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  1. Dear Gordon and Jaydug, Thank you for your very useful hints! Gabe
  2. Dear Jaydug, Thank you for the many useful informations and details about your Rialto caravan. I found a caravan which looks like in good shape, but after reading your experiences in your blog, although I am not a mechanic I have to check once again the caravan I intend to buy. If you made all the renewal on your own, congratulations to you, you made excellent work! Despite of the technical problems, are you content with your Rialto caravan? Would you recommend buying this type? I am looking for your reply. Sincerely yours: Gabe
  3. Hi! I want to buy an Avondale Rialto caravan which was built in 2000 and looking for a manual. Could somebody help me and give advice where can I find one? I read in iternet that the manufacturer doesn'jt exist anymore. Is it easy to find and buy parts if I had technical problems? Thanks a lot, Gabe
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