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  1. Hi all, We are a family of 5 with three very young children aged 4, 2 and 13 months. We've done a fair amount of camping and motor homing but not with all three kids this age and also not in a caravan, which is what we are considering buying now over a tent or motorhome (just seems easier with the kids). I've been looking online at used caravans but cannot for the life of me decide what kind of layout will work best with our kids! If they were all slightly older we'd just go with a back bedroom type thing but I'm worried the older two will be bouncing off the walls until 10pm whereas the baby would go off to sleep at 8 or so if he was somewhere separate...but then putting him in with us in the living area doesn't seem ideal as we wouldn't be able to use the kitchen or living area once he's asleep. I suppose my question is this: if you have young kids this age, have you found the youngest just gets on with it and falls asleep amongst the chaos of the older ones, in which case they could go in same sleeping area? Do you find you use the kitchen and living area in the evenings, or do you tend to be eating and cooking and chilling outside? Another thought was to get an awning and make a living type space out there with pop up table and bbq for cooking...and keep the caravan almost like a giant sleep pod for the evenings, which would mean we could get a smaller cheaper caravan and not mind if there were kids asleep in living and kitchen areas...
  2. Wow, thank you for all the replies! I think what I’m starting to realise is that if we stay in proper caravan sites then the set up we installed on the school bus (an onboard water tank, grey tank and full hook up with ability to have mains water coming into the Motorhome) would be useful. With three young kids getting dirty being outside all day and creating lots of washing up, we found that the mains water in particular was really helpful. However, what we loved about Canadian sites was the remote campsites with secluded pitches, often amongst woodland or by lakes, and that each pitch always had a fire pit area. Might sound strange to some but the campfire aspect of it is a huge thing for us, the kids love building them and we like sitting around outside taking our time cooking on them and then being outside into the night around them. It creates an atmosphere I suppose. It seems like (please correct me if I’m wrong) in the U.K. to get that kind of experience you have to go to very small sites where everything offered is more basic and where full service hook up wouldn’t be used. Which is absolutely fine, just wanted to know in advance so we can choose the right caravan In Canada, the “full hook up pitches” were generally hard standing. You might get some on packed earth but not grass you can sink into. A lot of the rigs out there are massive so they have to cater for that. It was a funny mix really - full service pitches in very remote, spacious settings but I suppose that’s what you get in a country that is HUGE and has a high space to population ratio. Sometimes in the provincial parks, pitches would just have electric but there would be a communal sanny dump going into the site where you could fill up water tank, and dump grey/black tanks (although we had a compost loo). Is that the same as an elsan point?
  3. Hi all New member here. Myself and family (partner and 3 young kids) have just moved back to the U.K. from Canada. While in Canada we converted a school bus into a Motorhome and so coming back to the UK we are keen to get something else to do some travelling in around the country. We are looking at a caravan this time over a Motorhome as we feel it might be less complicated and easier on UK roads perhaps? But we don’t have any experience with either here. I did lots of camping holidays as a child but that was back in the 80’s and they were very basic! If my grandparents bought the porta potty along we thought it was luxurious. In Canada pretty much all state parks, even provincial ones, had full hook up pitches. Is it the same here? We are trying to judge what we need to look for in a camper, whether hook up electric and what is called “city water” hook up in Canada but not sure what term for it here would be useful or if we would never be anywhere we could use them. we aren’t that interested in big caravan parks with bars, entertainment etc. We’d be staying at small, local, family friendly places that allow fires. thanks for any insight you can give
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