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  1. Wow thank you all for the feed back and Information. I really think it’s a pressure switch problem as the pump is kickin in and then turning off. I head about some vans having a valve to stop this problem too. But hat looks you i will try the pressure switch reset! i am using the half way point on the Alde panel yes sir thank you. The pulsing was the when I was running on electric but the scolding g was not, when I fired up to test on gas that’s when the scolding was happening water was much hotter! Pulsing either way! i really do appreciate all your help and information guys!
  2. I have been testing the caravan this week, and I note that when using the shower the water pulses and with it, every pulse brings scolding hot water. Is it normal and can it be resolved, I would hate someone to get burnt??
  3. Thank you Colin, Appreciated, I have the van set up at home and actually I have a good signal no mater where the aerial is pointing at the moment just I hear the 570 is super and I like the ability to tune in using the built in signal finder and to know where the aerial is pointing from inside the van. I want to change the radio to DAB and iphone friendly radio and I don’t think the teleplusx2 supports DAB? also on installing the TV bracket, the microwave needs to come out in order to get something to fix behind the wall panel there. I installed the Avtex TAK86TM however you cannot Install this normally due to the fridge, you would have to screw too close to it! I was able to modify the bracket and turn it upside down to get a decent fixing but had to locktite all the nuts to prevent them coming loose! Cant help but thinking we should have had a bracket here installed at factory! have anyone had the issue of the chrome bubbling on the 4 corner handles?
  4. Has the aerial in you van performed ok? Or have you changed it out? Really appreciate all this. I bought my van new in 2018 and haven’t even managed to get away in it yet due to some silly reasons and now of course the famous virus, I will get away this year and finally be able to enjoy. Van is lovely really happy with it, I am finding some niggles of course, star gazer roof light won’t stay open On the stays, no TV bracket installed and a bit of a nightmare to install due to fridge and microwave, I keep finding screws around the van and not finding where they have come from. But apart from these things I do love the van! I am preparing everything now for the first trip!! I will purchase a moisture meter and keep an eye out for the issues you have advised of. Once again thank you very much for the information.
  5. Thank you very much for your reply, you have certainly made me feel a lot better I was thinking something was wrong. i will set the til toward the back as you suggest. do you also have the issue of the wall paper tapes curling inside the van?
  6. I was Washing & polishing my Caravan yesterday And noticed that all the water runs to the centre of the caravan roof at the front sky light. ( I have the caravan slightly tilted forward for the water to run) what I have noticed is there is a clear dip in the caravan at the point of the hinge for the long skylight. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it normal?? It means whenever it rains the water will pool here and it was very green under the hinge part itself but it just does not look right. Almost like lack of support in the roof at this part. Would be happy to hear from anyone who has noticed this or have any information on this.
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