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  1. Welcome to the forum. Glad to see another Test Valley resident aboard!
  2. No single control measure is perfect, but used together they can improve your chances.
  3. SARS-nCOV-2, the virus behind COVID, uses something called the angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor to bind to and infect cells. ACE2 is highly conserved across mammalian carnivores, meaning that it is essentially the same protein across many different species. Also SARS-nCOV-2 is recent zoonoses, having made the jump from its initial animal resevoir to humans about a year ago. So it hasn't really had time to become exclusively adapted to humans. It is no surprise then that it is able to infect a wide range of non-human hosts. Off the top of my head, based on researc
  4. Hi caravan hive-mind. Does anyone who has, or had, a S5 Ranger know if the blown air heating pipe for the bathroom passes under the floor outside the body? I’d look at ours but it’s 90 minuets away in storage so I’m hoping someone here knows. We are planning a week away in November, regulations permitting, and if it does pass under the body I’d like to plan to insulate it before we go. thanks 😀
  5. There is a thread on the Passat GTE on this very forum, here I think the summary was that it was quite capable. I'm interested as I'm considering it when it comes time to replace my Leon.
  6. If it were the case that a few weeks of staying inside would see us through to the other side of this then I'd agree, but the issue I have with that is that this is not a short term thing that is going to be over by Christmas. Our shot at eradicating SARS-CoV-2, New Zealand style, passed in the Spring. Now we have to live with it. This pandemic is going to be with us well into 2021, and the virus itself is most likely going to become endemic and become 'one of those things' that flares up from time to time, much like bad 'Flu strains. Even with a vaccine in early 2021 there is n
  7. We know a lot more about SARS-CoV-2 now than we did in the Spring. For example we know that the majority of transmission occurs indoors, in poorly ventilated areas and with prolonged exposure. See the attached chart for an example of relative risks from a presentation I was given recently. Travelling with, and staying within, your own caravan is really not much of a risk to anyone. It largely depends on what you plan to do when you get where you are going. If it is a lot of outdoor activities (long walks with the dog etc) then it is unlikely to be any higher risk than doing tho
  8. we use Duvalays. All the comfort of a duvet with the ease of a sleeping bag, plus a built in mattress topper to boot. ooooo, that’s a great idea. Shall have to try that, although is still suspect it’ll end with my waking up to a wet nose in my face!
  9. We are also an adult couple who recently got into caravanning, no kids (one medium / large dog though). We have a Bailey Ranger S5 460/2 which is a 2008 vintage, so not too far removed from the age you are looking at. It's a two berth and we have the option of using the sofas as two singles or making it up as a double. After trying both out we settled on using it as two singles. The benefits: As singles the beds run lengthwise along the caravan with the gap in the middle. This makes it much, much easier to get in and out of bed - you don't end up having to climb over th
  10. Thank you, it was the huge range of choice that led to a request for a recommendation! Glad to say we’ve just checked the ‘van and the readings have dropped 10% from the service, even after all the rain we had when we went away at the beginning of the month. So hopefully the problem was fixed prior to our buying it and it’s just drying out. Fingers crossed for the winter!
  11. Apple are actually better at supporting older phone models than pretty much every other manufacturer. iOS 14 is supported on everything from the iPhone 6s onwards, which means any Apple phone released in the last five years can run it. While the situation has improved recently most Android phones released a year ago struggle to run this years Android release. Either due to hardware issues or, more commonly, because the phone manufacturer won't release updates for older phones in order to drive sales of new models. That is also why Apple have a much higher proportion o
  12. In a word, Financialization. Everything has become subservient to the needs of finance and their need to extract rent from everything. The myth that a company exists only to enhance 'shareholder value' is one of the most destructive ideas in the world. Pretty much everything else flows from that.
  13. A passive investment is one that just sits there and provides a return on investment without any management effort required by the investor. You could conceivably buy a company in good health as a passive investment - just let the existing management keep doing their thing and take your share of the profits at the end of it as owner. Lunar does not seem to an outside observer to be a company that finds itself in that position. So it's a bit odd to see it referred to as a passive investment.
  14. Nothing about the smart metering network for either CSP goes anywhere near the internet I assure you. Even on the CSP south / central network that uses GSM it is a private slice of the public network and not Internet routed. CSP north is even more isolated. I know because I designed large parts of that network infrastructure and I still have the scars from the battles with security.
  15. Agile is only worth it if you have some way of avoiding the 16:00 to 19:00 peak where the price leaps into the 25 - 30p range (they do cap it at 35p). That can either be a battery or the discipline not to use any high load appliances during that period. Personally I find the battery much more convenient because I don't have to explain to Mrs. X why she can't use household appliances in the evening! But it is a relatively expensive and complex way to buy that convenience.
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