here is the letter I put together along with a small sample of the photos I have included. Send today by recorded post and also email. Thank you all for the advice and support.
  4. Hello all, firstly I would just like to say I have been blown away by all of the helpful responses. I feel a little less like I am alone in this. - thankyou! The purchase occurred within the last 2 weeks. The van was sold with a warranty of 4 weeks and after querying what was and was not included in the warranty they explained that everything apart from the brakes were covered. Fair enough I thought, it allowed me to buy with confidence knowing I had some cover. I rang and spoke to the director of the dealership today. I firstly thanked them for the prompt delivery, and then proceeded to outline the fact that I had found a number of issues and listed them and explained that I was quite concerned. ..... ......to cut a long story short, I was told that not only were they not prepared to do anything to rectify any of the issues, but went so far as to state that I have no warranty whatsoever on the van. He absolutely refused to accept a return. Great! Unfortunately this leaves me between a rock and a hard place, I either suck it up and accept the van with it's "features" or I have to press the issue formally rejecting it and going through some sort of legal process... Which I have no doubt will have a lingering negative effect on myself as it all plays out (even though I know I would have no issue with any ruling being in my favor) After guaging their response I feel I could be in for some 'trouble' if I pursue my legal rights. Does anyone want to buy a caravan? mint condition Regards
  5. I've just checked the advert, and I quote: "mint condition" and "everything working"
  6. Good evening caravan Talk memebers. I recently bought my first ever caravan. I know very little about caravans and as such decided it would be best for me to buy from a dealer. Someone who knows these things inside and out and would steer me in the right direction. I chose a van, inspected it to the best of my knowledge, liked what I saw - and did the deal. I arranged also for it to be delivered to me as although I have a capable tow vehicle (van) I learned last minute that the combined max weights would require me to do my B+E test. no problem. I have plenty of time to get that done after it is delivered to me. SO, the van was delivered and here is really where my heartache began; upon closer inspection and getting to know the van over the course of a few days I have noticed several quite serious defects. After getting a ladder to re-attach the aerial that was snapped and hanging over the side on arrival (not a good start) I noticed that the top of the roof is totally caved in. There is a pond of water sat up there. It looks like it's been driven under a low bridge perhaps at some point in its life. I've also noticed that inside the gas locker it is totally wet and rotten down both sides. The air conditioner does not work. It is leaking from the air conditioner, dripping inside. The tyres are I believe original to the van and dry rotted, all cracked on the sides. The electrics were dead, measuring the battery showed 1.7v. Has not improved at all after charging. the battery is totally dead on arival. It was delivered without a door key, the front windows were left ajar allowing spray from the sow vehicle to enter the front and soak the curtains. It has a wheel lock, the type that attaches in place of a wheel bolt. the lock is on there, but has no key, stopping me from being able to remove the wheel to service the brakes or tyres. I haven't even got gas hooked up yet or the 12v so I have no idea if there are futher issues there, but I'm not holding my breath at this point. I haven't spoken with the dealer yet to see their response, but even if they were happy to try and rectify the smaller problems, there is just no way they are going to be able to tear it apart and make structural repairs to the roof, sides. At this point I am not going to be committing to this van, kitting it out, buying awnings for it. I'm really quite upset about the whole ordeal and I'm worried about contacting the dealer tomorrow to explain everything to them.... who know's, it might just be one that slipped through their net and they will understand by allowing me to return it for a refund. I will see when I contact them. My question is, do you think I have the right to return the caravan and receive a refund? This was not the introduction to caravaning I was hoping for... Thankyou in advance for any responses / replies / advice Regards - JimBobJones
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