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  1. Dyson V7 absolute. Ordered yesterday delivered today and 2 isabella thor chairs.
  2. Yea that was off Caravan stuff 4 u £21 twin rocker switch (just checked) on leisureshopdirect it’s £11
  3. Ask mr google he might have the answer
  4. You will get a new switch at leisureshopdirect.com,as I have a 480 elegance and i’ve had stuff from there. Battery back up,new temperature sensor for centre of van. They sell everything or there’s Ebay
  5. https://www.vax.co.uk/onepwr-blade-4-vacuum-cleaner thinking of buying one of these for the caravan any feed back would be good.
  6. Should have been at invermill caravan site Dunkeld with my Caravan buddies, Saturday out for a 8 mile walk up the hills then pub for a few beers and meet the wife’s, Have a laugh then back to Caravan for some tatty wine and more fun.
  7. Had various vans for 40+ years and till 5years ago they were stored at back of house in garden then we got vigo to long and where we stored it it was about 12 miles, changed van this year for swift elegance and now it’s in back garden once again about 10’ from back door.
  8. Tug1

    Alko ATC

    Got a new bailey vigo in 2015 on picking it up the ATC did not work when salesman plunged it in. But he said it’ll be ok when you get on the road I said no chance if not working this ain’t going no where he said drive round car park it’ll work then (still not working) then the test kit came out. A it’s not working he said,then they robbed it off another van then they said they fail all the time. But hopefully yours is just going through self test. But saying that the whole van was a piece of cr”&. Dampness and many other faults now got another new van different dealer. Now I’m not saying where the old dealer is but it’s near Perth. Useless extremely
  9. Tug1

    Thetford oven

    Littlebasher you are a star you have put my mind at ease,it’s just it looked as if a bit was missing cos it looked chipped.my last van was a nightmare with faults. Leaks fridge and air con not working and dealer Was more than useless different dealer this time. Once again thanks
  10. Tug1

    Thetford oven

    Hi there is there any chance someone with a 2019/20 swift elegance could take a picture of inside the oven and post it. Wouldn’t normally ask but with covid going about everything is shut so can’t go to a dealer and see one. Thanks
  11. Hello just got 2020 elegance and on inspection of the oven there is a 1” piece missing on top right of main oven,just wanted to no if this was normal and if not what is missing. The oven is a Thetford sck42
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