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  1. Many thanks for the very helpful replies-some there I hadn't tried! Will keep trying.. Regards Dave.
  2. Hi there.Finally thinking about going away. Coachman Vision now a year old and not been cleaned for 6 months due to Covid. I have about 4 long black streaks om the sides of the van. I have tried all different products -Fenwicks Silky etc etc. but nothing will shift them.They have improved but they can still be seen. Is it posible that the streaks have stained the paintwork and cannot be removed? I am wary about rubbing too hard and removing the paint which I believe is very thin. Any help and advice most welcome. Maybe leave it alone and put up with it? Cheers .Dave.
  3. Hi there! Happy Easter and hope for things to improve. I have just bought an exchange Calor Lite bottle. at a local garden centre. I have not purchased one for a long time and it came as a bit of a shock to be charged £32.00 |||| Does this sound right? Has any one bought one recently? Many thanks .Dave.
  4. Many thanks for the interest. I have taken the "legal cover" with previous insurers but have never looked closely into what it covers!! Looking at the topic again,and taking the advice of those on the forum, as Lutz said, a private policy to cover personal issues would be better. There is always legal advice available from the two clubs.
  5. Good morning. Hope you are all well. My soon to be caravan insurer (Saga) is one of the few insurers who do not offer legal cover as an add-on. I have failed to find anyone who will sell me stand alone legal cover. On the other hand,do I really need it? Thoughts and any advice would be much appreciated. David.
  6. Thanks so much PaulR for going to all that trouble.The boards in your pics are certainly a whole lot better than mine. The dealer is still waiting for Coachman to reply to my request for a way to improve my current boards - sounds like something to do with Coachman supplying extra wood supports! We shall have to wait and see what they eventually come up with. I am very pleased with the van but this annoying problem just takes the edge off things. Many thanks. David.
  7. Hi PaulR. Many thanks for the reply.Could you possibly give me an idea what the boards look like?
  8. I have been experiencing screaching brakes since new, Took it to the dealer who stripped them down and because there was no scoring or damage he applied anti- sreach paste as recommended by AL-KO , I understand that Al=ko will no longer replace shoes unless thet have photographic eveidence that faulty shoes have caused damage. Anyone else had this experience? No more screaching for now but will it last ? Many thanks David.
  9. Hi there again! Went to the dealer on the way home from hols and the water system and pump was tested-guess what? not leaking anymore !!! Can you believe it? They kept the van so they could ckeck it further and also my squeeling brakes needed to be looked at. Returned to pick the van up this morning and all is well. Tested the water system for myself this afternoon and still no leaks. Dealer thought it may have been grit in the non return valve . Happy days. It's good to know that Hayley from Whale monitors this forum. Thanks to all who have helped. David
  10. Thanks so much for picking up my post.We are going home tomorrow and our dealer is going to look at the problem on our way. Will keep your details . Super service. David.
  11. Thanks Skh. Maybe I could get those fitted to my van. I will be seeing my dealer soon and see if he can suggest any thing else. We do find the noise annoying -maybe it's old age!!
  12. Hi there !As I am trying to get my anti condensation boards silenced in my Vision 450 I thought that someone with an Acadia might be be able to tell me if Coachman have improved the boards or are they still flimsy and noisy as in my Vision? Many thanks David
  13. Jacko1 The yellow button I think you mention is the whale IC pressure control which I have reset a number of times to no avail but I will try the engineers trick- you never know! Cheers . Hi there.Latest update.My dealer has arranged to look at my van on our way home from the site on Tuesday to save us a 70 mile round trip. I must say they have been very helpful. David.
  14. Hi ,I have tried another pump. Still dripping!
  15. Here we go again ! When I turn a tap off and the pump stops - water drips out from the pump housing. New van only on second outing.On site at the moment and a long way from dealer. Contacted Whale - very helpful -it could be the non return valve? Had a similar issue with my previous van- never found the answer -looks like its come back to haunt me! The van has Whale IC control and I have reset this. Looks like it will have to drip until I get home. Any one else had a similar issues? Many thanks David
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