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  1. I have an Alde 3020 touch screen but the buttons on the right hand column are out of sync. (The ones on the left column are working fine) To change any of the settings you have to touch about 10mm to the right of the button to get it to respond. Which I could live with but the problem is, I am unable get into the settings as the button is in the bottom right hand corner and so I can not use the off set Has anyone any ideas as how to recalibrate the screen
  2. Just had meter on both ends of the wire and they are not the same wire. It would appear that they are for two differnt feeds?
  3. Thanks again for all the advice, I will do a bit more digging.
  4. Thanks for the reply's. At first I was of the same mind regarding the solar panel theory however, on further investigationI have found another set, which are the same, theses are above the consumer/fuse panel. Im not certain that looking at the wires that they would be thick enough to take the load of a solar panel. See photo's.
  5. Just purchased a 2011 Swits Conqueror 480. In the overhead locker where the fuse panel is, I have found a pair of wire's, one black and one red, both with spade conectors. I have tested and they appear to be dead. Anyone any ideas what they could be for. TIA
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