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  1. So it sounds like it's mainly cosmetics and brand name here? There's no obvious practical reason not to get the cheaper one? Provided the prima doesn't ***** water in or get blown across the site on the wind, I can live with the fact it might not be as premium. For me at more than double price there's got to be a stronger reason than a perceived brand superiority to justify. For the price of the Kampa I think I'd want it to come with your own personal staff member to erect the thing for you
  2. Having been away a few times in our new 'van, we're going to get an awning soon. I just have a question about the difference in certain awnings as it's not obvious to me. I was always looking at a Kampa Ace Air 400, it's on offer here at £1,400 - https://www.attwoolls.co.uk/dometic-ace-air-pro-400-s-awning (I presume the '400' means the width of the awning?) But then my partner saw the Prima Leisure Infinity 390 at literally more than half the price. I looked at a few reviews of the awning online and it seems quite good, they seem pretty happy with it. What I don't u
  3. My 3 year old loved the adventure of being in the caravan. My 1 year old is still a bit young to appreciate it! An awning is the next purchase, I was on the fence due to the pain of putting it up and down, but I think we really need one.
  4. Thanks for the help and advice guys, I think I'm gonna buy of those wee finder gadgets, look to be just the ticket.
  5. That's that the, take Chromecast with us on our next outing!
  6. I know I'm missing something very simple here, but could anyone kindly Talk me through getting the TV set up when you arrive on site? I went to a site last week, auto-tuned the TV in and the reception was unwatchable. I assume it is something to do with the Vision Plus aerial on top of the van, which you seem to operate using the little pole inside the van. I swiggled this around various places, retuned the TV but couldn't get the TV reception to get any better. Having Googled it, I downloaded some apps that purport to help 'find signal'? Namely 'UK aerial alignment' and 'SatFinder Lite' but I
  7. In case there's anyone interested, or it helps anyone in the future, just a little update. We bought the 'van, mainly spurred on by the fact that they're selling like hot cakes and we didn't want to miss out. I did the B+E and passed first time (yay!) which gave me the confidence, having had even a little experience of pulling something behind me, to give my car a try. We've had 2 trips out in it now, going a little farther each time, and I'm mostly totally happy with how this car performs. The dual-carriageway near me is terrible for crosswinds, and I drove on it the ot
  8. I've tried to get my hand down there to check, but it's not easy. Maybe try and poke my phone back there and take a photo, could try that. Otherwise I think I'm going to get a bit forceful with the dealer about it
  9. Silicone lube spray on the runners, the back of the runners before the drop, and anywhere else I thought might get friction. It's still not playing. It's ever so odd, after a few slats drop in the rest just start bunching up and don't drop in behind. Can't for the life of my see what might be stopping them. Very annoying for a brand new van.
  10. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and help. I think I'll try the lubricant idea first, see if that's a fix without having try and modify any of the slats for width. The 'free n easy' stuff from Lakeland sounds good, but is there any difference to say the WD40 silicone lubricant, which says it can be used on wood? I sadly don't have a Lakeland anywhere near me
  11. I've managed to do that to get the board back in for now, but it's getting caught the same way every time so it's not really viable to do that every morning we're away. There's a video here what's happening
  12. We took delivery of our first ever caravan today. We've been playing around with it, and made the front bed up. Now the pull out slats won't go back in all the way. They're stopping maybe a foot short, as if something is stopping them. This is a brand new van and was obviously OK before we pulled out the slats. I'm thinking there's a knack we're missing. We've pulled them back out all the way, and slowly pushed it back, we've jiggled and pulled and messed around it, but it won't go all the way home. Any ideas guys? It's a Bailey Phoenix 650 I should say
  13. Well, the finance is up on this car in about 2 years. At that time we'll look at a car with towing in mind, until then we'll just take the advice to put nothing in it, and take it very steady. The towinfo website seems to think its a good enough match to make do for now. With everything that's going on, we might be getting on a year before we actually have a van sat in the front of the house. I imagine when we do upgrade I'll be like 'wow this is so much easier'. I'd like to thank everyone who replied for your advice and tips though, really helpful!
  14. See, this is why I get confused, the messages are so conflicting!
  15. Thanks, I appreciate the advice. We will definitely need a mover I think, as getting on/off our drive would be very difficult otherwise, I think even for someone who knows what they're doing. It's extremely tight on this road. I'm aware that's 30kg~ extra weight, but hopefully your tip to put the gas in the boot might cancel some of that out. The only stuff in the van would probably be some food in the fridge that might not keep the journey, and maybe the kids beds made up before we go. Definitely a case of less is more though when it comes to the van. I said 100kg on that site just to see wha
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