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  1. No experience of the Q7 but I can vouch for Audi's hybrid technology. Our 'other' car is an A3 e-tron which provides a 25 mile electric range supported by a pokey petrol motor. Overnight plug-in gives us sufficient electric for all our local daily journeys (obviously limited at present) and the ICE means no range anxiety when we want to go further. There are 3 driving modes (hybrid, pure electric, preserve battery ) so you can control your use of the electric range available. The set-up on this car is that the electric motor is simply an additional power source that sits between the ICE and DS
  2. I had an onboard tank in my last van and wouldn't be without so had to fit one to my new van as it surprisingly came without. As far as I'm concerned these are the advantages: at 70l nearly double the capacity of readily available water compared to a single Aquaroll with a full Aquaroll that makes 110 litres total if required without an onboard previously I had 2 Aquarolls for adequate supply - now need only one no more running out of water mid shower! onboard water will not freeze like that outside onboard water will also not heat up like that outside in
  3. If you are prepared to invest the time fitting/removing them, why not? Any extra barrier to would be thieves can only be a good thing. Not sure you would get any extra insurance discount though as they tend to be governed by set rules.
  4. How difficult it is will obviously depend on what you are starting with and what end result you want. For me fitting the tank itself was fairly straightforward as was the associated plumbing. I simply had to put a T junction into the existing cold water line connected to a submersible pump in the tank. Ensuring the pump did not have a non-return valve allowed that single connection to be used both to fulfil supply to taps/shower and to fill the tank (using the Aquaroll pump). A non return valve was required elsewhere in the line to ensure instant continuity of supply when a tap was switched on
  5. I have progressed in the opposite direction. My first caravan was a single axle Compass Omega 482 followed by a twin axle Elddis Super Sirocco and now a Knaus Starclass 695 so my comments are generic single/twin axle rather than specific to your model. My tow vehicle has also changed to accommodate the increase in size and weight so that obviously affects the overall towing experience. Having said that I genuinely feel a twin axle van offers a more stable towing experience and less sensitivity to nose weight, load distribution and side winds/vehicle buffeting, so you will have to be more aware
  6. There wouldn't be any water to go anywhere. You are taking moisture out of the air and its being replenished by more moist outside air via the vents. If you weren't removing it that wouldn't happen to the same degree. That's why people say dehumidifiers in a well ventilated touring van are attempting to dehumidify the outside world.
  7. Just be aware that a piece of 'string' several metres long may have a lot of potential 'stretch' in it and hence may be difficult to get an accurate measurement. Something like a plastic coated clothes line would be better.
  8. We have carbon poles for our Isabella awning and they are a huge weight saving on traditional poles and much easier to manage. Carbon would be even lighter (but more expensive) than alloy but I don't know if they are available for Starcamp. No doubt alloy would be lighter than steel but I would definitely check the difference between them to make sure changing is worth the investment.
  9. Ukzero you are correct. The sensing coil needs to be located at the point the mains enters the van. Don't be confused by the set up in my photos - that was just a temporary setup on my bench to test the unit I had just received. Apologies if it has confused anyone.
  10. I can concur with the above fitting advice having also just obtained a similar though slightly different meter. Thus far I've only bench tested it to make sure it works.
  11. Kudos to Gary. I wish more businesses would appreciate the power of good service. As an example, many years ago, I stupidly trapped a trailing strap on a rucksack in a car door as I closed it and broke a buckle end. I emailed the maker Osprey to enquire if I could purchase a replacement. They asked for my address and sent me a new buckle FOC. I have since bought several rucksacks and hydration packs of various sizes and they are all Ospreys as a direct result of that initial good impression.
  12. I was wanting a link to Mr Plod's cheaper Amazon purchase.
  13. Always worth a call to negotiate with Sky when contract is due for renewal. It's a bit of a game really and depends how prepared you are to actually walk away. Play the 'it's getting too expensive' and 'BT offer seems more competitive' cards and threaten to cancel. They are usually very keen not to lose a long standing customer and will offer some sort of discount.
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