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  1. thanks @DACS Funnily enough we went away the weekend using gas and when me and my dad repaired a few other bits ready for my holiday away next week we tried it again and it took longer to short out and we tried again and its stayed on ever since so i think my dads stupidity of jet washing the vents has luckily not cost him for now. If it causes any future problems then ill just change element
  2. Currently having a similar issue to the thread starter, is it the red or the grey covered wired element? As there are two on my 8551
  3. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has come across this issue, I’m currently borrowing my dads Bailey Barcelona 2011 it has the tall Dometic Fridge Freezer. So basically it trips the main switch but doesn’t blow the actual fuse but fridge works fine on Gas mode. The red light flashes for about 5 seconds and then the electrics trip for the plugs. I’ve checked the plug fuse, as much as the visible wiring as possible too. i suspect it need a new Fridge element as the area was damp due to dad jet washing the van (I told him not too and stay away from any seals and joins) I’ve read if the el
  4. J9DWY

    Ford Kuga

    I was in your very shoes about 5/6 weeks ago. We had a Qashqai 2014 Eco etc whihc was no good for towing and the Kuga looked like the best value for our budget also trying to keep as many of the Mod Cons as the Qashqai. WE have purchased a Kuga 2014 Titanium X AWD with the stronger engine and it towed my dads Twin Axle 1756kg MTPLM very very well. I can honestly say it suprised me. So smooth did great uphill and dealt with the wieght well. Didnt notice it was on the back at times. Kuga owners forum was the decider for me, they had loads of owners highly recommending it with similar weight vans
  5. Im still set on the Bailey Ancona at the moment but would like a few more similar layout caravans recommended as im struggling to find many unless you look for specific models which is not fun with so many makes and ranges out there Keep them coming please
  6. I seen Bristol so thought I would have a look, I live near the mapleridge drive storage, my dad kept his van there for years until our farmer where horses Are kept offered to store in Iron Acton which I highly recommend. As for security if the thief’s want a van they will find a way! Mapleridge is a 5 Star storage setup and my parents good friends who also store there had their brand new caravan stolen from there so if a caravan can be stolen from there it can probably be stolen from anywhere as the setup was very secure
  7. Where’s does the persuit range stand among the ranges I mentioned in original post. Found 2015 models in same price range as the 2010/11 Pegasus I’m looking at
  8. Hi I'm in the process of buying our first family Caravan. i have about £8000-£10000 Budget, love the Bunk Bed layouts to save on room. I was sticking to a bailey due to having a bailey service centre a mile away from home but thought i would test the broader market on here for recommendations. My current front runner is the Bailey Pegasus Ancona 2 and i like the Pegasus Milan so chuck some other make and models at me please TIA
  9. Hi Mate Im looking at the fixed bunk models but prefer the Ancona to the Milan, yeah i think the Pegasus is a great spec at that year, Unicorn ranges have no fixed beds so i guess not aimed at familys? thanks for the reply
  10. After 20 mins being on here i think ive realised the key word i was missing was "ranges" a lot more has popped up now ive used that key word Thanks Dave
  11. Hi all I'm looking into getting a caravan early 2021 but getting my research done now. I'm aiming for a bailey because we have a very local bailey dealer who are good as gold. I cant seem to find the answer after a few google searches but what is the key differences between the bailey ranges? i'm looking at 2010-2012 ish models and the layouts are very similar on the fixed bunks and i can see a few differences like colours schemes etc but is there a quality difference between them? the main two i'm looking between is the Pegasus and Olympus ranges but threw unicorn in a
  12. How quickly does a CRiS check take to get the results? is it instant? im looking to buy my first caravan but probably going to a reputable dealer for a bit more peace of mind. if i did go to view a van privately for sale, can i look it over and then do a CRiS check on the spot?
  13. Hi Caravan Talk Community Its been a few years since i have been part of a forum and i know these places can be a great place to communicate. I'm based in Bristol, currently have a young family and we are looking at getting a new Car (Kuga) and Caravan setup (Something Fixed-bunk). Thought id would find a forum to get up to speed and find out as much info as i can so i hope I've picked a good one I have a little bit of caravan experience due to parents and In-laws owning them the past 10 years but never towed one (doing my licence ASAP). So hi
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