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  1. You have my sympathy but insurance companies are a law unto themselves and their risk assessment is not considered discrimination. Consider that their willingness to insure or the loading of premiums can depend on all sorts of things e.g. age, home address, occupation etc. They are not discriminating against your disability, just you not complying to their requirement to use AL-KO locks.
  2. Caravan club requirement for a CL is . . . Drinking water CLs must provide a drinking water tap fitted with a non-return valve and/or air gap (to meet the local authority/water company’s requirements) to prevent back-siphonage. There must be no hose pipe attached, on an all-weather free draining area, it must be at least 3 metres away from any CCEP or other discharge point. I suppose 'no hose pipe' does not necessarily mean no hose connector so that bit is open to interpretation.
  3. Same on my Porsche - display shows individual tyre pressures.
  4. If you are using a domestic kettle and toaster together they are very likely exceeding 13 amps so not surprised the fuse is blowing. As already said DO NOT increase the fuse size. If you want to use multiple appliances simultaneously in your van purchase low wattage devices made specifically for the purpose. They will be slower but certainly safer!
  5. On the continent if they have a very long journey it may be broken by overnight stops where they can 'recharge' the fridge on gas. The main problem for me if the fridge is not cooling on 12v is a trip TO the continent. I could face a drive to an overnight ferry crossing and then a long day driving on the other side. That could be 30 hours which is too long for the fridge to survive with no cooling no matter how well you pre-cool it. So to answer your question - do we really need it? In a lot of circumstances, no but in others, definitely. I know one could manage without using the fridge a
  6. Each car/caravan model combination may be different and so whether or not you will experience leisure battery charging and 12v fridge operation problems when towing very much depends on how the smart alternator and tow electrics in the car are set up. At best a car will recognise when a van is attached and intelligently ensure even a smart alternator output is maintained at maximum and things like stop/start and reversing sensors are switched off. If the wiring between car and van is adequate to avoid too much voltage loss things could be ok. Problems begin if a car implements Euro6
  7. It's an ongoing bone of contention that caravan manufacturers pursue lightness with the intention of maximising the range of 'able' tow cars and attracting the less well informed purchasers who think headline low weight is a good thing - towing ease and lower fuel consumption. Those of us who are realistic, want to be legal, and know how much stuff one accumulates and need to carry, realise that the pathetic payloads of many caravans automatically eliminate them from our possible choices. As well as the essential battery and gas, some desirable 'big' extras can significantly diminish re
  8. Note that a trolley jack can be dangerous on anything but a smooth surface as the jack has to move horizontally on its wheels to accommodate the slight arc movement of the head as it raises. If the jack can't move the head is forced to move relative to what is being lifted and that IS dangerous . . .
  9. No it's not detachable - it's electrically deployable. And the eye is provided specifically to attach the breakaway cable to.
  10. The eye on my towball isn't large enough to pass the carabiner through so only option I have is to clip it on. (before anyone comments this is a library image - I HAVE cleaned the paint off my towball )
  11. I wouldn't have a mix of rigid and convoluted pipe inside the van and certainly not joined as you show - a minimum would be with the rubber sleeve. But to do a proper job replace the convoluted with rigid pipe all the way and solvent weld the joints.
  12. If a newer van it might be a pressure switch controlled system not microswitch. Have you tried adjusting the pressure switch, it may look something like this . . .
  13. I assume you are talking about an external Aquaroll pump and a microswitch controlled system. As stated above there will only be 12v across the external pump socket terminals if the both the master pump switch and a tap microswitch are 'on'. Check the terminals and the pump contacts for oxidisation and give them a good clean - sometimes its just a poor connection that causes a problem.
  14. AND . . . all car manufacturers offering factory fitted tow bars would do as mine does and recognise when something is attached and maintain a full alternator output.
  15. Me too. If you can reverse one of these a caravan is no problem. I seldom need the mover to initially place the van either on a pitch or the drive at home but am happy to use it to re-position accurately. The main reason for this is so I don't block the road for other drivers whilst still attached. Being a 2000kg twin axle hand moving is just not an option so a mover is essential for tight spaces or convenience no matter how proficient a reverser you think you are.
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