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  1. Crazy, the police stopping people going about there lawful business.
  2. Might be the same as the chest draw https://youtu.be/1Rb3VCSYNVc
  3. Thanks for the answers I think I'll stick with my Google Maps on Android
  4. I see somebody has put I do not understand it Mojo to my post. If Gordon is correct and I've no reason to doubt him I believe that this is deliberate confusion by the guidance , that is the reason why I was asking how he came to the conclusion he has.
  5. Hmm, I think 2003, sky mini dish a paperback size box from mapplins , mounted on a pole clamp to the jockey wheel , haven't bothered for a couple of years, use the van aerial
  6. How did you come to that conclusion re 'must' and 'should ' ?
  7. I thought Tomtom etc were extinct because of Google maps on smartphones, what if any are the advantages?
  8. Can't be doing much good then if there numbers are similar to ours.
  9. Run by a bunch of lying scheming self serving buffoons, so, a good match
  10. Lol, don't give them idea's, some on here would embrace your scenario
  11. Perhaps they were on there way to do the shopping and stopped to take a photo
  12. I had a renogy lightweight 50 w semi flexible folding panel with the charge controller and leads in the folder, lovely piece of kit, got stolen along with the caravan.
  13. Yes do tell what you were doing at the seafront OP
  14. I firmly believe that Boris 'lost' the country when he failed to dismiss Cummings, up until then it was pretty much United
  15. I see he's turned a swath of the map red, tier 3 coast ro coast across the North and Midlands, no matter some area's are falling and below the national average. Like your avatar picture montesa, is it the Pyrenees?
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