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  1. No curfew time some people can arrive early hours of the morning if it's a privately owned van..
  2. Hi I work for ford and can tell you the fuel figures are terrible for the petrol kuga..but the 1.5 ecoboost is a powerful engine..
  3. Hi,I have a willerby salisbury 2007 static 12x32 and want to replace the original curtains for something more modern looking..does anyone have the window dimensions as the original curtains have gone out of shape so hard to get a correct measurement from them..any ideas would be helpful thanks..
  4. Hello and welcome..hope you get chance to use your van soon..
  5. Hi try using sikaflex 512 not sure about colours its available in but this is the best stuff..you can buy it on that well known auction website...
  6. Hi there is a company called promain.co.uk who supply caravan paint in all colours give them a try..
  7. Hi I have just bought a king size matteress for my bed frame and have no problems with it the frame should support it no problem..I know of several people having 2 mattresses on the bed because of them being so low and not having any problems with the weight..hope this helps..
  8. Hi I have it on a small site near tenby wells..I have managed to get down and clean it all with my partner and had a new settee delivered while on lockdown the site owner has been very helpful with letting us do that..thanks hope we do get the chance to go down as we still have loads to do..
  9. Hello all I'm a newbie on here and a newbie static owner having just sold my campervan i decided to buy a static just before the lockdown so haven't had chance to stay in it yet..fingers crossed I may get the chance soon..
  10. Hi can I answer your question on council tax not been paid..my site has been in touch to say the business rates have been scrapped for the rest of the year and because I pay my pitch fee seperatly from my utility bills gas,electric,water they will waive the bills as a sign of goodwill..very fair I think..
  11. I have had confirmation from my site manager that it will be early july for opening the site this falls into line with government guidelines..
  12. Hi I have a static on a small site in tenby wells and I have been informed by my site manager who has been campaigning on bbc breakfast tv and local radio to get these sites open earlier we are opening beginning of July as for my friends in Wales they have been told early june as caravan/camping sites are under a different criteria under Welsh lockdown rules..
  13. Hi,thanks for your reply I will be doing the same regarding the bulbs as for the plug sockets advertised on caravan parts suppliers websites the back boxes are differant to domestic ones just wondered if domestic ones would fit as more choice and cheaper..let's hope we can get access soon..stay safe!
  14. Hi I'm newbie to owning a static caravan, i have purchased a 2007 willerby salisbury and just wondered if anyone has upgraded the wall lights in their statics and plug sockets..if so can I use normal domestic light fittings or do I have to look on specialised sites, any help would be appreciated..thank you..Steve
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