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  1. New (second hand) charger and battery fitted, lights and roof fan now working but don’t think battery is charging when hook up is on, expect charge indicator to show 13+v if it is or am I wrong
  2. Thanks for that, will get some bigger gauge. Works on electric but got no gas to test at the moment
  3. Well charger and leisure battery ordered, get those fitted and see how it goes. Also going to replace all spade connectors and strip wires back to clean copper. Would 44 core wire be enough to go from battery to charger? It’s what we use for split charge systems when fitting towbars
  4. There is no other brown under seats or cupboards, just plenty of the green corrosion, it is also on the battery connections and plugs behind the water control panel, but no signs of water ingress that I can see. It won’t wipe off with a cloth but can be scraped with a fingernail Looking at the charger corrosion only seems to be on the spade connectors with very little inside the unit
  5. Got me a bit worried now, have removed the charger and taken a couple more pics, dont know how well it shows but corrosion looks like on to and not inside at the bottom And another One more And one with cassette removed
  6. I’m guessing that any charger would connect pretty much the same way, pos and neg to battery and pos and neg to van, using the same 4 connectors.
  7. Battery is not a problem as will be ordering one anyway but as can be seen on the pic, one of the terminals on the charger has corroded off
  8. After looking at some of the wiring today I'm going to be busy lol, just posted in the avondale forum about it
  9. Bought a 2004 eagle last week which I know needed a little work, didn't realise how much though. There is no battery connected at the moment and now I have seen some of the wiring I know why. Connected hook up lead today to test the electrics only lights that work are 2 wall lights at the front, sockets and space heater work too, but as soon as I switch fridge to mains it trips main fuse, and also water panel does not do anything and water pump not working. Also charger seems to be shot as one of the terminals has corroded off. So my questions are, do all other lights only work with
  10. Just hoping the camp sites open up sooner rather than later
  11. Had an old static years ago, no running water or electric, gas mantle lights and a coal fire. Things have changed a bit since then lol
  12. Hi all, just bought is an avondale eagle to start touring with, had our honeymoon cancelled due to corona and this is our replacement. Van needs a little work so will probably be asking plenty of questions from you all, but will also answer any I can
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