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  1. As we start to go back to our caravans (static sites).. I was just wondering "what are caravan owners being offered by way of compensation for not being allowed to use your caravan during the 3 months lock down period ?"
  2. Apparently the weather forecasters say ...There is more chance of snow at Easter than Christmas these days !... I'd love to spend Christmas in my caravan but guilt of leaving elderly mother in law alone at Christmas ...Haunts us !..... We have spent the last 7 new years in the caravan......And love it !
  3. Another thing for static owners to remember ...Run all taps and showers for a while to flush out stagnant water. ...Don't catch legionnaires disease !
  4. Just be aware folks every caravan owner is suffering from withdrawal symptoms too so the roads on the 4th July are going to be like the Indy 500 formula one race ( or grid lock ?)...So please take care and plan your route carefully !... Happy caravaning ! (Again!) And stay safe !
  5. If you're getting it at a knock down price and maybe as a "doer upper " maybe worth it ?....I quite like a project !
  6. The ongoing saga continues ? https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/05/can-i-get-a-refund-on-static-caravan-fees-if-i-can-t-use-it--/?utm_source=MSE_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=02-Jun-20-50616097-4076&utm_campaign=nt-hiya&utm_content=32
  7. Either that ...Or it could go the other way ?...People can't go or choose not to go abroad for a couple of years because of uncertainty ?.... Caravan staycations and sales or let's may increase ? Just a thought ?
  8. No one knows !...It's all just speculation ...At the moment !
  9. I was watching the Martin Lewis money program the other week and whilst I'm not a fan of everything he says his advice is "always get a full refund !..You are entitled to it ".....The problem he sees with vouchers and credit notes is .....The company man not be there ....!....Gone bust !....Or in liquidation !....But the time you come to redeem your voucher !..... Just a thought ?
  10. Just read this in the Willerby E 'newsletter personal request from our CEO, Peter Munk The caravan industry, like most sectors, has membership bodies that support and regulate the manufacture of holiday homes, as well as the parks themselves. Called the National Caravan Council (NCC) and British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA), they have taken on lobbying the Government to make sure that parks aren’t left behind when it comes to a safe reopening. As an owner we'd like you to lend your voice to help make sure we are heard in Government. If you think about it, caravan parks could be reopened safely if measures are put in place, as the homes are perfect for remaining at distance from your neighbour. We might not be able to enjoy the clubhouse or restaurants yet but you could enjoy the acres of green space around you and be - and feel - safe. As a potential owner, we’d like you to be able to view our wonderful homes again, so part of the campaign is around opening showgrounds (most likely by appointment only to start with). We have two showgrounds (in Hull & Scotland) and our dealerships and parks are all around the UK. How lovely would it be to look around (safely) so you can plan your purchase. We would like the Government to understand that a phased and safe reopening of parks and showgrounds could work. We also want them to consider the thousands of jobs reliant on this reopening, including our own business that manufacturers the wonderful holiday homes that we all enjoy (or would like to!). What we'd you to do to support us: Head to the Willerby Twitter account and retweet this tweet with a comment Comment - #SaveTourismJobs #SaveCaravanJobs If you have never used Twitter, David Lakins of @keydigitalUK has written a brilliant guide to get you going. We appreciate your support. Let’s hope we can enjoy a safe Great British holiday at some point this summer. Best wishes Peter Munk - CEO ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I wonder if caravan parks are being overlooked ?.... I cant see the difference me self isolating in my own caravan on my private owners only site family owners only .. ( no club house only communal are is kids play park and site laundrette ....Currently closed ) Or me self isolating at my home ? Proper caravan holiday parks are a different issue ? .
  11. I believe we are entitled to NOTHING.!.....But what bugs me is .... Did the government give businesses free business rates ?..(.I assume a caravan park is a business ?) And as caravan owners have already paid their rates (fees) for the year ....Does this mean park owners are up on the deal ?... I'd settle for a gauruntee ...Of no rates increase for next year ?...... But I won't hold my breath !
  12. I'm NOT defending Trump but yes I agree the media are out to get him (as they are with every politician ? World wide ...It's their job ?).. I've seen that famous speech many times and I cannot hear him at anytime say the people "should inject disinfectant into themselves or that they should heat the inside of their bodies ?.".......I did hear home say to the doctors and scientists that this is "something they could consider ?...Or look at ?..." He's not a doctor or scientist so he made these comments based on his " little knowledge of the subject " ...(we all know what a little knowledge is ?) It's the media who need to listen to what is actually being said ?....Not what they think they would like to be said ? It's amazing how (" some people"). world wide don't follow official advice but ....Are happy to follow the media's interpretation ? We've seen this in the UK over the last 3 months ! With so much misconstrude advice ?
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