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  1. Hi CaravanTech. Thanks for your post. In the end I had to pay the extra money to get the van fixed. We then went away for a few days in the van and when we got up found that the bathroom was flooded!! (Not sure where the water is coming from but must be the shower or wash basin rather than from outside as it stopped when I drained the water system) .Returned home immediately-fortunately not far from home and contacted the repairer. Still waiting after nearly 2 weeks to be fitted in as they have a backlog. Oh dear how sad!! P.S. My decision not to go to the ombudsman was based on the fact that ,due to advancing years, I find things like this very stressful.
  2. Hi Griff. The total bill was just over £2000 and there was a lot of stripping out and drying out involved. The job was very well done and you woudn't notice that anything was different unless you looked underneath to see the replaced flooring. I guess that most of the cost was labour . Cheers David.
  3. Hi there. And finally to end this saga.! I have now got my Bailey back following extensive damp repairs to the rear (bathroom area) I have had to concede that I delayed the repairs for too long( 5 months). and that I have had to pay for half the work. I am very pleased with the work that has been done but will be keeping a close eye on damp issues in the future. The van is now 7 years old ( the longest we have ever kept a van) so we still have up to 3 years water ingreess warranty left. As we have spent a considerable amount on the repair we aim to keep it and enjoy it!!!! Many thanks Durbanite for your interest. Regards David.
  4. Hi Durbanite! Thanks so much for your interest. I am awaiting a response from the insurers following a request to appeal against their decision to reject the second claim. I need to know precisely why they have done this and the small print reference they are using to reject the claim. I can assure you I do not give up easily!!! Will keep you posted.Regards . David
  5. Hi all. My Bailey 2012 Van went in for damp repairs 2 weeks ago as a claim had been successfully made against the "Bailey" Water ingress Extended warranty. ( 6yrs +4 yrs paid for on purchase of van) After the rear of the van had been stripped down it was found to have much more extensive damp than at first thought. A supplementary claim was made to the insurers which has now been rejected on the grounds that had the van been repaired at the time that the claim was accepted (last May) then a further claim would not have been necessary. At the time we had a number of holidays booked including an extended continental trip so we decided ,along with the repairer,that the repair could wait as it was not likely to get worse-how wrong we were!! (The highest damp reading was 25%) It has now left me with a very hefty bill to pay so that the van can be put back together again. I have appealed to the insurers without much hope of success. I have now learnt a very expensive lesson- get damp repairs done ASAP and read the small print in warranties!! Any thoughts anyone? Cheers Dave.
  6. Many thanks Ian. Saved me having to ask for another go from the dealer. I like your cable tie idea. Will try this as well. David.
  7. Hi there all , the Whale plug in socket leaks very slightly from the base of the inlet housing when in use The model of the pump is EP 1612. I have fitted new o rings and the dealer can't find anything wrong. Contacted Whale and they say it's the non return valve which may be faulty or may have grit in it. Has anyone else had this problem and can advise ? Dare not take the housing to pieces as I'm not good at that sort of thing and I am on site at the moment!!Van is Bailey Olympus 412 ll .Is it back to the dealer or put up with it as the pump and water system are working fine. I find these little things so annoying- advancing years I suppose!!Cheers Dave.
  8. Hi there! Just reading the terms and conditions of my CMC super cover policy (New for old) and I see that , although overseas cover is for 182 days,repatriation of the van is not included . For this you have to have Red Pennant or similar. Although I never go abroad without Red Pennant,I think others should be aware of this exclusion. Other insurers seem to include repatriation. David.
  9. Many thanks for all the help.Thanks to Caravantech for a very definitive answer. All done and dusted -bolts set at 130nm and ready for our forthcoming trip to the Yorkshire Dales. Regards to all. Davd.
  10. Thanks John but I still have the original bolts.Dave
  11. Hi there! Can anyone confirm the wheel bolt torque for my Olympus ll 462 2012. There is a sticker on the wheel arch which states 88 lb ft which I have always set them to but a recent service says that the bolts have been tightened to 130 nm(95 ft lb.) Many thanks. David..
  12. Hi there! Many thanks for all the very helpful advice. I have eventually decided to buy all my swiss rail passes and vignette via the Swis Travel Service .If you pay in GBP's then they do not charge delivery. They do,however,charge an admin fee!! I will have all I need in one delivery. Now for foreign currency-but that's another story!!!! Cheers! David.
  13. Hi Lutz. Thanks for the reply. We will be entering Switzerland at Basel.Your suggestion of purchase at a motorway service station may be a compromise. It seems that the website Tolltickets is in fact a German company! Regards David.
  14. Hi there! Has anyone used the firm Tolltickets.com to buy the Swiss vignette. The Swiss Travel Service charge too much in postage and this firm is much more reasonable. I know we can buy at the border but we did get very stressed last time we went.-must be age! Many thanks David.
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