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  1. Hello, thank you so much for all your replies. Fortunately we already have a suitable tow car; Kia Sorento. We have had many static caravan holidays and loved them. Prior to kids we travelled in a campervan and have done camping... again we had great times. Just need a caravan now lol. Just hope we can get some use out of one this year though.
  2. We've viewed a Sterling Europa which we want to buy, its service showed 50% damp due to a stress crack on the roof which was then repaired, service guy went back in May to fit a part on the hob and checked the damp, it had reduced to 25%. It's really niggling at us as first time buyers, stressed if we're buying a dud or if this is something that wouldn't necessarily put you off?
  3. Hello. Me and my partner have been constantly researching buying our first caravan for ourselves and 3 children. We have so far paid for my husband do get his trailer licence and have a tow bar fitted. Once we have brought the caravan we are hoping for lots of breaks away each year at affordable costs. Have you found caravanning a way to have more holidays at a cheaper cost? Feeling nervous now we are about to pay out on the most expensive item.... the caravan lol
  4. Hello, I have posted a few topics on here as I am currently in the process of buying my first caravan. I would just like an opinion on whether it matters how many previous owners the caravan has had. Most of the caravans I have looked at are 10 years old. Some have been owned since new, other have had 3 previous owners. Does this drop the value? Thanks
  5. Hello newbie here. After viewing quite a lot of caravans I now have 2 that I am torn between; a Sterling Europa 565 and a Bailey Pageant Bretagne both 2010 models. The Sterling has had a stress crack repaired on the top corner back panel (which concerned me). My only concern with the Bailey is after reading up people are not keen on the alu-tech construction? Also I have done my own damp test readings but the weather this month has been the best in 80 years... would a damp reading show? Thanks you all
  6. Hello newbie here. After reading lots about caravans the common problem I keep reading is about damp/wood rotting. Why dont they change the plywood for plastic? I have just looked at a used caravan. Should the wood at the bottom be black like the picture below? Thanks
  7. Hi I have just viewed the caravan. I have attached a of the picture of the area on the roof that was repaired. Thanks for all the advise
  8. Hello. Thank you so much for all your replies. The caravan is a sterling europa 565 2010. Attatches is the work that has been carried out.
  9. Hi all, am viewing our first caravan tomorrow... its recent service showed 25% damp at the wheel arch, it has been repaired, but just wanted advice, if anyone has experienced this, what is the likelihood of that damp reducing now it's been repaired?
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