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  1. Hi David sorry for the delay in replying, we ended up at Bowland Fell near Settle and really enjoying it
  2. Hi Everyone, a final update as of Oct 1st. We have done as we planned and finally ended up buying a static in Yorkshire which we are very pleased with, the wait was worth it as it ticks every box. I know we are still dealing with Covid but it was too good an opportunity to risk missing out on. Looking to spend a week in it in about a fortnights time
  3. So after all your helpful replies my initial question changed to- When we have found the right site for ourselves and are happy with the fees etc should we start with a cheaper unit or use our full budget and get a newer/bigger unit straight off? OUR CONCLUSION So through your replies we have decided that when we have made a decision about the site, cost of the fees etc etc then we will hire a static on that site for 3 midweeks,we won't get a chance this summer so perhaps one in Autumn and one or two in winter one before and one after Christmas or 1 in early spring and
  4. Thanks Paul, yes if the site has sort of locked in or out times would be of our questions although arriving at say 7am would not be an issue we do service station hop a fair bit and get a 2 hour slot of kip when travelling fair distances so we can pop into one on the M6 to push the arrival times back. The parking will need to be looked at perhaps if the space at the static is too small they may have parking close by large enough one thing I was thinking was to ask we could perhaps leave a car onsite to nip out and about locally in, as you know some towns are not easy to park a MH in
  5. Hello again Durdanite, it is correct to say that we have made up our minds about getting a static and the general area we are looking at, it is as my opening post asked should we start with a cheaper older model or just go all in with our budget and having received and read every reply, that you good people have done, we certainly have been given some very good advice and learnt about some things/issues that we were probably not aware of and so had not taken into account Thank you WispMan you are right we have been given some good advice and some interesting points to ponder f
  6. Your right 2seaside its real minefield out there trying to work out all the costs etc
  7. Thanks Scorpio that sounds ideal we like visiting the Lakes and having a static as a base would really bring the more northern and western parts of them into our range for a day trip. The ability to allow our kids to go and spend time up there as well would be a real bonus and something that they would enjoy doing as we regularly took them up that way as they grew up and they loved it too
  8. Thanks Odd days but the hour and a half travel from Dorset gets us a around the cotswolds which is a lovely place,we visit this often but its not a place we would like to have a static. the hour and a half advice which even some of the parks suggest as well depends in my opinion on what part of the country your in, so if you live sort of midlands way you have a huge area within that time frame. From us you could reach Portsmouth in the east Exeter going west or the beach if south and having grown up near the sea I don't want to still be near it in a static and the other areas in that arc are p
  9. Thanks Mr Plodd, We would like to make a static as a home from home with our own belongings and stuff that we would us on our visits to save carrying them back and forth and over the years as our children grew we have stayed in many on the holiday park. however this would be our own little place. You point out the distance which whilst it is a fair way surely its better to pay a bit more in fuel to go to somewhere you really want to be than to a place that is cheaper to get to but is not in a area you prefer As we are finding Joanie, Its varies quite a lot and some sites seem to
  10. Thanks 2Seaside yes agreed its not something we are looking to make any money on we know it will be the other way if anything Thanks Paul, how far are you travelling to visit your static Thanks Ancell the choice and research of it is going to be a real factor
  11. Thanks for that Durbanite a cautionary tale to take on board Thanks Odd days, we are certainly looking hard at the statics on the sites that interest us
  12. Oops sorry Durbanite but I seem to have erased your message about having a static is like flushing 40K slowly down the toilet I would be interested in some more info as to your thoughts to why this is, have you got or had a static and regret doing so? Thank you for that David we shall look at this Thanks for the reply Scorpio you say you had a static did you use it a lot and feel it was worth having It is a lovely part of the country
  13. Yes Paul this is actually one of the sites we have been looking at as it falls within our preferred areas and we are awaiting more details, we have visited Skipton quite a few times, lovely place Do you have a static ?
  14. Thanks for your reply Paul as mentioned in above post we are looking around the Settle area/20 mile radius. As for what we like doing its a chilling out thing really a bit of walking and visiting small towns and villages. We also do see it as a stop over as we like to go to Scotland quite often and a base mid way out and back to Dorset would be handy, Our children and their families would also be able to have access to it and we have friends who live near Clitheroe so be a good place to stay not to far away to visit rather than going on a site or their driveway
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