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  1. Thanks for your advice..I haven't central heating as mine is blow air so slightly older van so don't have to worry about radiators..my concern is the toilet and cistern also the shower do i have to disconnect the mixer ? I have heard of them my site offered to fit one for £345 I know you can buy them cheaper..I'm quite happy just using my van until the 1st frost arrives then i will drain it down.. thanks for your reply..👍
  2. Thanks for your reply yeah I have read somewhere some do that..I used to do that on my tourer but now I have a static I'm worried about insurance won't pay out if I don't do the proper drain down using antifreeze etc..
  3. Hi I haven't owned my static through a winter yet as I only purchased mine in March.. I have just recieved from the owner of my site a price to winterise my van..which I think is expensive at £140..! how easy is it to do yourself and do you need to blow out any excess water from the pipes after opening all taps etc.I know you can buy a valve which connects to the outside tap and then to a 12v tyre pump..has anyone tried this does it do the job ? Any helpful advice would be a help thanks..🙂
  4. Great hope you have plenty of good times in it..
  5. Just seen it it has pics and all the specs.. The size is 35×12 not seen any newer models around..hope these pics help..regards steve..
  6. Hi try looking on Ebay a company on there will make a matteress to any size i had one made for my camper van which was good quality and was a very reasonable price..regards steve..
  7. Hello and welcome Anne hope you enjoy this site..do you know how old your oven is ? I had problems with my oven which was easily and cheaply repaired by the site owner. My oven was 13 years old but parts still easily obtainable.I know new ovens for statics are expensive so if you can try and get it repaired..regards steve..
  8. Hi I have had this problem with my shower myself..I have had a mixer shower with a temperature control on it to fix my problem all works fine now..supplied and fitted £140 hope this helps..Steve
  9. Our site have asked about our movements names dates duration of our stay etc..not a problem..
  10. This is the email I received from my park owners.. Dear Caravan Owner In order to comply with the government’s instructions regarding its track and trace programme, we have to have a record of who is on the park at all times. We must therefore ask you to email us at ______________ every time you visit the park with your arrival and departure dates and the names of everyone in your party. If you are bringing friends or relations who don’t live at your address, we will need their names and contact details – either a phone number or an email or street address.
  11. That seems a reasonable request I will put it to them thank you for your reply.. Thank you i will ask the question about personal details..
  12. Hi I'm a newbie to static caravans and found mine for sale on gumtree for under 10,000 and with pitch fees paid..bargains are about just be patient ..happy hunting
  13. Hi,have any other static owners been contacted about track and trace measures ? My park owners are asking for all names contact details times and dates of anyone visiting me or stopping at my static I'm sure they cant ask for all that due to GDPR..
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