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  1. Update: I've replaced blown fuses and they are holding, no blown replacements. But... Still no flush! Think the pump has had it? Also there is a little bit of blue corrosion on the connector to the PCB. Maybe that's causing failure too? Headache
  2. TThanks everyone! I'll keep going and see what happens. Got to head out and get some fuses now
  3. It's been a fun adventure getting this caravan clean and working.....I knew it'd cost some money at some point!
  4. Cheers, I'll give that a go. I really thought there wasn't a battery, he was just so adamant that there was one! thanks for confirming. If it doesn't blow when disconnected from the PCB and pump, its probably either the board or the pump is knackered then?
  5. Thanks guys, new regulator it is then.
  6. I should have said, I've tried all those taps etc. Itseems it's not going through the regulator Yep.thats what I did.and no sound or smell of gas
  7. Hi all, Wonderful forum, wonderful people....Can you help? I have no gas coming through in the van, nothing to any appliance. The gas tank is full and works fine. I've disconnected the hose from the regulator and run the gas, works fine. Disconnected the regulator, attached hose and run the gas, nothing. No gas comes through. I'm assuming it would come through the regulator as I can't see any mechanism that would stop it if it's not attached to the supply pipe. So, am I looking at a damaged regulator? Also, I've had a g
  8. Hi all, I wanted to say first that I find this forum exceptionally helpful and you are all incredible at sharing your knowledge. For a newbie to the world of caravans, it's been a gold mine so far. Having said that, I too have been a victim of the dreaded thetford toilet flush issue. I have lifted the sticker, checked the PCB and connections, pulled out the pump and rotated the impeller with a small screw driver, and cleaned the pump as best I could. Nothing. Now, I have a few specific questions and I wonder if any of you wonderful people can h
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