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  1. Hi Is it easy enough to get hook up points in the South Spain in the winter? without booking? And is it difficult touring France in the Summer? thanks
  2. Well before ty That's fab information ty.. we will go and do our homework Caravan 11,000 car not included ty for pointing that out
  3. Sorry about that about sums us up !..we want a four berth for two of us with a fixed double bed or Island bed.We hope to live in Spain in the winter.. car wise we not bought yet. Budget wise 11,000 and we will be using sites for most of the time ty.
  4. Hi We have not had a caravan for years.. its mind boggling the choice. Has anyone got any thoughts re cars to tow a 4 berth single axle caravan and also any advice on choosing a 4 berth.. it only for two of us. Also 85% rule?
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