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  1. Hi Thanks again for all your replies. As requested, here are is a picture of the hitch. Darren
  2. Thanks very much for your replies. I think based on your advice I will go for a detachable swan neck with dedicated electrics to start and add an Alko or similar once I have tried some towing to see if I need one. Can you please confirm that set up will work? I’m assuming an Alko will fit on a standard swan neck? I will add some pictures of the hitch tomorrow once I’ve taken them.
  3. Hi I’m new to caravanning having purchased a Bailey from the 80’s a few weeks ago and in need of some advice regarding tow bar choice for my 2016 Honda CRV please. I have already decided on a detachable option with dedicated 13 pin electrics as the car has an inbuilt auto stability gizmo which I don’t want to by pass with the universal option. My issue now is deciding between a flange or a swan neck tow bar and it seems this depends whether I need a stabiliser. I’ve done some research and I’m as confused as ever. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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