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  1. A trip to Fraser Brown in Ross-Shire is every bit as good as a stay at a caravan park, but free while you get your axle refurbished. Hospitality is unbounded and there are lots of beautiful and interesting places to visit nearby. 5*
  2. We arrived at Fraser Brown yesterday to a very warm welcome after a great stop over at Blair Castle & Caravan Park on the way up. We were able to hook up to electricity here and water was right handy. Today we went sight seeing to the Glenmorangie distillery, Dunrobin Castle and Dornoch where we bought some Grants Black Pudding to compare it with Charles Mcleod Stornoway black pudding which we love. Called in at Lidl, Tain, for some pastries and arrived back at Fraser Brown's with the axle refurb job completed. Fraser reckons it's good for another 20 years. Immediately we noticed a differe
  3. If you remove the axle yourself and strap it so some timber they will collect refurb and ship it back to you for £480+vat. The alternative we have chosen is to take the caravan to them and in a day, while you wait, ( or do a bit sight seeing ) they will take the axle off, refurb and reassemble. £420+vat Then a charge of £150+vat for strip down and reassembly. Going up Saturday with a stop over at Blair Athol castle, arrive Sunday night, Job done Monday, Stay Monday night and stop off at Pitlochry for two nights on the way back to Durham. http://frase
  4. Thanks limecc, I have now read enough about this issue to put me off caravanning. AL-KO seem to think that 98kg overloading would cause the suspension to fail. I think that is rubbish and they should never work to such fine tolerances anyway. Its a good job they don't build jets like that. When the caravan is stationary with four grown ups on board its well over weight and still standing predominantly on its wheels and jockey. Seems typical of the industry to try and blame the operator..... As they wriggle & squirm. I was aware of Fraser Brown and have no
  5. I have just posted a potential problem on another thread and then came across this thread regarding AL-KO chassis. A lot has been said about overloading. Everyone relating to the mass all up weight for travelling. AL-KO stating thet the chassis has been overloaded by 98kg etc. However, when the caravan is stationary and everyone jumps in to live aboard then the caravan is definitely overloaded and even with corner steadies the main load is on the wheels and suspension. Surely this must be accommodated for in manufacture? I've only been caravanning for six months and I have lo
  6. Hello to all. I have just replaced my shock absorbers ( Lunar Clubman SB 2011 ) and after watching a video on YouTube where, it stated that the length of the shock absorber when the wheel is off the ground should be 255mm bolt centre to bolt centre. Ours measures 300mm and the suspension arm looks to be more horizontal than pointing down at an angle. Both sides even. Obviously its going to go up further when the wheel is on the ground. Does this mean that my suspension arm rubbers have failed? Any advice appreciated. Chris
  7. Snakecharmer


    A few weeks ago I booked a pitch at Park Foot, Ullswater and paid a £40 deposit for three nights. Today I paid the balance of £40 and enquired about the reduction in VAT and if I would receive an amended price. I was told that they are not participating in the scheme and because I booked weeks ago it would not count anyway. Last week we stayed at Rowntree Park, York, a Caravan Club site and got the due discount when paying on arrival. Seems like they could be pocketing the 15% reduction? Anybody got the script on this one?
  8. Interesting you should say your breakaway cable frayed, coming to caravaning only recently I could not help notice the puny bit of cable which was going to act in an emergency situation and apply the brakes on my caravan. Perhaps they are designed to be sacrificial and we need a manual for this a well. I was told to slip the loop tight up to my tow ball and not leave it dangling in a big open loop, which made sense. My Lunar manual goes no where near preparing anyone for their first caravan purchase and letting them loose on the roads. Its a shame because poor quality information can
  9. I was in the Air Cadets as a youth and had a trip doing circuits and bumps out of RAF Fairford. Very noisy, no windows, no fun. Having watched several other lads throw up I could not wait to get off. Very Impressive aeroplane though! I have a copy of Gimp but have never used it. I am however very familiar with Photoshop and Lightroom. Thanks for the tips on the heater switch. There's little info in the manuals and I am learning from trial and error, or near disaster in this case. Two Months a Caravan Owner, One Week a Caravaner.
  10. Just tested the switch with the generator supplying power. Interestingly the switch is illuminated as soon as power is connected with a red bar at the top to indicate it is switched to the on position. I can confirm the supply goes through the main consumer unit. Hopefully no more fire hazard here to worry about.
  11. Caravan Club technical department confirm I only need marker lights if the caravan had or will be registered in France. PHEW!
  12. Thanks Rodders, I will drag my generator down to the compound tomorrow for an experiment. Not being a trained electrician I'm surprised the RCD didn't trip when all the arcing was going on at the fuse? There is also a 5amp fuse on the 12volt side which is marked Fire but is not used at all. I am happy though that I have removed the installed C-Line spur............. Is that a C130 I once had the misfortune to feel sick as a dog in?
  13. New Switch now installed. I do not know if this routs through the RDC, I suspect not and wonder?
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