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  1. CT clamps certainly can sense the direction of current flow. This particular metre might not pay attention to the directionality, but it’ll be there. I know because I have a multitude of CT units on my mains wiring for the solar installation and they can tell if power is flowing in or out of the house.
  2. I'm afraid I don't have one of it up from the outside, but I do have one from inside if that is of any use. This is the Modulr Air v2 260 Porch Awning. It was only up for about a day and a half before Storm Bella required us to take it down (hence no outside pictures, I never got the opportunity) so there is no carpet down or anything. Still should give some feel for the internal space. Oh, and one slightly disappointing thing about the Bradcot is that there are no hanging points for lighting anywhere. The air-frame structure is easily capable of supporting a lightweight l
  3. Awww, but where's the fun in that! Seriously - that's really interesting, thanks. And a really neat install job!
  4. Thinking about making, mostly for my own amusement in lockdown, yes. Marketing? Absolutely not. I know exactly how hard, and expensive, bringing something even as simple as this to market is from my day job and I have no desire to do that in my spare time. I was considering making plans and code available on an Open Source basis if others wanted to build something similar for their own use.
  5. Hi all, In people's experience what are the most common EHU limits encountered at various campsites on your travels. I know the upper end is 16A, but I've seen reference to 10A and even as low as 6A when abroad. Are there any other ratings people have come across? And, with that in mind, do people think it would be useful to have a gadget that displays inside the caravan how close to the limit the current draw is? I'm thinking maybe a traffic light system where green is < 50%, Amber 51% - 80% and red >81%? With a selector on the front so you can set the upper
  6. Yes, it is certainly supported at the back and possibly underneath. You can clearly see one of the supports below: Here is the best photo (cropped from a larger one) of the outside of the box I have: This is probably the most complete of the back of the box I have to hand (and you can see the 12v system modifications I made): And here is the broken hinge itself: You can tell it has been repaired before because the underside is tacky with failed adhesive. Based on what peopl
  7. I have the Bradcot Modul-Air v2 260 porch awning. At 15Kg I don't find it too heavy and with all the panels out it is not too bad to pull through the awning channel. Although I do appreciate that I'm in my early 40's and those with more mileage on their backs and knees may disagree! What I really like about the Modul-Air is its modular nature - while I only have the base porch at the moment I can in the future choose to extend that into a full awning by purchasing the relevant extensions and closures. I really appreciate that flexibility and no other manufacturer I'm aware of of
  8. I have the Noco Genuis 2 amp charger as I only use it to keep the battery healthy while the 'van is away in storage. I have a 110ah sealed lead acid and after a fair bit of use with the movers to manoeuvre the 'van into the storage bay and running the 12v vacuum for a last clean out the charger easily topped it up overnight. It works well in my experience, doesn't get hot, the leads it comes with are good and it even has a little clip to mount it to the wall. Wasn't cheap but worth it in my experience.
  9. Thank you all. First off - apologies for the two threads, I'm never quite sure of what the etiquette is on any given forum. Some like different topics to be in different threads (I do personally find it easier to keep track that way), some prefer things all in one. If the latter is the norm around here I'll happily amend my future posts to keep in line! It is the front locker, yes, and that sounds like a splendid idea. I don't have any of those kind of nylon bolts to hand but I am sure I'll be able to find some online somewhere. Thanks
  10. Thank you Wildwood. One of the first things I did with the Caravan was upgrade the 12v side with a new charger and a few fixed circuits for things like the TV, so I'm pretty confident with the 12v side. And as long as all I have to do is re-wire the 16A socket I'm okay with the mains (wouldn't really want to touch the PDU though!). Funnily enough I did look around Youtube with just that expectation, but couldn't find anything. My search-fu must not have been strong that day, I shall try again!
  11. Seems to be the time of year for bits failing due to plastic fatigue! On our 2008 Ranger one of the front locker hinges has come adrift. Looking at it there appears to be a plastic fitting that the hinge pin fits into that has shorn off, resulting in one side of the hinge coming loose. I can't find a replacement on the Prima Leisure parts site, but that is probably because I don't know what it's called. Has this happened to anyone else, and how did you overcome it?
