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  1. Hi there! Many thanks for all the very helpful advice. I have eventually decided to buy all my swiss rail passes and vignette via the Swis Travel Service .If you pay in GBP's then they do not charge delivery. They do,however,charge an admin fee!! I will have all I need in one delivery. Now for foreign currency-but that's another story!!!! Cheers! David.
  2. Hi Lutz. Thanks for the reply. We will be entering Switzerland at Basel.Your suggestion of purchase at a motorway service station may be a compromise. It seems that the website Tolltickets is in fact a German company! Regards David.
  3. Hi there! Has anyone used the firm Tolltickets.com to buy the Swiss vignette. The Swiss Travel Service charge too much in postage and this firm is much more reasonable. I know we can buy at the border but we did get very stressed last time we went.-must be age! Many thanks David.
  4. Many thanks for the replies.Will try Isabella direct and see what they charge for the extensions! Regards David.
  5. Hi there. We have the Isabella Sun canopy but find that the roof catches on the top of the caravan door because the legs are not long enough.I believe that you can get leg extensions but cant find them. Anyone know where I can find them? Also, the size we have only comes with 2 poles and could do with an extra one in the middle but they are about £40!! Any help would be great. David.
  6. Hi there, trying to find out how much gas is left in my 2 bottles before we go abroad. The collar on one says 09 14 and the other 09 10 which, if i am correct, is the empty weight of the cylinders in lbs and ozs. This translates into approx 4.48kgs and 4.37 kgs respectively. I then weigh the bottles to see the weight with any gas left. Deduct the two weights and have the answer !!! Can anyone please confirm that I am doing the correct thing? Many thanks. David.
  7. Hi there! My Truma fire fan switch will not work on the "Auto" setting . Do I need a new switch or is there an easy fix? Thanks David
  8. Hi there! Got mine in case from the RAC -£8 including admin. (Not a member) Issuing post offices too far away or too awkward and costly to park. Valid from 1st March for one year. Off to The Netherlands on 31st March!!!
  9. Thanks for the advice. The van is in storage at the moment so no power. Maybe I will wait to fit it when we go away next in the new year. Hope it comes off ok!!! Thanks.
  10. Hi ianfish! tis the one over the kithchen area which is a combined blind and flyscreen. Thanks for your interest.
  11. Hi there. I have ordered a replacement mini heki complete blind/flyscreen inner frame from Prima. Does anyone know how to remove the old one? The Dometic web site says in just pulls off from one corner! I am a bit nervous about tugging it off! Can anyone please advise ? Many thanks . David.
  12. Hi there. Whilst waiting for an appointment with an engineer,I replaced the shower head and pipe. I then found out that Whale had produced a new instruction list to go with their I C Control which controls the pressure. This invloves setting the pressure after turning on the shower and hey presto the shower now works!! Wife very pleased! Hope it works on site! Regards and thanks. David.
  13. Hi all. Thanks for all the views. Solved!!! It was simple- with help from a kind man at B+Q. The two pieces just pull apart. David.
  14. Hi there. Have received the full shower replacement kit from Bailey but cannot work out how to remove the old one !! The riser bar fitting screws are underneath the rubber grommets and also can't see how to separate the new bar holders from the rubbers! I am sure it must be quite simple!!! Has anyone done this ? Any help would be much appreciated-especially by my other half who is the only one to use the shower. Many thanks. David.
  15. Thanks all . Mobile engineer it is when we get back to U K next week Will post when it is solved David
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