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  1. Also, a correctly loaded 1442kg caravan should be fine with the Octavia vRS. Tell her to set the speed warning to 60mph šŸ˜‰
  2. swirly182

    Tow car?

    Good choice šŸ‘
  3. Strange times indeed, you've got really lucky there! We bought a Tucson in March this year for Ā£11999. WBAC have given an initial figure of Ā£15400 just this week. They also value my Octy at Ā£400 more than what I paid ~20 months ago. Not selling either car, I was just interested.
  4. Sounds daft but the 1.4TSI isn't particularly small these days. It is however a fantastic engine and should be more than capable of pulling a small 2 berth van. If not a larger one! What do you mean 'just over 1200kg', is this the kerbweight? Seems low... Turbo petrol engines with decent power/torque are excellent tow vehicles and easily match, if not exceed the capability of the equivalent diesel. Fuel economy suffers as you would expect but its a small price to pay to not hear the clatter of a diesel engine.
  5. swirly182

    Tow car?

    Smax would be my choice. Lower to the ground, less wobbly, more fun to drive solo, probably a better towcar than the CRV.
  6. As soon as I saw the caravan weight categories associated with each car that part of the mag went in the bin. Everyone would end up with 2 berth caravans!
  7. Are all of the downstream (towards the appliances) isolation valves open? There could be one or some in a lower cupboard...
  8. swirly182


    Haha. Understandable driving / behaviour then šŸ˜‰
  9. I'm pretty sure you can take a PCP out and benefit from the discount, then pay the lot off a few days later. Guessing there will be a small closure / termination fee but won't be much.
  10. Thought ahead to make sure you drove around them? As always I take your point and mostly agree with you on the weight ratio. But with 106bhp the Duster must have struggled badly on any half decent hill. I know, you were there and I wasn't but we have a 1.6 Tucson with 130bhp and acceleration in most gears leaves a lot to be desired just pulling its own weight! On the flat! I think the Karoq will struggle sometimes as well compared to a 2L version but at least the DSG will be doing all the work for you...
  11. You need as much power or as many cylinders as you feel comfortable with. On holiday I saw a Nissan Qashqai pulling a decent size fixed bed Swift - obviously had to car reg check it and it was the 1.3 turbo petrol! I tow a similar size / weight van with a 2L turbo petrol and can leave it in 6th with cruise on in most situations on the motorway whereas the Qashqai would be down to 5th or 4th climbing up hills. I've had several Mokka hire cars with the 1.4 turbo engine and was always impressed with their performance. No doubt they would tow a small caravan or similar. But how about if you were towing several thousand miles per year - Would you still go for a small engine or would you consider a bigger diesel.
  12. šŸ‘ You are correct. Poor assumption on my part. The Altea Tyne offers a similar layout to the Adora Seine with a lighter MIRO, if practicality is your thing.
  13. You'll have no issues apart from slightly higher fuel consumption over the diesel. But in every other way, its superior. I have the 245bhp version of the same engine in an Octy estate towing a 1420kg van very (too) easily.
  14. Pretty sure the Adora range is 8ft...
  15. swirly182

    Tow car?

    Apparently you're also a great help. I would be looking at a Mondeo or Insignia estate for a Ā£6k budget.
  16. Is it a site rule though? Or just your expectation because you've trained your dogs that way and everyone else must do the same...
  17. I recall a link you posted and the rule stated dog 'fouling' isn't allowed on the pitch. To me fouling is number 2s which I agree shouldn't be allowed on the pitch, but owners having dogs that wee on their own pitch? This wouldn't particularly bother me and may not necessarily be breaking the site rules.
  18. Merc offered the E Class estate in lifted / 4wd form. And I'd love one! Not sure if they're available new anymore.
  19. I like caravanning but for me (us) it adds to the mix of holidays. Before we bought the caravan we agreed we would still be going on 'sun' holidays in a villa / hotel or whatever and also still have different UK holidays from time to time.
  20. The Avon is a bit longer than the Tamar and offers more space. We haven't viewed one, admittedly, however the longer lounge is appealing and we could probably sleep on the benches as two singles. Also a slightly larger washroom. Yes, that's not much over our Tamar but the grass is always greener..... The older Tamars upto 2015 definitely offered x3 bunks. Not sure on the newer ones to be honest. Guessing it was a factory option if so.
  21. I was under the impression the bunks in Adria vans (2014/2015 on) are all the same size regardless of model. They are indeed massive! I'm wanting to swap ours for the Avon. Very nice caravan and a good price.
  22. This is a good point. However the bunks in Adria vans are of a decent size - lower are good for most adults and the upper are good for adult height / 70kg. I will be using the lower bunk this week when I go away on my own (no kids or wife, just the mountain bike) šŸ˜
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