  12. Happy New Year everyone! Does anyone have any experience with replacing the battery box on their caravan? One of the hinges on ours has failed - looking at how it failed it is apparent that an attempt has been made to repair it in the past and that repair is what has failed. I'm not sure simply gluing it back on is going to cut it and the hinges appear to be integral to the moulding of the whole box, so a replacement would seem to be the way forwards. It looks like a relatively straightforward job and Prima leisure carry all of the spare parts I think I will need (new
  13. It is possible that I am conflating it with the water heater. Plus I am fairly certain that the insulation rating information (where it says the 'van can maintain a 20 degree differential when outside is 0 degrees C) says that this rating is valid when gas is used for heating and not electric. Though I'll bow to direct experience! We have a microwave and a George Foreman electric grill so we have non-gas options for cooking. It really is hot water and hot air I'm worried about - if either is lacking I'll be miserable by proxy!
  14. We're going to Dorset and the long range forecast is chilly but not frosty so I hope that freezing pipes won't be a worry, but just in case we have already invested in one of those insulated covers for the AquaRoll and pipe to the 'van. Thank you all for the comments and suggestions. Electric first seems to be the way to go - I'm probably being over cautious because I know if the gas does run out it'll be at the worst possible moment!
  15. We have a front gas locker so the slightly larger Gaslight cylinders should fit. A second cylinder would be ideal but a second Calor 6Kg would be prohibitive from a weight perspective. Our tow car only has a 75Kg nose weight rating and that is hard enough to hit as it is without adding another 15Kg to the front locker! Two cylinders would have to be a switch to the 5Kg gaslight bottles for a net gain of about 2Kg of weight and 4Kg of gas. But also a significant cost. Getting gaslight bottles isn't a problem around here - both of our local suppliers (B&M and Mole)
  16. Good morning Caravanning hive mind! I have a question I'd like some input from more experienced members on please. In line with the new regulations we are booked to go away in the caravan over Christmas, giving us a local base from which to visit the Mother-In-Law without having to stay over and so limiting time together. We are away for five nights and will be in the 'van mornings and evenings (and over night obviously), presumably running the blown air heating and hot water for showers and the like in the mornings. We will also be doing a limited amount of cooking, breakfasts
  17. Welcome to the forum. Glad to see another Test Valley resident aboard!
  18. No single control measure is perfect, but used together they can improve your chances.
  19. SARS-nCOV-2, the virus behind COVID, uses something called the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor to bind to and infect cells. ACE2 is highly conserved across mammalian carnivores, meaning that it is essentially the same protein across many different species. Also SARS-nCOV-2 is recent zoonoses, having made the jump from its initial animal resevoir to humans about a year ago. So it hasn't really had time to become exclusively adapted to humans. It is no surprise then that it is able to infect a wide range of non-human hosts. Off the top of my head, based on researc
  20. Hi caravan hive-mind. Does anyone who has, or had, a S5 Ranger know if the blown air heating pipe for the bathroom passes under the floor outside the body? I’d look at ours but it’s 90 minuets away in storage so I’m hoping someone here knows. We are planning a week away in November, regulations permitting, and if it does pass under the body I’d like to plan to insulate it before we go. thanks 😀
  21. There is a thread on the Passat GTE on this very forum, here I think the summary was that it was quite capable. I'm interested as I'm considering it when it comes time to replace my Leon.
  22. If it were the case that a few weeks of staying inside would see us through to the other side of this then I'd agree, but the issue I have with that is that this is not a short term thing that is going to be over by Christmas. Our shot at eradicating SARS-CoV-2, New Zealand style, passed in the Spring. Now we have to live with it. This pandemic is going to be with us well into 2021, and the virus itself is most likely going to become endemic and become 'one of those things' that flares up from time to time, much like bad 'Flu strains. Even with a vaccine in early 2021 there is n
  23. We know a lot more about SARS-CoV-2 now than we did in the Spring. For example we know that the majority of transmission occurs indoors, in poorly ventilated areas and with prolonged exposure. See the attached chart for an example of relative risks from a presentation I was given recently. Travelling with, and staying within, your own caravan is really not much of a risk to anyone. It largely depends on what you plan to do when you get where you are going. If it is a lot of outdoor activities (long walks with the dog etc) then it is unlikely to be any higher risk than doing tho
  24. we use Duvalays. All the comfort of a duvet with the ease of a sleeping bag, plus a built in mattress topper to boot. ooooo, that’s a great idea. Shall have to try that, although is still suspect it’ll end with my waking up to a wet nose in my face!
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