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  1. BorisK

    New Design

    I made a presentation so I can send it. I prefer to send the presentation instead of just photos, because in the presentation I explained how I came to this design and it is much more understandable. The presentation is short - 18 slides. If anyone wants I can provide it by email. I also created a survey in Google Forms, where you can give your opinion, which is very important to me.
  2. BorisK

    New Design

    Hello Everyone My name is Boris, and I am a marketing graduated who loves caravanning and camping since I was a child. Few months ago I was for a quick holiday in Norway. I saw exciting stuff there in the tourism industry and because of that recently I have done some researches on UK and US, RV industry (Recreational Vehicle industry- motorhomes, campervans, caravans). Also studies in the field of hospitality, especially in the territories of Norway and Finland and hotels mainly visited by UK and US people. In these countries, (Norway and Finland) they use several very innovative approaches to make their guest's stay even more enjoyable. I decided to combine their innovative approaches and put them in the RV industry. The result is a new caravan design. I'm not sure if this new design would appeal to caravan lovers. Therefore, I would be very grateful if you could give your opinion on this subject. I made a short presentation in PDF format, what is the design. If anyone wants to give an opinion on the new design please email me and I will send you the presentation, also a link with a few questions in the form of a survey(Google Forms). I will be very grateful to the people who gave their opinion and I will keep you informed about the survey of this exciting new design for me.
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