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  1. I got £25 back off direct line insurance during lock down 1.....For not doing miles !.....I had to inform them though !
  2. I've been a member of my local men's shed for 2 years now !....It's great ....Blokes Talk and do bloke stuff.. It's an international association...
  3. I think they are glued on with that ...."No more nails" type adhesive.....I tried too and could not find any fixings like screws etc ! Carefully you don't damage the wall boards !
  4. Well your car only need to be insured for social ....Domestic....Pleasure....Now ?.....You dont need business to and from work ?..
  5. What happened to track and trace ?....Seams to have just disappeared from the news and media (since the labour party realised people were sick of hearing them slag it off ? ) We have one of the new mass inoculation centres here in Newcastle....It was alarming to see 100s of elderly people queuing up yesterday (with relatives who had accompanied them there .)...No mention of recording for track and trace !
  6. My static has underfloor insulation fitted as standard ....So I don't know any different .....I think king span underneath sounds good .....Just wondered do you have central heating ?.....If so do you have a room thermostat ?....I find ours invaluable.... You can get portable remote ones too which wire remotely to your boiler so you can move them room to room !
  7. what goes around comes round. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20210107-the-432-year-old-manual-on-social-distancing Interesting ?
  8. Yeah be careful disconnecting a battery .....Make sure you've got radio codes etc...As disconnecting knocks all your codes out ....on .Some vehicles anyway !
  9. Did you know that it's " not routine " for MOT stations to issue a hard copy MOT certificate.?...( Unless you request one ) So it up to us to check online for things like advisories and MOT due dates !
  10. If you are thinking of buying a used static caravan on a caravan park watch the BBC 1 TV programme "Rip off Britain " ( on catch up.).....it was aired on TV at 9.15am Friday 8th January 2021 .... Interesting item about age limits !
  11. Don't take things personally on here I've had lots of people who choose to interpret things their own way to wind us up !... Having said that I rather like creating healthy debate ....That's what it's all about !
  12. Not just flu but colds etc !... Especially if people are using sanitizer and wiping supermarket trollies etc. Sadly some still don't do it !
  13. Strange isn't it ?...... Government say they are guided by the scientific advice..... Yet they are not going to administer the second dose of vaccine within the time limits given by the scientists ......Which they have tested it on stringent time limits !!!
  14. Sorry guys that is an old link to last year's advert .....Local Aldis have them in store this week ( 3rd to 10th January 2021 .)...I know as I bought one and they had loads in store .... Check you local Aldi store ! Ours still got loads Metro. Centre Aldi in Gateshead ! (5th January 2021)
  15. https://www.aldi.co.uk/vehicle-fault-code-reader/p/019888298097100 Get yourself down to Aldi and get one of these code readers !....It will tell you your fault ....A lot cheaper than a £60 diagnostic test at your garage !
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