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  1. Shocking service by the MG dealers. Almost as shocking as their car's styling! We have a 2018 Tucson which is surprisingly well built and drives well (even though it is an SUV). So I'm sure the new Tucson only improves on this. Thankfully it's been several years since I've had to visit a dealers and engage with sales persons. The Tucson was bought seamlessly over WhatsApp from a main dealer - thanks Covid! My Octy was leased, then after two years I bought it off the finance company. No hassle at all...
  2. Dogs weeing on the grass or gravel pitch...... Is this against the site rules? How do you control when your dog goes for a wee? We don't take ours with us (she snores) but if we did I don't think I could control this as well as you do with your dogs. Anyway, we're at Love2Stay with two outdoor pools which have been godsends for the past couple of days. Caravan and awning cools down nicely at night ๐Ÿ‘ŒBeer and tonic stay nicely chilled which obviously is the priority...
  3. I would be happy if we were to ever upgrade the car or van. However, I'm sure the people who have already shelled out in the past x number of years won't be at all impressed.
  4. Won't cover windows... What do you mean?
  5. ๐Ÿ˜‚ We have an older Kampa Rally with those unfashionable metal poles. Quite glad after reading this. I would keep prodding Kampa. It may be worth sharing your bad experience on social media, with relevant magazines etc. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. There are plenty of newbies towing sensibly at 90 to 100% - myself included. Make sure you're within the car's max towing limit and happy with the power / torque the Mokka gives. Enjoy the van ๐Ÿ‘
  7. Sounds like you did the right thing... We're away this week and according to the forecast it will be 29degC. Cools off nicely at night though surely?!
  8. No, they're unpopular. Petrols are far superior and there are many examples that would tow your van. ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Don't forget turbo petrols exist! I would prefer to use the 2L turbo I have over any equivalent turbo diesel ๐Ÿ˜‰ Solo and towing. We haven't yet established if the OP has a 1.6 N/A or 1.6 turbo. If its the latter I would think they aren't driving it correctly...
  10. What happens to solo ride comfort with these rear suspension mods?
  11. Santa Fe with a sport mode amuses me. Our Tucson has 'sport' steering mode which is utterly pointless on that type of car. I would leave it in comfort and waft...
  12. (Sadly) I would love to take my Octavia and something like the 4x4 Superb estate to a weigh bridge to establish actual weights. I just don't believe they're as light as the data sheets state! My Octy "is" 1460kg and the van is 1420kg. It's as stable as as a stable thing whilst towing...
  13. What's your budget? If you don't do too many towing miles, a bigger turbo petrol estate gets my vote. Superb 2L TSI 4x4 DSG may be suitable if you're happy with the weights.
  14. No not at all. You make a good point about the longer A frame, although I'm not sure any data exists to prove increased stability and I've only ever towed the Adria so can't make any comparisons. So many variables with the towcar and caravan, all we can do is share our personal experiences... If the weight was below 3500kg with a UK van I would have towed without the B+E with the Octavia. Then acted if there were issues with the combo...
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