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  1. Interesting ?...Our park owners have given us an extra free month (February the coldest month ? ) ..To use our caravan..... But no mention of a free drain down ?.... ( They charge £85 per drain down ) Doesn't bother me as I do my own ......But a lot of people rely on the park to do it !
  2. I don't think that has even been thought of ?... I think it going to be the responsibility of the individual owner of the caravan ? In fairness I suppose site and park owners are as much " in the dark ?" , With the whole situation ?
  3. I don't know about anyone else ......But due the the uncertainty at the moment wth ...Not just the weather but just how quickly the government is locking down areas .....With only hours notice ......I've adopted the attitude now everytime I leave my static caravan now ...I drain down and winterize it !... Despite it being a 12 month site ......!....I'm taking no chances... Stay safe !
  4. Nope me neither !..... It seems the powers that be.....Just don't get it do they ?... It's their way?.......... Or the highway ?
  5. I have to say ....If I never saw a TV set again in my life I'd be happy !... Call me old fashioned but I love my radio and CDs music !!
  6. Just tell the kids Santa died from coronavirus earlier this year !..So Christmas is cancelled .... ( A good lesson in life for them ?)
  7. Well ?..You say that ?...2 years ago I went to fuel my car at the local sainsburys filling station ...I lifted the nozzle the pump zeroed ....I put the nozzle in my tank .....And before I could squeeze the trigger 30p register on the pump .???.. I informed the attendant who said ....(quite flippantly ).....I'll let the boss know !.... I don't know if she did tell the boss .....But I told trading standards ....Who came out immediately.....And later informed me sainsburys.....Were prosecuted !..
  8. I've been asked by my supplier to have a smart meter fitted but resisted too ( heard they are nothing but bother ?).. When the meter. Reader called recently I said " well you'll be the next lot out of a job when smart meters come in eh ?" .... He said "no smart meters have to be physically read at least once a year .....By law !".. What's the point ?
  9. I have been on the same static caravan park for 7 years now ....There has always Been a steady flow of coming and going over the years .....Some buy and stay a few years ...Sell up ...Move on ...Others upgrade else where ...!..The park has always had spare pitches and caravans for sale....However since lock down was lifted in July 2020....I've never seen the park or the nearby villages and beaches so busy... Speaking to the site manager .....She informed me for the first time ever !...The park has sold out of pitches and caravans ! I was just wondering in the current climate
  10. Why not get together and ask the site owners ?..As we say up north ......"shy kids get nowt !" Why not get together and ask the site owners ?..As we say up north ......"shy kids get nowt !"
  11. I suppose that's the beauty of a 11 month site !.....(now we've been given an extra month too...As compensation for the 3-4 months lock down earlier this year )...Looking forward to spending new years there .....As I have the last 6 years !....It's great to just chill out in the cosy caravan after all the stress of Christmas !
  12. I've just spent a week at my static caravan over the August bank holiday in 7 years of owning a static caravan on my site I've never seen it so busy !... Speaking to the site manager and she informed me that for the first time ....Ever ...They have no vacant static pitches left on the site and every caravan in stock has been sold ... I later spoke to the decking contractor who was working on site and he informed me every static caravan site he has worked on since lock down ended is the same !.... busier than ever ....And very few or no site pitches left...!
  13. I don't use mine as a bin I use it to store bin bags and reusable carrier bags !
  14. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/revenue-and-customs-brief-10-2020-temporary-reduced-rate-of-vat-for-hospitality-holiday-accommodation-and-attractions/guidance-on-the-temporary-reduced-rate-of-vat-for-hospitality-holiday-accommodation-and-attractions Check out bullet point 3....(affected supplies) They only have to pay 5% VAT to the government..... I've just received a bill from the site ....(as the every other caravan owner ).....Charging the full 20 % ... Thats 15% off.. every bill..Off every caravan owner .....In the pocket of the
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