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  1. Thanks Ian Pretty sure that I fully push down the flap but will check that as user error at my age is not unusual!!!
  2. Hi there! Home now and checked the blue hose in the pump-all tight and sealed. Next will try new genuine o rings with PTFE tape underneath and silicone grease.Finally fit slightly thicker o rings and if it still leaks inform dealer on next service to try again. Watch this space! Still find it strange that I had the same problem on my previous van. Cheers David
  3. Thanks so much. The B6260 it is then and will look at RAC .Very helpful David.
  4. Hi Carabiker The manual bar supplied is over 2 foot long.Would a breaker bar be better? Thanks Dave
  5. Thanks !I will certainly look in the manual and lubricate,!
  6. Hi there! Does any one know if you can change a manual engage mover to auto engage as I have a bad back and it takes some effort to engage mine. Thanks David.
  7. Hello there. Can someone please advise me as to the best route to Appleby from the M6.? I could go on to Junction 40 and then take the A66 but this seems a long way round. Alternatively there is the A685 to Brough then A66 or the B6260 via Orton. The B 6260 may not be suitable for caravans? Any advice graefully received.Thanks David.
  8. Many thanks again.Going home soon so will wait until I have time to do it carefully.Not good on site with everyone watching!!! David It think it could be me because I had the same problem with my previous van and the pump leaked until the day I sold it! Do all these pumps leak a bit? I think that Hayley from Whale tried to help then but it was never fixed.Talk about history repeating itself!
  9. Many thanks again.Going home soon so will wait until I have time to do it carefully.Not good on site with everyone watching!!! David
  10. Thanks for your help. Will get the kit and bite the bullet! A bit nervous about taking van bits to pieces! An age thing? Cheers
  11. Hi there! Still have not solved the problem of water dripping from the pump on the outside.Done everything ? Changed rings /recalibrated the IC control/lubricated the rings with silicone grease etc. On arrival at site a few days ago the pump was fine no drips then after 2 days started to drip again? So frustrating Someone suggested it could be the non return valve. Can't remove the outside housing because Coachman don't screw the housing to the van but it is bonded.. Had it to the dealer's but they said it was fine but can't have tried it for long. The pump is brand new. Any more suggestions before I give up and put up with the drips.Life is too short! Many thanks David
  12. Sorted! Changed to a different/new float assembly.Many thanks. David
  13. I don't think so because it works ok. Will check though.Thanks.
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