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  1. Interesting. It might have fallen off?
  2. For info, my Octavia estate (2018) doesn't struggle with overall stability towing 1420kg. If you don't mind the potential bills, what about an older E61 520d or 530d Touring? A bit overkill for 1490kg but more special than something like an Octavia or Superb costing £5k.
  3. They made a nice noise though!
  4. Thanks for the info and link. Searching by postcode simply takes me to the council website, it doesn't actually list any weigh bridges. I'll have to give the council a call. The Google search reveals threads from this forum asking the same question!
  5. How do you go about finding / booking a weigh bridge? I've searched the local council website to no avail...
  6. He obviously did the calcs then!
  7. That was my suggestion only, make sure you do your own research and view plenty of different vans before parting with the cash.
  8. I would be going for something like this Adria Altea Dart. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/caravan-details/202102018569076?atmobcid=soc3 Appears to be brand new, below 20k, fixed island bed, mid bathroom. I can vouch for the build quality and nice fresh minimalistic interior design. But as previously said, no manufacturer are without faults.
  9. swirly182


    The fact he's clarifying things on here indicates sensible behaviour. Chill!
  10. I also think it will struggle on hills and acceleration on the motorway - say passing a slower vehicle that's sat at 50mph. You may need 4th or 3rd to make some safe progress. Fuel consumption will be high and you'll be working that 1L triple quite hard. However, if you're not planning on doing many towing miles, then it might be suitable? A remap or decent tuning box is an option if it does struggle. But this could speed up wear of engine / drive train components.
  11. I think he senses when the letters DSG are posted anywhere on the internet. He'll be here soon....
  12. How good would a Senator vs 850 T5 chase be with the ex cop old timers at the wheels. 😎 😁 I'm also a Saab fan. My dad had a new 2002 95 estate with the 2.3t engine, I was 17 and it felt soooooo quick at the time! Lovely, solid, over engineered cars.
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