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  1. Xyleth


    Well I have the car, and a nice one it is too. Unfortunately there is a nationwide shortage of Towbar kits for this particular car! There simply aren't any to be had (and I've rung around most of the country). Because it's a relatively new model there aren't any aftermarket kits yet, although Brink are looking to bring theirs to the UK later in the summer. Right now I'm looking at a 12 week back order wait until I can get a Towbar and resume caravanning
  2. Hi Stba, I have a 2008 vintage Ranger 460, I imagine the water systems are similar. Which valve are you looking for?
  3. A gentle blow with the heat gun and the old sticker peeled off in one piece. Cleaned it up with meths underneath and the new one went on like a charm. Thanks everyone!
  4. Oh yes, I got the NCC Certificate too! Thanks for the help all, appears I was thinking too much (not an uncommon event in my case)!
  5. I have recently purchased the MTPLM upgrade for our ranger, taking it to 1250Kg. Prima Leisure have sent me the upgrade which consists of a new weight plate and some new 'Bailey Max Load' stickers (which I shan't be fitting). WRT the new weight plate - do I just stick it over the old one? Next to it? Is it best to remove the old one first before putting the new one on? It is frustratingly lacking in application instructions, although it is entirely possible I am over thinking this!
  6. Xyleth


    I have a local approved electrician lined up to install a Zappi charger, and we’ve been on Octopus Agile for 18 months or so now as we have a solar + battery system. So we are ready to go on that front!
  7. Xyleth


    Well I've gone ahead and ordered one! Was very impressed with the test drive. All being well I should collect in two weeks, and then probably won't get to tow until early June (allowing for running in as the manual says not to tow for the first 900 miles). I will update with how I get on.
  8. Xyleth


    Limit is 75kg, which is the same as my current car. I’ve got hitting that with our van pretty much down. I’d like 100kg limit, but the majority of cars with that are heavy enough to put me over the B license 3500kg train limit. With the HS and my van I’ll be at around 3,400kg, comfortably under the limit. A test drive with a Towbar and the freedom to try my ‘van would be ideal! But unlikely I think, although the dealership know I’m interested in towing.
  9. Xyleth


    Apologies, I had indeed missed that you had a diesel PHEV yourself. That must be a Mercedes or a Peugeot? Did anyone else make diesel hybrids? It is always good to hear empirical evidence as opposed to theory, which is what I was working through out loud. Thank you for the insight. Can I ask does your PHEV not have the ability to hold a specific charge level in the battery, or do the strains of towing prevent that from happening even if you set it? To be honest I’m not massively worried if the Electric part contributes very little to towing and the ICE efficiency is bad
  10. Xyleth


    The petrol engine alone is 162PS and 185lbft of torque. I've seen a lot of people raise the 'when the battery is flat the electrics are just dead weight' argument and while it feels intuitively true I'm not sure it stands up to deeper inspection. For one thing the car can be set to maintain either 100% or 50% charge in the battery, using the petrol engine to charge if necessary. In addition the regenerative breaking will always put energy into the battery even when its empty which is then available for the electric motor. So if set and driven properly the battery is never going
  11. Xyleth


    Do you happen to know which issue? I have a subscription but must have missed that review!
  12. Xyleth


    Thanks for the tip, off to the back issue (virtual) isles I go.
  13. I have a 2014 Leon, which has the same mirrors I think, and my Milenco's fit fine. There is a replacement rubber foot you can buy that keys into the channel that runs around the edge of the mirror housing for a better grip.
  14. Xyleth


    Morning all, I have a test drive for one of these booked for the weekend. On paper it looks like a good match for our needs, kerb weight of 1775Kg giving a 85% match of 1508Kg, comfortably above the 1250Kg upgraded MTPLM of our Ranger. 258PS of power and 273lbft pf torque with the 1.5TSI and electric motor combined and rated to tow up to 1500Kg. I know PHEVs can be a bit marmite and I don't really want to get into a discussion of the relative merits of the technology. But I am interested in any experience from current PHEV owners who tow (mostly Outlanders I guess?).
  15. Thank you all, quite a bit to think about here. Shall have a ponder over the coming week.
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