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  1. Here's a more pleasant response for you to consider next time: "enjoy yourselves but please be careful in the narrow sections where social distancing may be a bit more challenging". This forum is terrible for smart / derogatory / negative comments! Weirdly though, I find it quite entertaining.
  2. These Cadac Safaris seem popular, I've just this minute ordered the 2 LP for £99. Being an entry level caravan, it doesn't have a dedicated gas point so planning on teeing off the 30mbarG caravan supply with an isolation valve. Just need to figure out the connection to the Cadac when it arrives.
  3. I think we all share your desire to get out! Caravan sites are hopefully opening on 4th July, subject to a change in the guidelines. I would imagine meets and the like will not be going ahead for the foreseeable future.
  4. Good point Craig. I've slept on the lower bunk a couple of times and prefer it to the bed at the front!
  5. We love our Adria Altea. Fixed bunks, separate shower, side dinette and light enough to keep my total weight below 3500kg. You're probably looking at a 2011/2012 model for that budget. It's subjective and very much open to discussion that 'foreign' caravans typically are higher quality, less prone to leaks etc. The minimalistic interior of the 2016 model was the decider for us though. Keep an open mind, look at all manufacturers offerings of family layouts. Here's a 2014 example for £10k https://www.caravanfinder.co.uk/touring-caravans-for-sale/search-caravans/adria-altea-542-dt-tamar-used-caravan-2014-kent-tg220485e
  6. He's only said "the money" and not specifically the full amount. Its all speculation until the OP returns. He'd better do, I'm sure we're all losing sleep over this
  7. I can't see a problem with that! Mine is being serviced on 12th June so will be dragging it out the day before.
  8. I tow with a 2L turbo petrol and the 370Nm of torque is produced at 1600rpm. The 2L TDI (184bhp) produces 380Nm at 1750rpm, so you don't necessarily need the revs. The data I have for the 1.5 TSI shows it producing max torque of 250Nm at only 1500rpm! 1.4 should be similar, but I don't have the data to hand. For further comparison, the 1.6 TDI produces the same 250Nm at 1750rpm. But as you suggested the petrol consumption can be poor depending on conditions. Lowest I've seen is 16mpg with wind and hills. I think this is the only drawback now as the turbo petrols do perform well.
  9. No towing experience but it will be used as a normal car too so here's my opinion. We've had a Beetle with the 1.4TSI (150ps) and manual gearbox for around a year and so far we're really impressed with the performance and fuel economy. It averages about 43mpg with my wife's mixed driving. I've had 53mpg on a 500 mile round trip, mostly motorway at 70 to 75mph. Octavia is slightly heavier mind. I would envisage the 1.4TSI Octavia wouldn't have a problem with 1175kg. I think a certain Kodiaq owner will be here soon to back this up!
  10. With regards to layout, I echo a previous comment about avoiding the fixed bed layout if you have kids. As soon as they go to bed you've lost your lounge. Unless you give them the bed! Fixed bunks or the lounge / bedroom area at the back is the way to go - we have fixed bunks.
  11. I'm more than happy to pay full price even where facilities are closed. If they're reducing occupancy the price may even increase? I've just booked 3 nights at the beginning of July at Clitheroe which is the nearest C&CC site to home. Then three more sites of differing distances booked over summer. Where we are staying for more than three nights I've gone for fully serviced pitches to reduce closer contact with others. Not many C&CC sites offer these!
  12. Don't go and see your caravan then John!
  13. Good for you OP. I've been to mine twice. There really is very little risk to yourself and others if you are sensible and "stay alert".
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