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  1. Snakecharmer


    A few weeks ago I booked a pitch at Park Foot, Ullswater and paid a £40 deposit for three nights. Today I paid the balance of £40 and enquired about the reduction in VAT and if I would receive an amended price. I was told that they are not participating in the scheme and because I booked weeks ago it would not count anyway. Last week we stayed at Rowntree Park, York, a Caravan Club site and got the due discount when paying on arrival. Seems like they could be pocketing the 15% reduction? Anybody got the script on this one?
  2. Interesting you should say your breakaway cable frayed, coming to caravaning only recently I could not help notice the puny bit of cable which was going to act in an emergency situation and apply the brakes on my caravan. Perhaps they are designed to be sacrificial and we need a manual for this a well. I was told to slip the loop tight up to my tow ball and not leave it dangling in a big open loop, which made sense. My Lunar manual goes no where near preparing anyone for their first caravan purchase and letting them loose on the roads. Its a shame because poor quality information can lead to enforced legislation which could affect/effect (I never know which) everyone.
  3. I was in the Air Cadets as a youth and had a trip doing circuits and bumps out of RAF Fairford. Very noisy, no windows, no fun. Having watched several other lads throw up I could not wait to get off. Very Impressive aeroplane though! I have a copy of Gimp but have never used it. I am however very familiar with Photoshop and Lightroom. Thanks for the tips on the heater switch. There's little info in the manuals and I am learning from trial and error, or near disaster in this case. Two Months a Caravan Owner, One Week a Caravaner.
  4. Just tested the switch with the generator supplying power. Interestingly the switch is illuminated as soon as power is connected with a red bar at the top to indicate it is switched to the on position. I can confirm the supply goes through the main consumer unit. Hopefully no more fire hazard here to worry about.
  5. Caravan Club technical department confirm I only need marker lights if the caravan had or will be registered in France. PHEW!
  6. Thanks Rodders, I will drag my generator down to the compound tomorrow for an experiment. Not being a trained electrician I'm surprised the RCD didn't trip when all the arcing was going on at the fuse? There is also a 5amp fuse on the 12volt side which is marked Fire but is not used at all. I am happy though that I have removed the installed C-Line spur............. Is that a C130 I once had the misfortune to feel sick as a dog in?
  7. New Switch now installed. I do not know if this routs through the RDC, I suspect not and wonder?
  8. Thanks you for the info on using the handbrake Lost, . Now I know how to use your technique (Brake on and reverse back until lever goes vertical) I am satisfied I can now park up in any situation safely. I hope everyone here benefits from your knowledge. 👍👍👍 I knew I would learn something and get my IQ up to 21!
  9. Thank You Lost in The Wilderness. That's the answer I was looking for. 👍 Did you find this out by trial and error or did you see it in an Al-ko operation manual? In my Lunar manual it reads... "Sighting/Unhitching" - If you have reversed, read the notes on page 20...... 😂😂😂😂😂 Page 20 shows a diagram of the 13 pin plug wiring diagram. Nothing on 19 by the way, or anywhere else for that matter. Your knowledge on this could be very interesting to everyone, because your the only one I have had contact with so far that seems to have it. Including my service agent. Thanks again. It all makes sense now. When i positioned the caravan on the ramp and disengaged the mover the caravan slewed, offside went back off the ramp and nearside came forward. Hand brake lever went vertical. Just after that, I guy who had been fitting tyres on a van nearby came over and jacked up my caravan with his trolley jack. Offside wheel was locked in both directions but nearside wheel would rotate only one way (can't remember which?) I'm learning now. Tomorrow I experiment to find out EXACTLY how many inches I need to go back to lock the hand brake on and be safe. I will always use chocks as a back up by the way.
  10. Glad I didn't spend £35K on a caravan to be told I needed chocks to stop it from rolling away!
  11. Single axle. Thanks for the video. I have seen that. As I explained in my initial post, I understand how that part works. Its the Hand Brake operation I do not understand. Why should going backwards disable a hand brake for crying out loudest. There should be a warning sticker on the hitch to tell you this. Anyone with an IQ of between 20-150 would assume that when you put the hand brake on something it will stop it from rolling away. Maybe I am below 20? I hope there is someone at Al-Ko reading this and taking note! Incidentally, I park my van at a lock up and reverse in, then I am about a foot away from a barbed fence, the inclination would mean that the thing would roll backwards in a breeze with a no hand brake-hand brake. Thank goodness I always put the dreaded Al-Ko wheel lock on! Anyone used one of these?
  12. So if I reverse up a gradient and then also up a ramp for levelling in the same direction I will have a hand brake? When your at the top of the ramp how do you align your wheel to accept the Al-Ko wheel Lock? If I disengage the mover will the caravan not come flying down even faster until the brake shoes decide to work again? Is there a specific distance before the brake shoes engage or is it arbitrary? The guy at the pitch opposite (on the flat) looked a bit concerned for his car. I don't know if I am being over cautious but this is pretty fundamental and potentially dangerous stuff. I am not inclined to keep my mover engaged as it cannot be good for the tyres but see this as an only option. Hand brakes that only work some of the time and not on hills or after you've been going backwards? Who designs these things? I thought transmission brakes on land rovers were a bit wobbly but at least they only allow it to move a few inches. Not several feet! Do the insurance companies know how these things work? ...Or not! I need to do a drawing and submit it LOL! Is that your GT40?
  13. Before making a complete fool of myself....Again! I firstly would like to mention some of my past experiences in engineering so as confirm my level of stupidity. Built a Racing 2 stroke classic 500cc GP racing motorcycle from scratch. rebuilt and restored many more including a BMW R75/5 cafe racer project (sold-£13K) - 1971 Series IIA Land Rover; nut and bolt restoration. (sold-£30K) Worked on cars for 45 years. Can drive a lathe, Restored 2 properties; including a random stone house built in the mid 19th century. I cannot however understand caravan brakes. Not the ones that slow the caravan when driving, that's logical enough, I mean the HAND BRAKE! Here's the rub.... Being new to the sport we had our first trip to a site in Hawick, Scottish Borders for two nights last week. No problems there! Decided to book a further two nights at a site in Berwick Upon Tweed and was allocated a pitch on a slight slope. Procedure was:- Unhitch caravan from the car, apply handbrake and engage motor mover. Remove handbrake and reverse caravan into position for levelling. Raised jockey wheel height to accommodate for and aft and then placed a ramp under front offside wheel ( on the left looking from the front ) moved the caravan forward onto the ramp to level. Achieved a satisfactory position where caravan was now level in both planes. Applied hand brake and disengaged the mover. *****! Caravan slews in a clockwise direction and hand brake lever jumps into an otherwise unseen upright position. Several onlookers thinking my caravan has a mind of its own and several comments of 'shouldn't be doing that mate'! Although, they were all parked on the flat with one chap saying he doesn't use his handbrake, he has a self levelling everything going on. Advice was that if I move the caravan backwards the brake shoes disengage and I need to move it forward several feet for them to re-engage so I can then apply braking. Impossible manoeuvre as the length of the pitch would not permit this. All that said: Question? If the brakes do not work when the caravan is moved backwards, how does the Breakaway cable apply brakes when the caravan rolls back. Is it this that would cause the hand brake lever to spring to vertical and stop it in a different (3rd safety mode?) I have just had the caravan serviced and now it is having the brakes checked and is ready for collection. If it checks out OK, do I need to arm myself with more chocs, use my jack and possibly fit the wheel lock to stop it from moving off without my permission? Finally: Is anyone aware of a guide for parking on a slope? Yee Haw! Members who think I am stupid need not reply!
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