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  1. Thanks Peter I apreciate your reply. We would be looking to use an awning too for the extra space. I have seen this listed which looks quite interesting. As it allows us to put the kids to sleep at the back! https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/caravans-motorhomes/caravans/17-20-ft/auction-2630175067.htm?rsqid=c1dc25936172451684bef82cd4688f4b-001 May go for a look at weekend
  2. Thanks for this I will have a re think with the wife. I do quite like the seating area at the front and back. As you say it gives you more flexibility with the kids. I guess the fixed bed is more comfortable so you trade a bit of comfort for practicallity. Thanks everyone for your input!
  3. It does but they are very expensive in comparison! Thanks, your ideas about find decent traders to use would be useful. It maybe worth me putting up another post. We've looked at the various layouts and think the full bed at the back is the best fit for us or possibly the sofa at the front and back.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Out of interest which dealer did you use? I am also in Canterbury too. I considered importing one but to be honest that seemed like a lot of hassle unless you are spending big. my budget $30,000ish
  5. Hi all, bit of a strange one this. I have recently relocated to New Zealand and I am looking to purchase a caravan. I have previously had campervans and motorhomes so have some familiarity with camping and touring. However my knowledge of caravans is limited. The price of used caravans over here is ridiculous and for $30,000 around £15,000 you get a 2008-2009 model. I guess by the time you factor in shipping and the salesman markup you arrive at the price. So I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice about makes to avoid to look for? Bailey caravans seem to
  6. Hi all, Strange one this I guess, originally from North Manchester but with my young family have recently relocated to New Zealand. However with the vast amount of UK caravans over here I continue to read these forums for advice and to build up some more knowledge! Previously owned a 99' fiat ducato campervan in the UK and then a Ci 664 Carioca motorhome (also a Fiat). This unfortunately got stolen about a month before we planned to have it shipped over. Hoping to make a purchase over here soon so we can get out and explore the country some more.
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