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  1. After 3 weeks, hobby have replied and said they can’t provide a wiring diagram for the transformer! 🤷🏻‍♂️I despair... anyone put their own leisure battery and charger in? Do I need a smart charger?
  2. Thanks. I have checked the company you gave a link to and looked in their online shop and they don’t have the dometic model I have. I will look for the model number soon. I have moved out of the caravan for the season.
  3. Thanks for your reply all. I have tried pushing plug further in and no effect 😊considering fitting a leisure battery and charger. Any experience with this?
  4. Thanks for your efforts. Very difficult to see the diagram I will try to enhance it
  5. Hi! I have tried to sort out the transformer problem by asking hobby if they can send a wiring diagram. This was 2 weeks ago and no diagram yet. I have confirmed power going in to the transformer via the kettle type plug. All fuses were checked ok. I want to check with my meter the cables going out to supply the 12v lights and pump and tv aerial. However it is difficult to confirm what the colours are. I want to confirm that the problem is with the transformer
  6. Thanks to all replies! I will check all suggestions where possible .it is a 2006 prestige
  7. Thanks for your reply 😊 the bed doesn’t lift up so I have to crawl into the side locker from the outside . I had my wife turn the power on and off when needed. I did contact a local caravan company to call out. However they charged £80 for a call out and then only if they was in the immediate area! So a quick look would probably cost us £150. Ok but due to the COVID I am not earning. We live in this caravan and are managing by boiling kettles for showers and using a table lamp for lighting.we will survive!cant help feeling it is something simple as it is all the 12v out. Thanks to all rep
  8. There was a small metal tab that I bent back on the micro switch connection and then it stopped I thought maybe you have to make a connection to make a circuit! Coincidence or not, it was ok until the next day How do I check the power going in to the transformer?! All fuses good
  9. I don’t have a leisure battery fitted. I have had this van a year now. The sink tap was a poor replacement and I removed it to do a replacement. Unfortunately the micro switch broke before I could remove it... a major task! This caused the pump to stay on. I managed to bridge the connection and the pump stopped. The next day on switching on a light , the circuit failed. I have not found a 12 v master switch
  10. hello and thanks in anticipation of help. I have a hobby prestige. Sockets all working but lighting ,water pump and aerial not. I assume this is on the 12v circuit. I have power coming in and supply going out of the mcb I have crawled under the bed and checked the 6 fuses and also found a cover which I removed and found a smaller fuse and that was checked ok. I have used a tester and all buzzing. Not sure if wiring going in... anyone know what it may be please?
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