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  1. Same although it does look good in the back like that
  2. Yes I was starting to see that I only have two full size adults and an 18 inch child’s bike to take, I think I’ll go for the back mounted and a tow bar carrier to get to storage and switch em round when then...
  3. Wow that has the bikes laid down thanks for the info 👍🏻 Looks easy to get the bikes on that and keeps them low
  4. I think what he was saying was to get the bikes to storage n then transfer over and remover the tow ball bike carrier n fold it up? Ahh food for thought, although don’t think I’ll be much ferry travel as of yet
  5. See I was now swaying more to roof rack 2 reasons. 1) My caravan is in storage so would have to buy an alternative rack to transport to storage, then move about when at storage. 2) extra weight on the car is better than on the caravan. So was thinking roof rack as I currently have a swan neck tow bar... so couldn’t get on for use on Towbar as well as hitching the van... Is it a massive detriment if the bikes are higher than the caravan?
  6. Really helpful post thank you, I had measured the spacing and it’s roughly 86cm so knew it would need to be standard size one... is there any equation to work out the 85% rule out or wouldn’t that matter?
  7. Ok thank you for that... I don’t know how to work all weights out etc, but I’ll have a go My van is of similar weight to yours when loaded, I had seen a few posts on forums with good and bad reviews I guess I was hoping someone with a similar tow car (weight, power wise) and similar caravan would comment on here and help me out.
  8. Hi all sorry to post again... I am thinking of taking advantage of the pre fitted Thule bike mounts on the back of my van... however I was wondering is it ok to put so much weight on the back of the van? Has any one had any issues... would be two adult bikes weighing about 30kg? Thanks in advance 😊
  9. Just for reference which ones did you have Ian?
  10. Hi I’ve heard you can download the sky go app on to ps3 and stream (internet required obvs) my ps3 has packed in... and before getting another 2nd hand just wondering if anyone had done this.... I get unlimited data so in terms of streaming and connectivity isn’t a problem, unless in a dead zone
  11. Hi really interesting to watch but that isn’t the kind I meant will see if I can see a video on YouTube to upload on
  12. Thank you all for your input, will order those off eBay or amazon. Also while I’ve got this thread going I’m after some led strip light but the kind that does different colours at the same time in like a sequence would these be addressable dream colour strips?
  13. Daft question I know but what are the non branded ones called?
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