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  1. Hi thanks. I’ve not bought it to holiday in just yet, two of our adult children have moved in due to job and home loss. We only have a tiny house so it’s for extra space. Also me and the hubby have had to work from home and we need a bit of quiet as the kids are off school. Really struggling to work! we need the leg winders more than anything else as we need to stabilise it on the driveway. It has a motor mover but not remote so for tonight I have to park it outside my house and I can’t i sure it without the wheel locks and hitch locks apparently. So I’m just trying to find them toda
  2. Hi everyone. Just bought my first caravan today and need to get the following asap wheel locks hitch locks leg winder (urgent) leisure battery ive looked in Halfords and they hardly have anything for caravans. There is a local firm to me in Buxton but don’t have all I need. Can anyone tell me where I can get this stuff today within say 50 miles of Buxton. I’ve Googled but it’s all online sales
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