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  1. My thoughts are it should be absolutely fine. But so should a Mondeo estate 😉
  2. I hope it does! When's the CMC magazine out? I've only just joined.
  3. You're kidding aren't you... The conclusions would range from the 115bhp Dacia Duster that could pull 2T twin axle vans, to the 50% brigade - "2 berth caravan you say, yes you'll need a Discovery at the least for that". 😁
  4. I'm sure the Superb 280 4x4 estate would have no trouble. My "one day" car. So, was the Suberb the winner or the Octy? 😂
  5. I agree. It's a flawed guideline.
  6. I have the Swift 260 air. Used it once for 5 nights in continuous rain and at times quite windy. There were no leaks (brand new) and I had no concerns it was going to blow away.
  7. They're more than capable of towing more than 1300kg 😉
  8. Yep. So presuming all the dog show kit fits in the XC60's limited load space, the extra space provided by the Kodiaq or similar will cater for the baby stuff! I think the conclusion is, just buy a T5 / T6 with 6 seats like somebody has already said 😁
  9. Most of the alternative cars mentioned offer significantly more load space than the 2011 XC60. According to car buyer the XC60 has a 495 litre boot with the seats up and 1455 litres seats down. So only slightly more than a thimble. The Kodiaq, for example, has 835 litres middle seats up and a total of 2065 litres with all seats down. I'm sure the Sorrento and Santa Fe would be similar. If the trade stand goes in an XC60, surely it would fit in these!
  10. When should you stop declaring a windscreen claim? One of mine was in 2016... Anyway I've just renewed both cars with other insurance companies, declared the windscreen claims and the premiums have never been as cheap! Less than £500 for both 👍
  11. Another newer, new Beetle here. My wife loves her and I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I quite like the styling. I don't drive it that often!
  12. What towing experience do you or your OH have? If plenty, towing over 100% can be acceptable as long as the caravan is loaded correctly (heavy stuff in the car), nose weight is correct and the basics like tyre pressures on all wheels are correct / adjusted for the extra weight.
  13. Fair enough - I didn't realise the heaters are hidden away on some caravans. The one in mine is mounted below the wardrobe and on show, so can be used as a heater without the fan. I would keep trying (harder) to remove the existing vents and install adjustable types, to balance the air flow.
  14. I've actually disconnected and blanked off the first outlet nearest the heater in an attempt to get more heat to the front of the van. It's warm around the heater at the back of the van anyway so the vent isn't really needed. No proper experiments to prove its done anything, but in my mind it must be! Have a play. I used a method of blanking off that can easily be reverted.
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