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  1. There comes a point in things like this where joining the rush becomes the rational thing to do at the individual level, even if it is irrational and counterproductive at the macro level. like a bank run, it may start out irrational but once the run starts it is no longer irrational to want to get your money out.
  2. Xyleth

    The M6!

    “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.” The world is changing. The structures that have sustained the post war consensus are collapsing with nothing yet to replace them. The conversion of everything for fuel for the financial markets is hollowing out the economies of the west. Climate change is real, here, now and is going to continue to upend everything. Young people today are the first generation in a long time, perhaps centuries, who even by conservative estimates will live worse lives than their predecessors. On average they will be poorer, less healthy and live shorter lives. The future they were promised is in literal flames. They are angry, and rightly so. What we are seeing now is only the beginning, it’s going to get worse. Buckle up, it’s going to be an interesting decade ahead.
  3. Xyleth

    So am I evil!

    It is interesting that if you look back through history the theme of the old decrying the state of morals of the youth is a common one, right back into antiquity. Yet the world keeps on spinning.
  4. Xyleth

    So am I evil!

    While I generally agree that people should be considerate about where they let their dogs pee (we try to be certainly), it always makes me giggle when people bring out the “‘won’t someone think of the children’ card as if dogs are the only things that pee on grass. There is an whole world of wildlife out that that pees and poops wherever they like with joyful abandon, usually late at night when no one is there to see it. Those cute fluffy bunnies you coo at on the playing field grass in the morning? They’re physically incontinent and leave a trail of urine and poop where ever they hop. Foxes and cats mark their territory just as much as dogs do. Birds just let go from a great height and let it fall where it may. Even insects excrete urea as they move around doing their business. The world is covered in a film of various animal fluids and, as a general rule, no one notices or even cares. But one dog pees out of place and people lose their minds. If only they knew….. PS: I get and understand that with a dog their is an element of control and responsibility on the part of the human that doesn’t exist with nature. But still, makes me laugh.
  5. I use the Kampa Gale with our Bradcot Modus 2. Does a great job. One caveat is that none of the adaptors supplied fit the Bradcot. I just took the one off the end of the foot pump supplied and put that on the end of the hose. You do have to cut the existing adaptors off and push the hose over the Bradcot fitting (warming it with a heat gun helped here!).
  6. I don't know, but I suspect the removal of Command from the lower spec 'vans is related to the ongoing silicon shortage. Lead times for even relatively simple devices have ballooned and prices have increased massively for what you can get. That my also be behind the lack of DAB, AM/FM radios are much simpler.
  7. Thank you, that more or less confirms what we thought. We went for the Alpine 2 in the end.
  8. So we've bit the bullet and paid the deposit for a 2022 Sprite Alpine 2. Delivery is, hopefully, in November. We know the layout works for us as it is essentially identical to what we have at the moment and any 'better' layouts are also too heavy for us to tow right now, so we're confident it is the right 'van for us. This is first brand-new caravan - any tips on what to look for during handover to ensure things go smoothly?
  9. Hello! does anyone on here have the Sprite alpine 4 and can comment on the useablity, or otherwise, of the washroom? Specifically the shower. we are trying to decide between the alpine 2 or 4. We know we are going to have to compromise on either bed space or shower space to stay within our weight limits, just wanted to know if any one had any practical experience to share as there aren’t really any show models around to view at the moment.
  10. That may well be the winning idea.
  11. The other option, as it becomes available, would be something like Starlink. It's not cheap at $99USD a month and $499 for the kit, but if you are relying on it to run your business it could be worth it?
  12. I agree that looks ideal, but the problem with that is we have a week away in September booked that we would rather not be without a caravan for. Having already had to rebook it from earlier in the year due to tow bar related woes on the new car Mrs. X would not be happy with me if we have to cancel again!
  13. Ideally you want something with an external aerial to connect to the Site Wi-Fi and then an internal AP to share that connection across your devices. This KUMA WiFi Hotspot Booster appears to do exactly that. I haven't tried it myself but it looks like what you want. And if not that particular one (the reviews are mixes) something in that vein is what you are looking for.
  14. So those who follow such things will notice the encroachment of the dreaded damp on our Bailey Ranger. While fixable for this season, I think, this has got my wife and I thinking about our next 'van maybe a bit sooner than planned. One thing I'm not too clear on and would appreciate views - I'm assuming that with a known damp issue (resolved or not) it would be unlikely to be taken as trade in and unethical to sell on privately. So what do I do with it? It is by no means a write off - it's dry every but those rear corners according to the service report, still in good running order and if nothing else has a north of a grands worth of upgrades / replacement kit fitted to it over the last year. What have people in similar circumstances done in the past?
  15. So I spent last night clearing out the rotted wood and treating what is left with wood hardener just to be sure. It wasn't that large a patch of rot, and it doesn't seem to have spread to what appear to be the main structural members. However it has rotted away the batten into which the lower trim / awning skirt rail screwed in that section. Having looked at it I'm not going to get that trim off without major work to the caravan and there is no way I can replace just that section of batten from the inside. But I do need to fill the void that has been left. I was thinking - is there any reason I can't fill that gap with expanding foam and then cap it with new ply?
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