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  1. I am too! becoming confused with the awning size I need for our 2007 Sterling Eccles Sapphire. I am being told. That I need a size 13 which is. 950-975. Then I am told that I need a 975-1000. Size 14. Can someone kindly help me with this issue. As I am new to the caravan world.
  2. We are travelling straight from work. So we need some sleep on the way.
  3. We are travelling up to Scotland (Stranraer) from Coventry in September for our holidays, with our new and our very first caravan. We will be travelling later in the afternoon. So we would like your advice on where the recommended place would be to stop, just for a couple of hours or so. Just to have a nap on the way. As we are not sure on the Caravan can do's and cannot do's.
  4. It seems to my bride and myself. The so called dealer showed you around the good caravan, then delivered to you a scrap one. As we are very sure you would have noticed all the defects while having a look around the caravan you were viewing.
  5. We are both so looking forward to be able to go somewhere and use or Caravan. We got it last October, and we have not been able to use it, or even get to it.
  6. This is the carpet we are having fitted in our Caravan.
  7. We have got the carpet for our Caravan. Just needs fitting now. We both do not like mats. So once the carpet is fitted. If anyone would like our mats. You are welcome to them.
  8. Thanks to my lovely bride. We are now very proud owners of this lovely 2007 Sterling Eccles Sapphire.
  9. Thank you Les. I did forget to say what make and model our caravan is. A 2007 Sterling Eccles Sapphire. I take it that most caravans would have the same type of cooker with the same wattage?
  10. Hello everyone. I would like to know what is the wattage of the electric hot plate on our caravan cooker. Many thanks. Elaine.
  11. We have just bought a 2007 Sterling Eccles Sapphire, and I would like to know on how easy it is to remove the entrance, so called floor mat. As we would like to remove it, so as we can have a proper door mat instead of the one that is really not much use.
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