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  1. Hi all. The upgrade stickers have finally arrived. Thanks for all the interest.
  2. Yes,I did request it after collection of the van and it wasn't a special edition. I have received a very prompt reply from Coachman and they have not had a request from the dealer-surprise surprise!! So it's back to the dealer to give them a reminder. Yippeeee!
  3. Thanks for all the replies. It is not a matter of urgency but more a matter of if the dealer has actually requested the plate from Coachman??? I have not yet had a chance to use the van what with the virus and the wife's bad back and cancelled medical appointments. Old age is great fun isn't it. I have sent a message to Coachman just now to find out where we are up to ?
  4. Hi Benny.Thanks for your help. The original hole for the wiring wa sealed with a rubber grommet but the new hole for the mover wiring was poorly sealed with clear mastic. I have now sealed this properly and am pleased with the results. When my new battery was delivered the instructions said to remove the red bungs immediately so the battery obviously can be vented. Anyway,it's time to stop worrying,keep washing hands and carry on. Cheers!!
  5. Hi there. Does anyone know how long it takes for a weight upgrade plate to arrive? Do they have to be specially made? I am still waiting after four weeks from collecting my new van. Cheers!
  6. Mrs Dave now says that a simple washable bath mat would do. Hadn't thought of sitting down. Now there's a novel idea.
  7. Hi there. Anybody found a mat that will fit around a Thetford Toilet bowl to avoid those annoying "splashes" from staining the carpet. Could remove the carpet altogether but it does make the bathroom nice and cosy in the cold weather. Thanks.
  8. Hi there. Thanks for the replies.I have checked the battery Numax DC27 mf and it seems that it does need to be vented to outside. The problem now is how do I get a vent tube from the battery to outside when there is is no gap in the locker door-only the space for the mains and aerial lead- can I use this gap? Maybe I'm missing something-not unusual for me !!! What do other Coachman Vision owners do? Any out there? Cheers!
  9. Hi there, The battery in my new Vision is situated under the o/s seat which means we will be sleeping right above it. The cable for the new mover passes through a hole made in the back of the battery housing which has been sealed with clear mastic. There appears to be no opening in the locker for a vent tube to pass through to vent to outside. Should we be concerned that gas from the charging battery may pass into the space under the bed? Has anyone had similar concerns or am I beimg over cautious as usual? Many thanks David
  10. Hi there! No they don't use a pressure washer. They have a petrol generator in the van which powers a hose pipe-similar pressure to a garden hose. They charged me £50 . They did not have to travel far to my storage. The roof was really dirty and green!!. They washed rinsed and applied a wax wash. They cleaned the windows and sprayed the tyres with shine!!! The roof was cleaned from an alu collapsible ladder with foam protection. They took 2 hours in all for a 2 berth van. Any more info please ask. (I have no connection with this firm) Cheers David. P.S. Alex's brother is a mobile caravan mechanic. "Acorn". But I have not used him.. P.P.S. I think they charge according to the size of the van-mine is 6.3 m.
  11. Hi there! Very good clean of my van. New Leaf Caravan Valeting. Alex Dutch and Peter. 07745 334791-newleafvaleting@g mail.com. Arrive with water and power,cleaner and wax wash.
  12. Hi there.Thanks John. Went to storage this morning and solved the problem!! I suddenly realised that the insert had, not one but two plastic backs one on top of each other. Removed one and an exact fit. Simples! Many thanks.David.
  13. Hi there all. New to Coachman! Bought the Al-ko secure insert 37 with the plastic backing. The insert is a really tight fit and I wonder if it is the wrong insert or the wrong plastic back. has anyone experienced any problems or am I missing something? Many thanks. David.
  14. Hi there. Many thanks for the helpful comments. It is true that I take the battery in and out of the van too much. I tend to remove it each time we return from a trip and return the van to storage. I am sure I can cut down on this. I may still try and get a 90ah battery as I have seen some around the 20kg mark. The search begins. Thanks again. David.
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