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  1. I've tried to get my hand down there to check, but it's not easy. Maybe try and poke my phone back there and take a photo, could try that. Otherwise I think I'm going to get a bit forceful with the dealer about it
  2. Silicone lube spray on the runners, the back of the runners before the drop, and anywhere else I thought might get friction. It's still not playing. It's ever so odd, after a few slats drop in the rest just start bunching up and don't drop in behind. Can't for the life of my see what might be stopping them. Very annoying for a brand new van.
  3. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and help. I think I'll try the lubricant idea first, see if that's a fix without having try and modify any of the slats for width. The 'free n easy' stuff from Lakeland sounds good, but is there any difference to say the WD40 silicone lubricant, which says it can be used on wood? I sadly don't have a Lakeland anywhere near me
  4. I've managed to do that to get the board back in for now, but it's getting caught the same way every time so it's not really viable to do that every morning we're away. There's a video here what's happening
  5. We took delivery of our first ever caravan today. We've been playing around with it, and made the front bed up. Now the pull out slats won't go back in all the way. They're stopping maybe a foot short, as if something is stopping them. This is a brand new van and was obviously OK before we pulled out the slats. I'm thinking there's a knack we're missing. We've pulled them back out all the way, and slowly pushed it back, we've jiggled and pulled and messed around it, but it won't go all the way home. Any ideas guys? It's a Bailey Phoenix 650 I should say
  6. Well, the finance is up on this car in about 2 years. At that time we'll look at a car with towing in mind, until then we'll just take the advice to put nothing in it, and take it very steady. The towinfo website seems to think its a good enough match to make do for now. With everything that's going on, we might be getting on a year before we actually have a van sat in the front of the house. I imagine when we do upgrade I'll be like 'wow this is so much easier'. I'd like to thank everyone who replied for your advice and tips though, really helpful!
  7. See, this is why I get confused, the messages are so conflicting!
  8. Thanks, I appreciate the advice. We will definitely need a mover I think, as getting on/off our drive would be very difficult otherwise, I think even for someone who knows what they're doing. It's extremely tight on this road. I'm aware that's 30kg~ extra weight, but hopefully your tip to put the gas in the boot might cancel some of that out. The only stuff in the van would probably be some food in the fridge that might not keep the journey, and maybe the kids beds made up before we go. Definitely a case of less is more though when it comes to the van. I said 100kg on that site just to see what it said about a workable number with plenty of leeway in it. I don't think we'll get an awning straight away, but it's something we'll look at soon after. Gonna do the b+e licence for the experience and confidence towing, as I was going to do the towing course our local dealer offers anyway and I think that's a couple hundred. I wouldn't want my first taste of towing to be with a brand new expensive piece of a kit on the back as a Guinea pig!
  9. The 1395 figure is in the manual and on the V5, unless it's just not accurate! What gets me as well, I use the towcar.info website, and if we work on the fact that we make sure to put most things in the boot of the car (we can do that, it's cavernous back there), so quote a figure of 250kg loaded in the car (I imagine that's about right with 4 people, and most of the heavy luggage) and 100kg loaded in the caravan, then that website calls it a 'fairly good match'. Hope you can see the attached. I think Paul and AndersG, along with this towinfo website, has convinced me to stick with this car at least for a while
  10. I'm really struggling to find a suitable tow car to move to, at my price range. It needs a kerb weight of 1650kg+ to be a good match for the Phoenix 650, decent torque, be practical for use other than towing, a good family car with ample space. Research settled me on the Ford S-Max, but it's just a touch too expensive (2015+ models are coming out at £13k). Passat Alltrack seems a good match too, but that's coming out at £17k. Anyone got any suggestions?! Ideally we wouldn't want to go much above £10k
  11. This is where I'm at now I think. It removes a level of stress if you're not constantly worrying you're going to come to a hill and the car struggle. The costs are constantly going up before we even consider buying a van though! Looks like circa £500 for b+e training and test, £400 for a tow bar fitting, and I imagine I'm only getting started on the costs! There's no one round here in the Chesterfield / East Midlands, South Yorkshire area that can recommend a good place to gof ro the b+e training? Or how to find local reputable trainers?
  12. Reading about that, if it's the maximum laden of the car AND caravan, then I'd need that licence even if I used the Citroen! That's an eye opener c4 is 2150 ± 1394, which takes over 3500kg even without a new car. Is that right? If only I was 23 again! 35 here, and counting...! Yea I saw that, I think it's a different model. It's the 2L version, and potentially even a new model as the model changed halfway through 2014. The figures in my manual and on my VIN plate don't match the figures they're stating in that review. For starters my kerb weight is not 1505, according to the manual. I found it odd they hooked up a van stating a MIRO, as that is not an accurate test unless you plan on putting absolutely nothing in your van. That said, is it generally OK going very close to 100% match? I just worry about snaking and lord knows what else. Or constantly worrying that you've loaded your van heavier than your car
  13. It's correct, the c4 is a really light car for its size That's fine, we'll trade the car in then. Looking at it, the Ford S-max is a good option, looks like it'll pull a tank
  14. Hello guys, we really want to get a caravan pretty soon and I'd really appreciate some help. Our car is a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.6l Diesel, xx14 model. I've been doing a lot of swatting to try and understand what I'll be able to tow, so we can look at what 'vans we can look at, or indeed if we need to be looking at a new car first. These are the figures I've found. Kerb weight 1395kg Maximum towing capacity 1500kg VIN figures, 3350 x 2150 = 1200kg (a local tow bar installation place said this is the actual towing limit, is that right?! seems low!!) Nose weight limit 70kg (manual actually calls this 'recommended nose weight' but I'm fairly sure this is the maximum) We were looking at a Bailey Phoenix 650 as this is ideal in terms of layout with our 2 young kids (end washroom, 2 bunks with a spare you can make up if they want to bring a friend), we love how it looks, and the quality of the interior finish compared to say the Xplore range, it pretty much ticks every box for us. The figures are; MIRO 1229kg MTPLM 1394kg A local dealer said this would be fine, and we could tow this. Bearing in mind I doubt we would load 165kg in the van, it would still probably be around a 95% match. Then I also wonder if the 70kg nose weight limit would be workable in practice, or if in fact, it doesn't matter that much if you're a little over? We'd look to put heavier stuff in the car boot, then ensure we load the van correctly, putting stuff over the axle. I might be over thinking this, and it would be fine. Also, we would not ideally want to lose this car as we love it. With that said, I would not want to be dangerous on the road with my family in the car, especially having never towed anything before. So I guess I'm saying, if you had this car, would you pull this van? I'm looking a general consensus "Quit worrying, you'll be fine", or "I wouldnt bother, get a heavier car" either would set my mind at rest .
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