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  1. Silicone spray did the trick, thanks again guys!
  2. Thanks guys, I'll try some silicone lubricant. I do raise the flap all the way but tend to have to hold it up so only one hand to remove stuck plug! ...or even silicone grease!
  3. Hi all I have a 2002 Abbey Aventura and the Whale Watermaster pump is very difficult to get in and out of the socket on the side of the 'van. I couldn't remove it at all at end of last staycation and ended up pulling the hoses off and leaving the plug bit in the socket which my son levered out when I returned home. I bought a new pump but same problem. I have tried cleaning the socket with WD40 but no joy. I don't really want to replace the socket so any suggestions would be very welcome...
  4. Steve the local locksmith has managed to remove the Hitchlock just need to get a replacement lock. It took him a while but managed it in the end. As Mr Plodd says the security devices we have are a deterrent and a determined thief could overcome most of them I think. I will be very careful with the new keys!
  5. Stayed in caravan last night on drive. Mains hook up, no water or toilet just put fresh water in a container. Used house for other facilities. Cooked my supper, watched a DVD and then me and the dog had a quiet night! Doing the same tonight!
  6. As a health carer I am still out working most days but I plan to spend a couple of nights in the 'van which is at side of house. Not sure whether to go the whole hog and connect water and toilet, it might be a faff to have to go back into the house in the middle of the night. My dog would love it, sometimes we just sit in caravan for a couple of hours to relax. Hope we'll all be out of this lockdown soon and able to get back on the sites (just as the weather turns probably!)
  7. Sounds hopeful that an expert will be able to remove it. I have a wheel clamp so will stick with that if Hitchlock has to be destroyed.
  8. I have lost the key to my Alko Hitchlock. My son tried to drill out the lock but just snapped the drill bit. Any help very welcome!
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