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  1. Do you push and hold the button on the fob or push and let go? I was trying to pair a couple of new fobs last week by pushing and holding the arm button on the fob, as per the Sargent instruction sheet I was given, but the blue LED did not flash, it just stayed on and then went off after about 20 seconds. So does anyone have any ideas how to solve this issue.
  2. Thank you James. All the kerb weight stuff has gone a bit off topic and not exactly sure what you mean by CofC, the only one I am aware of is Certificate of Competency, or Compliance perhaps. I am about to do for my CAA UAV A2 CofC, well what does that all mean, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Class A2 Certificate of Competency, basically it is a drone pilot qualification, which is also a bit off topic except it is one of the reasons I bought the caravan to go around the country to find great locations for aerial photography and videography. I will be happy to offer any caravan sites aerial photos and/or videos of there site for free. Phil
  3. So the photo below shows me reversing my caravan, for the first time into a space the equivalent to a site space, and it went surprisingly well so I was quite chuffed with myself. Well when doing my research on storage most places charged for moving it in and out of storage over and above the storage fee, so I thought it was pretty much a standard thing, so I was quite pleased to find one that didn't. The owner is a qualified caravan service engineer, so he is going to fit a solar panel for me and probably do the servicing for me, it''s a real family business and they have been very helpful so far. They charge £54 for a caravan over 7m payable by monthly direct debit, which is nice as you don't have to pay the whole amount up front. I've booked in a site close to home for 2 nights on 11th May and then planning to go away in June after half term, I want to avoid going anywhere during the school holidays, So let the adventures begin!!!
  4. Yes I was thinking of that. I have slowly been collecting things over the last year, I think I have most of the bigger things so it will be the little things that will catch me out. It's like setting up a new home in a way I guess, I have a coffee machine and grinder but no coffee or anything to keep the beans in, so things like that. My storage place are happy to bring the caravan out of storage and let me just sort things out, and then put it away again later without any charge, so I will do that a few times. I think I will follow your advice and just spend a couple of days in the van, I live in Bournemouth so there are loads of sites close by.
  5. Hi All So finally my pension money came through a few days ago and I will be taking delivery of my 2012 Coachman VIP 560 on Tuesday, it will be goining straight into storage about 10 minutes drive from the Caravan Company dealership. The storage place I have found don't charge for bringing the caravan in and out of storage and will be happy for me to bring it out of storage to work on it and sort things out, also their engineer will fit the solar panel I have already purchased. I am doing the Camping and Caravanning Club beginners towing course around the end of May, it's a one day thing where you learn the basics and get a one to one with the instructor out on the roads in your own car towing their caravan. Then after that I will go away at the beginning of June after the kids have gone back to school for my first caravan adventure. I am not sure where I will be going, maybe Devon and Cornwall for two or three weeks. I will let you all know how it goes.
  6. Yes Andrew Scott is still one of the Directors They look very good, but at those prices I think I will just fold it up and put it either in the car or the caravan. Thanks for that, makes it a much cheaper proposition. That sounds like an excellent idea to me, I got a nice double sleeping bag so I'll wrap it in that.
  7. Having looked at them the fixing plate is the same for Mr Plodd's recommendation and the other one. I want to have a bracket that can enable the TV be watched from the lounge and the bed, so I think I will need the double or triple arm versions of the Vision Plus Quick Release TV Bracket. I think I would take it off the bracket for travel, otherwise what is the point of the quick release.
  8. Well that really seems to be the thing to get, a bit expensive but may well be worth it.
  9. Ah, there was a thing that looked like that on the panel I am talking about, couldn't work out what it was, so where would I get the bit that goes on the back of the TV. Thanks for that, and nice to hear good things about The Caravan Company.
  10. Hmm yeah I guess I had not really thought of it like that, but yes obvious now. I was thinking of a 22" TV, the one I have looked at weighs in at 3.5kg, so not too heavy. I think I would take one of the single swivel bolts out rather than fiddling about taking the bracket off the back of the TV.
  11. Well the listed kerb weight of my CLS is 1865kg and the MTPLM of the Coachman VIP 560/4 is listed as 1645kg which gives ratio of 88.2%, 3.2% over the recommended 85% which to be honest is neither here or there. Fortunately the car already had the tow bar and electrics fitted from the factory, the tow bar is a demountable swan neck type thing, so no worries there. I purchased the car with the view of towing a caravan, it has a maximum towing weight of 2100kg so I am nowhere near that. The combined mass is over 3500kg but as I passed my driving test in 1972 I have the B&E classes on my licence, I can even drive a 7500kg truck if I want. The comparison between Mercedes and Ford was not suggesting the date but comparing the Coachman against the Compass respectively. I am going to want to put a TV in the caravan and was thinking of mounting it on a swivel bracket fixed to the boardBetweenthe bed and the door. The board is open on both sides so it will be easy to fit using nuts and bolts, with large washers, rather than normal wall fixings. My question is about the TV swing around while driving. I have never had one of these wall brackets so I don't know how stiff they are, will I need to make some arrangement to stop the TV swinging around.
  12. Hi All So I have plumped for the Coachman, but extended the warranty to 9 months. I will get towards the end of the month. The Coachman is much better than the Compass, its like buying a Mercedes rather than a Ford.
  13. Putting warranties aside for now do you think the Coachman is the better choice over the Compass. The Compass is 2 years newer than the Coachman but it is a higher spec caravan, the furnishings and finishes look much better in the Coachman. I guess it will come down to my gut feeling for what I like, it's a bit like buying a house I guess, you get that feeling when you go in the door.
  14. I do have my own damp meter and will take it with me as I did today, I didn't check the Compass but will check the Coachman, they are bringing it down from their Northampton branch.
  15. Without having seen it yet I feel more inclined to the older Coachman, it looks more comfortable than the Compass. There had also been an issue with the Compass where the rooflight had been left open and there was a bad stain on the sead and all the woodwork under the seat was covered in mildew, I think this is only superficial and could all be cleaned up but it must have got into the floor so maybe floor lamination issue at a later date.
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