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  1. I have heard that HMRC are now investigating Lunar Automotive for non payment of furlough and also looking into company pensions. This might have something to do with them being locked out of their premises, maybe? Personally I wouldn't pay £20,000+ for a caravan from a company that has so many issues and an owner with such flagrant disregard for people generally. To get this company up and running properly you need a hell of a lot of capital and people with the know-how to make a decent caravan. They are hugely lacking in both.
  2. In the past few weeks Lunar Automotive have been locked out of their premises twice for non payment of rent (again!). I kid you not. They only have 2 remaining staff from old Lunar. They are taking on staff who have never built a caravan in their lives and have no design team, no new designs, no dealer network, no accounts with suppliers, no money to pay rent, nobody willing to invest money into the business. They will never in a million years get vans out of that factory of any sort of quality.
  3. He's lying through his teeth, he's not paid them a penny in months and not paid into their pensions for 15 months despite taking the money out of their wages. The truth will come out, I mean all the staff have to do is submit their bank statements as evidence and his lies will be revealed! This goes a lot deeper though and the administration company are on cahoots with him. Both Clarity and Lunar had higher bids to take them over but they sold to Nicholas Marks! Let's hope a thorough investigation is carried out. I'm sure it will be as this is tax payers money he has stolen and a lot of it.
  4. They are out of Strand Road now and have put what they could get out into storage in Blackpool. Still plenty of stock, racking and a few machines left behind though. I believe they now have around 10 production staff still on the books and the majority of those wouldn't now go back if asked. It would be a miracle if they ever managed to get back into any sort of production again. Suppliers don't want to know them, dealers don't want to know them and the few staff they have left don't want to know them.
  5. This is the crazy thing, if the new owners had got their act together they could be raking it in by now. Instead they have zero production and are doing their staff out of furlough pay. They are poor business people and have no understanding of the caravan market what so ever.
  6. The old Lunar under Brian Mellor was a victim of it's own success. It always used to tick along steadily making a good turnover. Then when the financial crisis hit just after Brian Mellor took over the whole industry started to boom. Initially some companies couldn't take the hit of the financial crash but Lunar managed to stay afloat and get the finance it needed. From their on year after year sales kept growing so Lunar had to borrow more and more money to fulfill orders which wasn't a problem until they hit a bad year in 2018/2019 when sales plummeted unexpectedly. Unfortunatley the wayLuna
  7. Lunar Automotive now have 6 days to vacate the premises on Strand Road Preston. Any equipment or machinery not removed within that time will be auctioned off by the buildings owners. Staff have now filed a court case against the current owner for non payment of wages.
  8. I know 10 years back build cost was £5,500 per van so added a bit on as a guesstimate. Even so you are looking at over a million pounds spend just to get demo vans out there.
  9. Lunar Automotive have remained silent since about April, you'd think they would have made some sort of public announcement by now of their plans moving forward. Certainly despite all the goings on I have heard the new owner still believes he will be starting production again at some point, much to the bemusement of his remaining unpaid staff I might add. To sell vans you first have to build demonstration vans to send to dealers. Say they scale it right back to 10 models and send one of each out to say 20 dealerships, that's 200 vans they need to build at around £7,000 build cost eac
  10. Yes, I believe around ten people have been given redundancy and the company are seeking government help to pay them out. I'm not really sure how those remaining are considered to be in employment as they have had no wages for over 2 months, although I believe they are also taking Lunar to court with the help of ACAS.
  11. Lunar Automotive were in court this week to try and gain access to the factory as they have been locked out for non payment of rent. The judge sided with the landlord and Lunar Automotive are locked out until they pay their rent. They also haven't paid any of their staff furlough yet for over 2 months now leaving staff unable to even claim benefits because as far as HMRC are concerned they are in reciept of furlough payments. So some have managed to find a second job and some have been left with absolutely nothing and on the bread line. The behaviour of Lunar Automotive is beyond de
  12. There is no such thing as a lunar 2021 model. All lunar automotive have is a handful of 2020 demo vans which were built by lunar caravans in 2019. Lunar Automotive have never seen a single van go into production. They have no design team, no sales team, only a handful of production and office staff who currently haven't been payed anything for 2 months. The Strand road factory is without power as the owner switched it off due to none payment of bills and are currently taking Lunar Automotive to court for none payment of rent which now amounts to a few 100 thousand pounds. Also the owners
  13. Yeah, I've heard they have been told they will be laid off for a month and they have to take a pay cut as well! On top of that they will all be expected to take on multiple job rolls as there will be a smaller assembly line and fewer people. Not going to fill the remaining staff with enthusiasm is it? The funniest part is that whilst they had the staff back at the factory telling them all this the owner of the building turned up with two engineers to cut the electricity and gas off because they hadn't paid the energy bills! This bloke just seems to think he can pay peo
  14. These vans for sale on eBay are 2020 proto types that were built in early to mid 2019 to be shown at Birmingham NEC in October. They are one offs as no production of them ever commenced. You'd be mad to pay anywhere near £31k for that in my opinion. Nice Van but never went into production so getting spare parts should things go wrong on it could be next to impossible.
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