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  1. It may be South Downs Caravans and Campsite at West Liss. 01730894182. They sell caravans, have a shop, and there is a campsite so they may do storage as well.
  2. If you were driving through Petersfield Hampshire today at about 11.30 or know someone who was, the guy gesturing to you in a blue car was not being rude he was simply trying, in the very brief time available as we passed in opposite directions, to tell you that your Heki was wide open. I hope it was still attached at journey's end.
  3. Seadown Holiday Park at Charmouth in Dorset. The site also has the River Char alongside.
  4. We stayed at Ross Park for a week in mid July. Highly recommended and their Covid measures must be the Gold Standard. Spotlessly clean facilities regularly cleaned, hand sanitisers at every conceivable point, etc. The restaurant and bar were, not surprisingly then, not open but they had just started a take-away menu. The whole site is very well maintained with some beautiful floral displays. The hardstanding on the individual pitches were raked after they were vacated.
  5. The fan is certainly noisy on 3 but it is still better than the smoke alarm going off!
  6. Don't know if this helps but I have the 2009 Series 6 version of the Majestic. The plate by the door shows a MTPLM of 1175, Mass in running order of 1005 and Tyre pressure PSI/Bar 37/2.6. I have no idea how the tyre sizes compare with your van so clearly checking the plate is the best solution.
  7. Our booking for October was changed in late July because the Portsmouth-Le Havre is no longer operating but this is not related to the new restrictions on travel to France.
  8. Excellent, thanks very much, that's helpful.
  9. I haven't seen this problem on my Bailey but I'm interested in Daveat92's solution but, and this is doubtless down to me,can't follow what his solution is. Any chance of a photo?
  10. We have stayed at 4 different sites over the last 5 weeks in Dorset and Devon. The first had no facilities open but that was early July within days of the restrictions being lifted. At the other sites showers and toilets were open with restrictions on numbers, regular cleaning and on one site sanitisers at toilets, showers. waste water and chemical disposal points and at every rubbish bin. At these sites visitors were encouraged to use "on board" facilities. We limited our use but felt that the site owners had taken all proper steps and I cannot recall one instance of these steps being ignored
  11. Apologies if I have misunderstood this but is it being suggested that heat build up from drawn blinds can harm the windows. I know leaving them down puts undue tension on them. Our caravan is on the drive in direct sunlight from about midday onwards. I have fitted reflective covers in the side window and roof light to keep the sun out to prevent fading. It's actually boat engine bay sound/heat insulation. It's easily cut to fit the inside of the window. It will reflect heat in the same way as a drawn blind.
  12. Hi Xyleth, PM'd you for the details as suggested.
  13. Thanks. Looks like a trip to our local aquatic centre is required to source the parts. It's hard to understand why Bailey just fit a plug, a short hose can't cost much.
  14. I know this an old thread but I have exactly the same radio which I need to replace. There is nothing in the radio guide about removal only a note to confirm that the release keys should be retained, which of course they haven't. Are the 4 clips near the corners top and bottom? I can try a thin piece of plastic and slide it down the back.
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