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  1. I knocked up my own version from spare parts I had lying around - a spare Ultraflow trigger, some garden hose bits and a valve off a discarded bike innertube. Works just as well.
  2. Thanks Lutz. I've seen 'heresay' references to 10, 20 and 25amps but been unable to establish or reference an authoritative statement. My tow bar car supply installation (for fridge/charging circuit) is fused at 20amp. I can't imagine it would exceed the socket rating which would rule out 10amp and could infer agreement with you.
  3. Does anyone know what power rating (amps) standard 13 pin plugs/sockets are rated at? Items on sale don't seem to specify and ISO 11446 is not openly available to view.
  4. Porsche version is InnoDrive . . . "For example, InnoDrive can look up to 1.8 miles ahead on your programmed navigation route and predict when it should accelerate, cruise, coast, and decelerate in order to optimize smoothness and efficiency. The technology takes into account speed limits, elevation changes, curves and corners, and more to determine the optimum powertrain calibration."
  5. The paucity of payload available on many Brit vans is pretty ludicrous particularly if you want to use your van for extended trips and want some luxury and convenience. Leisure battery, quad motor mover, air con, levelling system and fixed roof wind-out sun canopy constitutes 165kg of additional payload on our van before we put a tea bag inside. Fortunately it starts out with 355kg payload but many equivalent twin axle vans would be non starters for us e.g. 2020 Swift Grande Elegance 845 = 160kg payload !!
  6. Yours is a AKS 2004 hitch and there are hitch locks that fit both the AKS 2004 and the 3004 hitches. e.g. Milenco AL-KO
  7. After holidays in the US/Canada/Alaska in hired RVs we decided we enjoyed that type of holiday and it was time to invest in our own. But as we needed two cars, and already had one which was large enough to tow, it seemed to make sense to go for a caravan rather than a motorhome. However we were cautious at first and dipped our toe by buying privately a 2nd hand small single axle van (Compass Omega 482) with a lot of thrown in extras. Whilst a good purchase and a lovely van we soon realised we would much prefer a fixed bed and much more room. After a good bit of research we sold on and bought p
  8. Another personal testing experience. My wife and I were randomly selected and notified by post asking if we wanted to volunteer for the Office of National Statistics COVID monitoring programme. Basically it involves being tested every week for 5 weeks and then monthly for another 11 months. We readily agreed as it seemed a really good opportunity to in effect regularly self diagnose (the voucher rewards offered had nothing to do with it ). An agent turns up on our doorstep and hands over a test kit each which we apply ourselves and hand back. It's not difficult or very unpleasant - just makes
  9. Good choice - get one whilst you can! I think diesel power in cars and even SUV's will continue to decline as battery/hybrid technology develops. Porsche for example no longer offer a diesel option in the Cayenne which is a shame because my bus is a super vehicle. As a tow car it excels, particularly with the air suspension, and it is remarkably agile for such a big vehicle, even sporty when required (would you believe it has a launch control mode!!). It even manages to be relatively economical for what it delivers, if not exactly frugal. So despite being a petrol head generally, I w
  10. Looks more like an AL-KO AKS2004 but I don't think it is much different to the 3004 from a hitch lock perspective.
  11. I moved from a petrol Audi S4 Avant to my current Porsche Cayenne Diesel S. The Audi was a great car and towed very well offering plenty of power but it was a dipsomaniac when towing (and fairly thirsty when not!). With a 2 ton towing capacity it was also at its weight limit with a big twin axle van (beyond it if you are a 85% pedant ). The Porsche is different class really having a much greater towing capability of 3.5 tons. It has similar power, much more torque and most impressively is significantly more economical. As a tug, diesel takes some beating.
  12. I think some people, including myself, just believe you made a bit of a leap from what the OP stated, which wasn't exactly conclusive, to explicit condemnation of the skip driver without any real evidence. If you had qualified your comment with "If the skip driver has done this . . ." it might have been more acceptable.
  13. We took delivery of our new van in July and we're still waiting for the CRiS documentation to arrive. Dealer assures us he has done his part so the delay appears to be with CRiS. My guess is a backlog due to Covid.
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