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  1. Hi I do put a lot of pressure on bar but it seems to bounce on tyre ,clunks when it comes off just not solid on tyre, haven't had it long it was moving short distance before jumping off.never makes a clunk going on thanks
  2. Hi powrtouch mover rollers jumping off.starts to move then rollers jump off with load clunk any ideas please
  3. bought a umbilical cable from powrtouch web site £20 also called emergency cable
  4. Hi folks mover works fine with cable I bought ,soon as I release button mover stops ,but still the same with remote needing several on and of with button to stop it, looks like remote needs replacing you agree thanks
  5. many thanks will try new battery, thought it was fine as it stars mover every time sometimes it will stop first time but usually 2 or3 even more thanks for all reply's
  6. powrtouch mover not stopping when I release button, need press 2 or 3 times to stop it is the older white and red remote. any help appreciated thanks
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