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  1. Another vote for Avtex. As usual you get what you pay for. Ours allows viewing via Freeview or Freesat which means we can use a mobile sat dish if a normal TV signal is unavailable or weak. As usual with all 'full screen' TVs, sound is compromised by being projected out the back, but we solved that by adding the Avtex soundbar which is also excellent.
  2. Brand perception has changed out of all recognition over the decades. When I first started having company cars there was very much a feeling of being either a Ford or a Vauxhall man. I was Ford and that preference remains today! But in those days Skoda were a joke - look at them now. The main difference between then and now is that quality across all the high volume manufacturers is much higher with a smaller difference between them. Image, latest technology and interior quality tends to be the main differentiators today. The only real age related perception I ever really had was the usual Volvo being an old man's car but even that has dissipated now.
  3. In the case of my car, yes. Reversing camera was one of the few things omitted in the original spec and I've enquired about having one retro fitted and it can be to factory spec, fully integrated.
  4. There is not a lot to actually service on a caravan - the mechanical bits (brakes, hitch etc.) are the main items. But there is a lot to test/check if a proper job is done. I watched my mobile engineer perform the service on my van and he was incredibly thorough. For example in addition to all the important gas/12v/240v supplies and appliances and thorough damp examination he did loads of what might be regarded as more trivial checks e.g. floor level 'gas' ventilation, all internal lights (in addition to driving lights), carbon monoxide monitor and every window/ cupboard/draw operation and catch. None of it difficult but it all takes some time and labour is the major cost of the service. £295 is only slightly the high side for a single axle if at all.
  5. All these items can be retro fitted (sunroof most difficult but not impossible), but not sure the franchise dealer would necessarily want to do it or be capable if they expect them to be factory fitted options. But there are 3rd party companies out there equipped to do these sort of enhancements. For example on most modern cars, where it's an option, all the wiring and monitor functionality for a reversing camera will already be there; just needs the camera to be fitted and connected and probably some minor software update to enable.
  6. News about a mover for the Rambler is interesting - as with anything 5th Wheel Company I wouldn't expect it to be cheap - but you get what you pay for. I do envy you the process of choosing your options and bespoke tweaks for the Inos - that must be a treat, with the only downside trying to keep the budget from escalating out of control! . I'm sure you'll end up with a fantastic van.
  7. I'm intrigued by your proposed choice of Inos towed by Navara. When looking for our new van we considered the 5th Wheel Company products and did a factory open day like yourself. I was really tempted by the Celtic Rambler 5th wheeler and it remains for me the ultimate interior layout. But I was concerned about access to smaller sites (no motor mover for tight pitches) and I couldn't bring myself to have a pickup as my main car - I'm a petrolhead at heart and driving enjoyment whilst not hitched remains important to me - Cayenne v. pickup?? The Inos was an equally super build and would have solved my tow car bias but the layout was less appealing than the Rambler. In the end I saw the Knaus, got offered an incredible discount, and I couldn't justify the cost differential to the Inos anyway. Whatever, you are looking at what is undoubtedly a fantastic quality product and I you'll enjoy determining the spec almost as much as travelling in the end product! Keep us informed of your progress.
  8. I used to load our bikes onto a roof mounted cycle carrier when we had an Audi estate but the Cayenne is so tall it's a real struggle. THIS looks like a great solution - albeit at an eye watering price!
  9. I'm a bit of a petrolhead and do detailed research when I am looking to change our cars. I am amazed how little some salesmen know about the vehicles they are trying to sell. Frankly I would be embarrassed in their position and I frequently have to inform or correct them. Mind you I've experienced the same with caravan dealers. When buying our current caravan, being a long time caravanner, the only thing new to me was electric underfloor heating so I asked where the control for it was as it wasn't obvious (turned out to be hidden under the front sofa!). The handover agent insisted the van didn't have underfloor heating. I pointed out that both the Knaus brochure and their own advert suggested it had but he insisted not - tried to convince me that their advert reference to underfloor heating related to the floor level blown air outlets!! I gave up on the handover and took it up with the sales manager and he confirmed no underfloor heating. I argued the point so he reluctantly got on the phone to Knaus . . . "Gulp - really??" You couldn't make it up.
  10. Our jockey wheel lifts pretty high into the A frame but I am very careful to really tighten the clamp. Its also worth noting to be firm in tightening the winding handle as well to ensure it doesn't gradually unwind and lower the wheel whilst towing. Some people 'bungy' it to ensure it can't unwind but I've never found the need to do that.
  11. Correct but BPW is now owned by AL-KO anyway.
  12. Another possible source is the chassis manufacturer if you provide them with the chassis details usually found on a plate rivited to the axle.
  13. It's unusual for a bearing not to bear (sorry for the pun!) an identification number but it may be difficult to see. I guess you would have to contact the manufacturer or a Burstner dealer. You will probably need to provide the caravan VIN number.
  14. My Cayenne only weighs 2200kg but has the same max towing capacity of 3500kg. It tows my 2000kg van with consummate ease and stability but I'd be interested to experience how it would fair with 3500kg behind..
  15. There definitely should not be that amount of movement in the tow ball and I would regard it as unsafe to use. I would have thought if the key has snapped off in a position where you can fit and remove the ball then it is not properly locked in position. I certainly wouldn't use it in its current state. Try a locksmith to see if you can get the broken key extracted.
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