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  1. yeah the plastic hexagon is what you see after you take off the tap, thats it. Can't seem to unscrew it without twisting the whole casing. weird eh
  2. Heyoo. This mixer cartridge wont come out. No brass nut and can't seem to unscrew it. Any help please?
  3. yeah it was the hinge, the tape on the back was all falling apart, mouldy etc... also around the side of the window you could pull out the rubber seal on the outside so I guess the seal failed... Have siliconed the hinge bar and all around the window. We have both Sika and Soudal here but I had some good DAP around and needed to get it done before it starts raining again. Sika is ok but not first choice. Why would the Awning rails have to be removed if working on the inside? Lol thanks WispMan. NZ has some of the moldiest houses in the developed world. We get by ok. I still think putting wood hardener on the dryed wood will help short term
  4. Well I live in it at the moment, the problem is I have no idea where to start! I looked at your Avante and its a similar configuration at least with the overhead cupboards, wouldn't you have to take all that down to get to the front panel? I haven't much experience in dismantling caravan fittings and joinery, is there a manual or something for this? Really need a clue here
  5. I'm not sure to be honest, I had a sparky fix a few things on it several months ago, he connected the two plugs together into one and the brake lights, indicator and license plate light all work. I think the last warrant I got they failed me on this thinking the fog and reverse were brake lights... Morons. may have wasted a lot of my time and money. Now I know better. He may have disabled the reverse and fog light in connecting the two cables but I'm pretty sure they're not legal requirements here, I'll ask the NZ transport agency tomorrow to find out, as neither seem to work. thanks again
  6. loL oh man. cheers. I dont think I can be bothered to get that. Thanks tho! She'll be right as they say.
  7. In fact, neither of them seem to work with my car connection
  8. Oh man thats awesome. Thanks I think the rules are different here in NZ
  9. it might take me some time to get this fixed, couple months, would a dehumidifier work to bring out the moisture in the window surrounds in the meantime? Was also thinking of using the Wood Hardener on the really bad stuff as a preventative of the rot getting worse, just for the very short term.
  10. Can't figure out what these light are for. Please advise? highlighted in yellow
  11. Thanks I'm watching that youtube guy that is pretty much doing the same thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JFgKLEg5Hg
  12. I'm getting that feeling. Is it possible to remove only parts of a front panel, or do I have to pull the whole thing? Anyone tried a Klein Tools ET140 Pinless Moisture Metre?
  13. Um thanks, how do you suggest I dry out the timber under the window rubber? Its winter here by the way, Cold winds and rains alot.. Was thinking I wedge something under the rubber to expose it and use a fan heater to dry it out.
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