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  1. Cheers for that. I could have sworn you could just open this bracket and most of that is unnecessary, but I'll get out to have it and have a closer look
  2. Mines a bit different to that, it's on the side of the a-frame with a hinged bracket rather than inside the a frame, maybe easier?
  3. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions This looks like maybe the ideal solution, looking around and everyone seems to like this one. I think this is what I'll swap to. I'll check some vids, but I assume you just open the hinge on the bracket that holds it (making sure steadies are down!), take old one out, pop new one in, reconnect bracket?
  4. I have a slight issue every time I put the caravan back onto our gravel drive (it has done the same on particularly loose hard standings as well) with the motor mover whereby the tyres float across lovely, but the jockey wheel is a thin plastic thing that really digs into the gravel and sometimes even refuses to move as it's cut in/sunk so much. I'm thinking if I replace this jockey wheel with a wide, rubber one with an actual tyre it will alleviate my issue. Does anyone have any recommendations which one to go for, or any advice? Also, can I just replace the actual wheel or am I looking at replacing the whole winding bar thing as well? I did plan to replace it myself, it doesn't look rocket science (Bailey Phoenix 650).
  5. Did you do anything to them to stop them slipping or anything? How thick pieces did you use?
  6. These pull out slats are neither use nor ornament it seems to me. I've already put my knee clean through one slat and it feels like Russian roulette every time I get off and on. I've been thinking of alternatives. My favourite idea so far is just to get a board of plywood or something cut to size and drop that on top of the slats (or do away with the slats altogether). I just wondered if anyone had any success doing anything like this? Plyboard seems the best bet strength/weight ratio wise, and maybe glue or screw some rubber non slip stuff to the bottom to stop it potentially slipping? Anyone got any input or suggestions?
  7. Yea the terminals are rock solid, I checked that earlier. Definitely on the 'see what dealer says' train ☺️. It's going to be after lockdown though and that's a bit of a *****, as we've booked a site for as soon as the lockdown is supposed to lift! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hopefully the trickle charger will at least put some juice in it so i can use the motor mover
  8. Thanks plod that's really helpful. At least I know how to check the battery reading when my 12V system is working again. In terms of finding that fuse, I don't know if I somehow have a different layout to you but it doesn't look exactly the same in mine. The leccy box is under the seat next to the floor battery compartment, but there's no self as such.. I can remove those little caps to reveal screws, and I guess removing those will allow me to lift out that entire 'seat' section, hinge bit and all. I'm not sure if this is something I should really be doing though! That said, I do have a fuse in the bank of fuses on the box itself labelled 'battery' so I guess this could always be it? Mine is a Phoenix 650 2019 model I think
  9. Thanks, I'll make sure to update my profile! Yea I saw that in the manual, it's that little LCD screen I can't find anywhere. I spoke to the dealer this morning who have booked it in after lockdown to take a look, the fuse seems fine so hopefully it's just something loose somewhere in the wiring, guy seemed to think he'd be able to sort it quickly, so fingers crossed. I've bought a little trickle charger to top the battery up a bit for now, and I guess you never know when you'll need one!
  10. Hi all Does anyone know where to see the battery charge level in the Phoenix range? The manual seems to suggest there's a little display somewhere to show you, but I'm not sure where to find this? Also how to get the caravan to use battery power when not on EHU? As mine is totally dead when not on EHU but I'm not sure if there's something I need to do or press? Or should it just use battery power automatically when not on EHU?
  11. The isolator, is that the red key type thing I have to plug into the outside of the van and turn? I always assumed this basically told the battery to direct all power to the mover but I don't really know! It would make sense that the battery is maybe not connected to the caravan circuitry, but the mover is connected directly to the battery. How would I actually check this? Or would it best to let the dealer have a look here?
  12. Ah OK that makes more sense then about the fridge! Would the mover even work at all if the battery has become disconnected? I'll make sure to check though. Its under the floor in the back of the van and has stuff piled on top of there right now, so might have a look tomorrow when it's not too cold!
  13. Thanks, it looks like the batteries are fine in the remote then as only the led next to the pressed button lights up.
  14. Nothing works on the power panel at all when I disconnect the mains. Even if I turn the fridge round to battery, no lights or anything come on. I don't know if I need to do something else to tell the van to use battery power? This is something else I've always wondered about tbh, but I've always used electric hook up though so been in no big rush to investigate. Never had a problem with the mover before I should add.
  15. Wow lots of questions here, thank you everyone for trying to help. We're very new to caravaning so you'll have to forgive me if I seem a bit dim. We've had it around a year and a lot of that has been lockdown so not got out in it a huge amount of times yet. I don't actually have a multi meter so can't test the battery reading right now. There is a button the power controls with a picture of a battery and 'push to test' written above it. I press this and it shows what looks like 'U 13.6' on a little digital display above. I have no idea what this means though. Maybe the U is a V and its indicating its at 13.6volts? The battery is a EXV110 Enduroline SEALED DEEP CYCLE Leisure Battery, less than a year old. It could be a simple battery in the mover remote, but I'd be surprised as it's been used maybe a dozen times I'd say. The led on the remote don't go out, but I guess that would be the last thing. A new mover remote battery would be an ideal fix though! πŸ˜‚
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