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  1. I've had many Mokka 1.4T hire cars and think that engine is fantastic. However, each Mokka on the motorway didn't feel 'planted'. It's a tall, narrow car and personally I wouldn't choose to tow a caravan with one. But you already own one so find a suitable caravan and try it! You'll have to swap it or get rid of the caravan if it's no good. If you go beyond the max towing weight then expect premature clutch wear. I would also be worried about a standing start on an incline - I had to stop on a 16% incline near Pateley Bridge and probably took 5k miles off the clutch trying to get
  2. Damn! Hopefully sealing will improve things. The weather's also looking terrible for us from tomorrow to Tuesday so I'll report back at what point the SunnCamp leaks 😂
  3. As Ern suggested. I would be disconnecting the drain valve and checking for / clearing any blockage. It could be full of grease from washing up water. Novel arrangement though! I'd leave it on.
  4. I took delivery of a SunnCamp Swift Air 260 today! Bought it for the reasons you described so thanks for confirming its a good purchase. Only £199.
  5. Exactly what we use in the shower as I previously said! There's a removable rail in there to hook them all over 👍
  6. 4 hours... hopefully you'll never do it again! Like we'll never forget the bedding again after realising at 9pm on the first night. However it was only our second trip as new caravanists.
  7. Hung up in the shower compartment with all the hot air blowing into there and the window in the toilet area open. Coats, towels whatever are dry in an hour. In our case, it helps that the space heater is less than a foot away.
  8. But means having two cars which isn't an option for some people. I think it has already been established that there is no correct answer! (Apart from my set up) 😁👍
  9. In my experience a copy of the V5 is not provided, only a certificate which shows registered owner details and not much else.
  10. I had my Octavia vRS TSI long before we even considered a caravan and I chose it because of the performance / sound / drama etc. that the diesel equivalent could not deliver. Turns out its a very good tow car as well. I had already decided the increased fuel consumption wasn't an issue when I chose it and now I'm towing with it, it still isn't an issue. Personally, the additional cost in fuel is well worth the more refined engine and more entertaining drive. I'm comparing a 2L 4cyl TSI to a 2L 4 cyl TDI here and appreciate that some 6 cylinder diesels provide 'some' drama but again, at the cos
  11. Exactly. Mines 1600kg 8% and 1800kg 12%. Although I've had to pull away from stopped on a 16% which wasn't pleasant. My van is 1420kg max. 😳
  12. It's around 250Nm without the electric motors. More than capable to pull 1595kg when all 218bhp and 400Nm is available. My guess is 1600kg to 1700kg kerb weight. I wonder how long the batteries would last. At 60mph on the motorway will it be all petrol or in hybrid mode?
  13. Late response I'm afraid. Do you mean you want to use the shower in an all in one wet room, so in effect everything would get wet? I would look at all the sealant yourself first, make sure it's there and firmly in position to ensure no water can get past. Replace any suspect areas and there should be no reason not to use it! I use the shower in ours quite a lot and even though it's a separate cubicle, I always like to keep an eye on the sealant condition.
  14. With further clarification from @bspksI sorted ours very easily. I was trying to remove the complete lower panel and didn't need to. £3 total to repair and it will never leak again. 😁
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