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  1. I am the opposite of the main stay here. I do, do long large travel jumps. If i have only a set period of holiday time from work. Bumbling along taking three days to get somewhere is a ridiculous notion. Why would i spend half my holiday driving somewhere to then turn around the same day and drive back again. Far to many people at this forum have forgotten what its like to work in tight constraints of the modern world. Whilst yes i agree 250 is roughly five hours driving. i don't agree with the lets take five days to drive somewhere. Manchester to Dover roughly 300miles and 6 hours to drive, Working with the idea that you are going to leave after work at 5pm on a Friday night. That puts you in Dover around midnight. Park up on the harbour wall as we do. Get the 5am ferry that puts you in France for the morning. That means your first day of the holiday is the drive from north to south France, easily done in a single day. And might i also add, to ruffle the feathers even more so of the the majority of the tight wads and geriatrics that flood this forum. TOLLS ARE THE BEST WAY TO TRAVEL THROUGH FRANCE!!!! Quick clean and faster than the non toll main roads, when you want to cover large distances. Go on the mitchelin road site to get a road map and toll costs
  2. Whilst i totally understand, and i totally disagree. The last time we were marked clean and unclean they used little yellow stars sewn onto clothes. I expect a flood of false news stories now on the main news channels to blame non supporters with spreading covid strains. The BBC is well up for this sort of false news.
  3. Looking for a recommendation for a grp polishing person company. Gloucester, Ross on Wye, Monmouth way. Decided to not do it my self. But looking for a decent company or person to do so for me. Front and back end sections nothing in the middle.
  4. Good job and good for you, caravanning is supposed to be enjoyment not a feat of endurance. I would have done the same. Family first and foremost.
  5. had to move spaces in the storage yard, they are using shipping containers like crazy right now. but i wanted to wash it, but soooooooooooooooo hot i went home instead
  6. cant you buy a new inner tube?? so lets look at it. it appears to be four stud so pcd is not an issue as such. what we need to do is measure the centres of the bolts in a square shape and not diagonal lines it is either 100mmpcd or 4" pcd, theres a 10mm difference between then,an older caravan is more to be 4". and pcd is that simple It is going to be one of a very few sizes. diameter of the steel rim. is your next biggie what we need to do is measure across the round steel wheel rim to find its diameter. its normally inches 8-10-12-13-14 they dont look like 16"s to me but with a scale rule on the lap top screen i would humble suggest thats a 13" rim form the fact that the bolts are four inchs apart and theres a tad more either side to the rim. i might even go as far as nailing it down as 100mm PCD AND 13" RIMS. DO NOT BUY A NEW TRYE AND RIM FROM THAT SUGGESTION your better off finding other caravan owners and borrowing thier spare tyre to try, if you have to buy, try a scrap yard, a steel rim is worth £5 each to buy £10 for alli or decent steels. oopps forgot to mention, dont worry about height of tyre or width of tyre. if its a 13" rim there is a standard width and height. try for a 165mm wide steel rim and tyre. you just buy three the same
  7. The OP was far better off buying a dog collar tracker for £30 adding a pay as you go sim and topping that up £5 once a year. you can set a garden area and if it drives out of that area you receive text alerts and then you view its position via the app. As it does not send signals until moved it can some times not be detected with scanners.
  8. We spent that last few years travelling the Outer Hebrides and their roads are spot on. Not been up the East coast for ten years. Family used to live in Granit city but moved so we stopped the drive up. For the time we are going to drive to Wick i could do the south of France instead, they dont have midges in France, lol. Our favourite stop was always that massive transport cafe up by the big lock that holds the oil rigs. We have had some amazing meals there. Real stomach filling grub that lasts you all day. We prefer Scotland out of season not in season as we get fed up of the van lifers and mobile homes causing the chaos. Tourists can really spoil a place if there is too many of them at once. My big issue is trying to find decent over night stops on my long drives. We leave as soon as after work to grab a four of five hour start. But that means we land after 9pm and want away before 7am. Thats beyond the reach of most campsites. So its either service stations or wild camps in lay bys. None are ideal but its the price you pay to travel long distance in a short time. We have been researching on a lorry drivers forum for privately owner transport cafes with over night parking. comes up with some clear ideas.
