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  1. "2021 Census .".......I've just found out that if you own a static caravan then you need to complete an additional section on the 2021 Census form !.....this time around !
  2. Like this you mean ? https://uk.yahoo.com/news/watch-land-rover-defender-rescue-110616942.html
  3. Very interesting I've passed on this link to him ....Thank you !..
  4. A colleague of mine was diagnosed with this year's ago ....He had been a soldier in the 1st gulf war ... .A few years after he demobed .....He found that a lot of his also "demobed colleagues" were suffering P.T.S.D....Etc...One day he thought he was having a heart attack and after being rushed into hospital ...He was examined and found to be fit and well.....They put it down to his " psychosomatic ..condition".And said after being subjected to seeing his colleagues suffering .....His mind went into ...Overdrive and got him to think ...."I should be suffering from P.T.S.D too" ...In laym
  5. I used to contribute a lot on here ....But every time I do now I automatically get get a red cross .....( Or get my comments deleted ).... I have never breached any of this forums rules so can only assume it's personal ? ( Which I believe is a breach of forum rules ?)....
  6. This same scenario happens to my friend last year ....He sent me this (Sorry I don't know which government website he got it from ) Found this on the Government website Changing terms in existing contracts during the pandemic Some contracts contain terms which give a business the right to change elements (terms) of the contract after it has been agreed with the consumer. These are known as ‘variation clauses’. Businesses might try to use these to change the terms of contracts and ensure they cover issues arising from the coronavirus pandem
  7. Ask your service garage to set the service warning light to "mileage " as opposed to "time" for your next service ...I had that problem where my service due warning lamp came on ....The car had only done 8000 since last service ...But 18 months had lapsed ....He reset the warning light to mileage after that service ..
  8. Sorry " NOT utter rubbish " but real " facts.....".I don't make the laws I just abide by them so should everyone else !..What about all those people who couldn't visit their parents dying in hospital from covid ?...All those people who cant go to loved ones funerals ?...Etc... Maybe her mother had booked her an appointment at specsavers ....For some new glasses as a birthday present ! Can you find that " bit in the rules" ...For me ?..I can't find it ?
  9. The first rule of journalism.. "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story " It's not just this story !.. It appears the press and media dictate what the government should do ?...( By saying pubs will open at Easter etc for example ?) It's so easy for the media to say "a leaked government document says " blah blah blah " How can it be proved ...Or even disproved ?..... All they will say is " we cannot disclose our information source " Worst thing is ..The media are never held responsible and are rarely
  10. I've just read today that ....( the lovely ?....).....Amanda Holding will NOT be fined for breaking covid lock down rules ?... It appears if you're a 1. Celebrity 2.Footballer 3. Government advisor 4. Scottish minister Then breaking covid rules does not apply to you ? At a time when the government are threatening 10 years in prison for breaking isolation rules !... Why arent they making an example of these people ? I'm sure the public would give them more respect if they did ! It's not like they ca
  11. Yet another one ! Feelings are definitely running high ! https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/legislative-law-for-the-static-caravan-holiday-parks-industry?bucket&source=facebook-share-button&time=1604965628&utm_campaign&utm_medium=socialshare&utm_source=facebook&share=a94535a6-f511-40d9-9c04-0a89959b69a5 I don't think smaller parks / sites will suffer too much ....(furloughing etc...obviously helps )...they will do alright I'm sure .....I do remember a few years ago reading that a lot of small park / site owners ....Were selling up to the " B
  12. Click this link to sign the petition "Public Inquiry into Unfair Trading Practices of Holiday Caravan Park Owners" https://petition.parliament.uk/signatures/106784840/verify?token=NixrFWorPoMISQhugyzm Thanks, The Petitions team
  13. Here's an interesting article ......I think if enough disgruntled caravan owners complain then maybe ...(...Just maybe .....)....Something may happen ... I'm NOT holding my breath though ?.. https://theconsumerlawyer.blog/2021/02/06/are-caravan-park-owners-breaching-consumer-protection-laws/
  14. Here's an interesting article ......I think if enough disgruntled caravan owners complain then maybe ...(...Just maybe .....)....Something may happen ... I'm NOT holding my breath though ?.. https://theconsumerlawyer.blog/2021/02/06/are-caravan-park-owners-breaching-consumer-protection-laws/ the Consumer Lawyer https://theconsumerlawyer.blog/contact/
  15. I would suggest an oil based undercoat first ...Then a vinyl paint to finish...
  16. Here is an interesting article !... I wonder if it has any influence ? https://www.business-live.co.uk/enterprise/let-re-open-easter-risk-19811550?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  17. That's so true my 88 year old mother in law hasn't had a passport now for 30 years since she let it lapse...She's never driven ....so never had a driving licence ...She can't use a computer so has no internet or E.Mail..Address.. ....Yet it's amazing the number of banks and other organizations who now insist on a passport ...Or driving license...and an E.Mail ......As a form of formal identification !.....(the modern world eh ?)
  18. Available in Aldi stores from Sunday 14th February 2021 ( on line from 7th February) a streetwise GPS tracker ....This is a small device that you hide in your car or CARAVAN ....Helps to track you car or van if stolen !....Only costs £39.99....Worth a look !
  19. Just because something is un - PC doesn't alter fact (..Oh just for the record and before you all red cross me and report it me to the mods. )....This comment is directed to "ALL forms of Political Correctness that conflicts with fact ."...It is NOT specific to this or any other case ...
  20. Take more than that to get me out of retirement.....And risk my life .
  21. I was just a bit surprised that's all I think the doctor was worth a lot more ..Coming out of retirement putting herself at risk ! (I don't think she would let a plumbed give her the jab anyway )
  22. My mother in law is 88 years old been house bound for the last 3 years had the vaccine at home to day.....It was administered by a retired doctor .....Who said "Doctors giving the vaccine in this way receive £10 per jab !..."
  23. No not yet !.....I haven't changed my mind on that ! I do hope I've clarified my situation for you ?...It's obviously bothering you !
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