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  1. Wanting to buy a full length air awning. As anyone got the camptech Kensington. Are they any good. I can get a size 13 with a few freebies for just under £1200. The other options are sunncamp icon air or dorema daytona air. But these are around another £500 more.
  2. Wanting to buy a full length air awning. As anyone got the camptech Kensington. Are they any good. I can get a size 13 with a few freebies for just under £1200. The other options are sunncamp icon air or dorema daytona air. But these are around another £500 more.
  3. Really hope this clears up soon. Was booked for gran canaria last month, Now just want to hook the caravan up, throw the mountain bikes in the back, and disappear for a week. Scotland is where we want to go. But if me and the wife have to wait a little while, then so be it. Safety first.
  4. Anyone know when scotland will be opening their sites, ive already had my holiday to gran canria cancelled, that was last month. So planning to go upto scotland, dumfries and galloways area so me and the wife can go mountain biking.
  5. So the general advice is a used locker door and frame. At least i can then always access the water pipe end of the water heater. New water heater is now in, fits perfect where the carver unit was. A quick trip down to venture caravans to get a couple of 90 degree fittings and some new blue and red pipe. Just turned it on and now waiting for it to heat up. Took 25 minutes to get to 45 degrees, which was more than hot enough. Will go right up to 70 degrees.
  6. my 1995 lunar premier caravans carver water heater doesn't work. So I'm in the process of replacing it with the propex 10 lite water heater. I've removed the carver unit, and now left with a rather large carver water heater shaped square hole in the side of my caravan. Currently covered with a tesco bag for life and duct tape😂🤣😂🤣 Initially considered just getting a square piece of white perspex to cover the hole. Cut to size, white sealant and a few self tappers. The caravan is old, and will probably only have it for the next year or 2 before upgrading. So functionalit
  7. working on the electrics of my 1995 lunar premier, last thing to do is swap out the very poor standard halogen lights, and replace them with led lights. ive seen some that are the right dimensions, and they state warm light 3000k, are these any good, or do i need something a bit brighter?
  8. The powerpoint (BCA) dual output smart charger/transformer turned up the other day. According to the label, this is the latest version 8. Split the battery to control unit live and earth leads, wired battery side of leads to the charging output of the unit, and the control unit side of the leads to the regulated output of the unit. Run a length of suitable ampage 3 core from the control unit down to the powerpoint unit. Connected live and neutral to the live and neutral output switch (charger on/off switch) of the of the control unit that was originally powering the inbuilt transformer/ch
  9. i wont be fitting it inside the original control unit, as it wont fit anyway. however i'm considering fitting it down under the seat behind the battery box, and extending the 240v power supply wires back to the circuit breakers in the control unit. the 2 12v out puts can be connected near the battery. the battery to control unit wires needs to be cut, and connected to either of the 2 outputs.
  10. i work on 12v for a living. from what i can see from the vague instructions, 1 output (3 stage charging) goes to the battery, with the battery disconnected from the control unit. the other output stable 13.8v, goes to the control unit. I'm assuming, again from the vague discription that the transformer/charger unit will allow the battery to power the 12v systems through the control panel when ehu is not connected. until it gets delivered, I wont know exactly how it works. If i have to, I may run it through a relay and or switch if I have to. I did put this post up to see if an
  11. just ordered the bca 20A Dual Output – 3 Stage Charger / Transformer as the charger/transformer in my pms6 (same as pms7) is not giving out 12 volts. https://bigwhitebox.co.uk/product/20a-dual-output-3-stage-charger-transformer/ Is any one using the BCA unit, any issues? as anyone fitted one themselves, any issues? wasnt much more expensive than the like for like replacement from bonus plug in systems, and seen as it as the 3 stage charging system built in, thought it was the better option for very little more. original replacement was around £80
  12. took the pms 6 apart today, and not good news. The transformer/battery charger unit is not giving an out put. Checked voltage after the built in fuse, got 240v ac, but thats as far as it gets. Cleaned up fuse and holder, pcb tracks and joints and checked for continuity, and came to the professional conclusion, its Fu--ed. Now to source a suitable aftermarket replacement and wire it in. Everything else on the pms6 is working, apart from the 'pump on' led as i broke it, oops. 5 min job to put another led in place, should have some knocking about. Also found out that after c
  13. rugbytowbars

    Bike lugging

    ive just bought a 5 birth lunar premiere, with rear seating/ sleeping area. there will only be me and the wife using it, so our 2 bikes will go in the caravan. my wife as an emtb, weighing around 23kg with the battery, mine is a full suspension mtb weighing around 13kg. while travelling, ill place the wifes bike at least, at the front end of the caravan. once on site, both bikes will be placed in the rear seating/sleeping area so they are safe, and out of the way. roughly £6000 worth between the 2 bikes so dont want to be leaving them outside, even locked up. once sited ill be using my towbar
  14. rugbytowbars

    Bike lugging

    i go mountain biking all the time, i have a witter zx702 cycle carrier, towbar mounted. rated upto 60kg, 30 per bike. the carrier is just under 16kg. most ebikes will not weigh more than 25kg, so even at the heaviest end, your still only hitting 66kg.
  15. thank you ched and brecon, ill have another look, if still no joy, ill give paul a call.
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