  9. I have found that CO2 set off in the face of humans as well as dogs works wonders in stopping them in a reasonably harmless way to me. The cold and co2 will drop the bees and wasps long enough for you to run away. I have foam outside of the caravan as its the one i picked up first the 2kg co2 is inside the tow van. i have loads so i dont really bother to see whats what. Like i say its enough for me to help you out of harm or danger, i am not bothered about putting the fire out, that's for other people to do. "A car first aid kit and fire extinguisher is required by law in most Nordic, Eastern European, Baltic and Soviet countries. A vehicle first aid kit and fire extinguisher is not legally required when driving in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and other Central European countries however it is still recommended" i personally thought it was still required in Germany and italy. (I have only ever heard of tourists being fined on the spot for it) quote is from SIXT car hire https://www.sixt.co.uk/magazine/tips/driving-laws-and-regulations-in-europe/
  10. many thanks, number one issue is we are travelling with a grey hound so the longer ferry is not what we want. looking at driving to Thurso over to Orkney and then three days later Shetland, a week in Shetland and then back to Orkney for a few more days and then ferry to the (main) main land and home. From our midland home base. looking to finish work at lunch time and start to drive up. Over night motorway services stop at East Kilbride 10pm to 5am and then the rest of the drive north. over night at the campsite at john o groats, the one next to the sign post on the right of the car park. Big ferry to Orkney the next day. Thats 600 miles and 16 hours driving just to start the holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and none of it starts or ends in France. This is a new one for us, lol
  11. OKAY truly surprised here, Either I am doing it wrong or everyone else needs to rethink their options. I have a fire blanket. it can be used to cover a saucepan and allow me and the wife to leave the van. I have a fire extinguisher, i can put out my caravan fire. Has no one ever said yet. I have a fire blanket, in an emergency i can use it to smoother the burning clothes of a person escaping a fire? I have a fire blanket i can use it to beat the burning grass set off by a disposable BBQ put on dry grass? I have a fire blanket, it has a lot of other uses? How about; I have a fire extinguisher, I use it to help another family get out of their burning caravan. I have a CO2 fire extinguisher i use it to defend against a swarm of wasps/bees ( its brilliant to do this) I have a fire extinguisher its good to use on camp fire that are starting to get out of control or overly large. I have a fire extinguisher i can use it to defend myself or my children or your children against an idiot that's just let his big angry dog off the lead. (Out of control rockwieler owned by a very drunk Liverpool resident. The dog was shot in the end by someone). They also make great self defence against many other animals. Except bears, i strongly advice not to walk in the n woods armed with a 2kg dry powdered extinguisher, i would also strongly advice against rhino, hippo and lions, crocodiles and may be that wild camping weekend at West Midlands Safari Park was a bad idea after all. Out of date ones are great fun to use up as well. I don't pay for them as we get loads for free from work. I give them away to people as well. But a small one is better than nothing. Fire extinguisher wise if your quick and its easy and safe to do so their use will really make a massive difference in saving lives and property. If not they help to protect escaping lives or prevent further damage elsewhere. I am proud i carry one, i am proud to display it by the front door ready to use by me or anyone else. My wife did her training with west mids fire. She had a great day, what is it with females fire men and hoses? I see hundreds of uses and many reasons to consider owning a small 2kg unit. if like me you have a spare weight then a larger one is even better. Dont forget in Europe sometimes its also a legal requirement to carry the baby ones. I would say after 50 years its roughly 4 out of 10, four fire related uses and 6 other than fire related uses.
  12. As a caravaner and not a ground owner i hope they do none of that. reverse up a large vehicle wrap a tug boat chain round the front of the van, in any form or shape and drag that sucker out and into the middle of the field and let it burn. as long as no one is in it , Who cares where it burns as long as its not stood next to mine. Getting back to the OP though, Yes its to prevent travellers and nothing else. Millions of years ago they would turn up and pay a nights rent and then you spend 4 months trying to clear them off your site. Fortunately the laws have changed and they are no longer able to do that. People still leave that rule in place due tot the fact that they can turn up and pay rent every night and cause a complete nightmare to everyone and anyone on the campsite. In theUK i two with a white van derived mini bus and over the years been refused several times. Some will discuss and allow others will not. I have seen the same in Europe with big twins thats down more to the smaller pitches and more confined turnings. I also tow all year and that also causes issues. Its very common to see signs stating no workers as well.
  13. We have done this route many times but before it became hip and trendy and fashionable for you tubers and Instagram types. Yes you cant go up Applecross towing, its not so much about pull its more about turning circles and swing room. Its easy enough to by pass, park up and drive the two car on its own up and down. Thats the beauty of caravanning we can separate the load from the tow vehicle and race about. Early or late makes no difference as its always packed now. single track roads and their respective pull ins are now rammed with motor homers and van lifers. They block roads, cause bigger tail backs than i ever have towing and are particular ignorant of everyone else. The roads have always been small and restrictive but hundreds of locals have no issue until the scourge of van lifers turn up each yea and slaughter their peace and quiet and block the roads. Its now very common to find four, six, ten motor homes and van lifers all parked up on a bend or corners for the night as that's where the best Instagram pictures are taken. As you can tell i love Scotland but hate the ignorance prevalent in van lifers and motor homers. Do the N500 its brilliant and amazing and have a great time doing so.
  14. Citreon dispatch or Peugeot expert ( same van) weigh in at 1800kg empty and will easily tow your 1600kg, leaving you plenty of weight allowance. Now this is when the weight trolls kick in with their utter rantings and dribble. Just for the trolls, 85% is not a rule, law, regulation or any thing else, other than a good idea. My van fully laiden on a weigh bridge and yes its a real life weigh bridge is 2585kg wet with us all in, the caravan weighs in at 1645kg wet, yes i have the larger weight licence. But with sensible weight allowances and loading it is very able to come in under 3500kg, 2000kg on the van and 1500kg on the caravan
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