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  1. cheers all,pipe section ordered and will get fitted in a few weeks time
  2. To be honest, i want something a criminal has never seen before and therefore would slow them down dramatically. Or preferably get them to steal the next door neighbours and leave mine alone as to much effort. Every single piece i have seen on the market has been seen by criminals before and the shortest way around it to defeat it is known. Mine would also have the Tetley tea seal of shed builders through out the land as being better, stronger and made with hammers and swearing and many choccie hob nobs would be needlessly slaughtered in its production.
  3. Perfectly correct, I did do it all the time as i used butane in the summer and propane in the winter. I went to refillable gas bottles and just use the one type now
  4. I am after pictures or ideas for home made devices or security products. I am not interested in any thing pre-made or shop brought. I want to know, as i cant find any on the internet search sites for a way to home make caravan corner steadies. Any suggestions please?
  5. I got conned into buying a tablet thingy. Just like the idiots telling me how fantastic it would be for sat nav works they forgot to mention gps and wifi and mifi units. I did ask on several over land sites and forums about this as its they chosen form of satnav. All i got in reply was sanctimonious replies from arrogant idiots. tablets and ipads only work for the under 30's, anyone over 50 is far better off with a real satnav and not the stupid kiddy wink talking rubbish to you
  6. It was wonderful when the masses were locked down. Service stations were bliss to visit. On more than one occasion i have parked in front of a row of idiots and gone to the loos. Lorry car parks have some horrific pot holes in them
  7. As someone that has played with Vosa. what you find is that they have a fixed permanent base to work from . You will find them under junction 3 on the M5. Second island on the M50 Ross on Wye. Junction 11 M25, many service stations as well as lay-bys and so on. They pull in front of you and you wait for the dreaded rear window to light up and scroll the words "follow me". They can translate that into any language so they can pull over our European friends too. Yes they can do portable stops as well and use mobile weight plates to check loads and axle weights. No one try's to ignore or out run
  8. We did the deposit on the credit card so we have a 100% cash back guarantee. The rest we did as cash and financed the outstanding balance. I would never buy any thing £1000+ from anyone without the credit card taking the risk first.
  9. I have three air ducts which are underneath the caravan floor. All three are unprotected and insulated. As i use my caravan all year long I was looking at repairs and improvements. One of which would be 75mm/15mm Armaflex pipe insulation. We have loads of it at work. Has anyone else gone down this route of insulating air ducts?
  10. I have a lot of nuts on my sites! Hammers do work best on them, 4"x2" gives me splinters. If you don't get the toilets right and clean, they destroy them within a week. Same on camp sites as it is on building sites.
  11. I wanted to add a few Victron items but also wanted to try to retain as much as possible for when we sell the caravan on. Its easier to add a simple fuse system and bus bar at the same time. I went to here for ideas, but the main issue is no alternator input on a caravan. My version was going to use cut down copper pipe as the busbar material, i did think of flattened 22mm copper pipe as well. [url=https://imgur.com/54I4j9m][img]http://i.imgur.com/54I4j9m.jpg[/img][/url] I opted for aluminium flat stock instead 50mm by 5mm a
  12. Sad thing is that's only the beginners level starter. I have to work out flow rates, volumes over site duration and quantities so we can quantify our pooh volumes so we can work out the cheapest quickest pooh solution. I have spread sheets of pooh! lots of spread sheets! My next site is 43 weeks long and we are installing 140m of pipe work which is under ground and will be scraped off at a cost of £3500, and save a fortune on pump outs and waste carriers . I also have to deal with men per canteen and washing up water and tea drinking water volumes. Setting up temp accou
  13. I understand what you want. try these ideas. if you need more email me. Portaloo, festival toilets, thunder box or blue tardis toilets, what ever you want to call them. We use these all the time, here is how we normally use them. Standard is to hire them with a maintenance contract. for this service we get a blue box delivered and a single weekly clean and empty, restock of loo rolls and blue hygiene dye. you allow each box to be used by so many people per week, lets say five people ,pee's and poohs for seven day is about their limit of use. the base of the toilet
  14. thats a shame, it sounded like a dam good idea to me, 90 days in turkey and 90 days else where then?
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