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  1. I know 10 years back build cost was £5,500 per van so added a bit on as a guesstimate. Even so you are looking at over a million pounds spend just to get demo vans out there.
  2. Lunar Automotive have remained silent since about April, you'd think they would have made some sort of public announcement by now of their plans moving forward. Certainly despite all the goings on I have heard the new owner still believes he will be starting production again at some point, much to the bemusement of his remaining unpaid staff I might add. To sell vans you first have to build demonstration vans to send to dealers. Say they scale it right back to 10 models and send one of each out to say 20 dealerships, that's 200 vans they need to build at around £7,000 build cost eac
  3. Yes, I believe around ten people have been given redundancy and the company are seeking government help to pay them out. I'm not really sure how those remaining are considered to be in employment as they have had no wages for over 2 months, although I believe they are also taking Lunar to court with the help of ACAS.
  4. Lunar Automotive were in court this week to try and gain access to the factory as they have been locked out for non payment of rent. The judge sided with the landlord and Lunar Automotive are locked out until they pay their rent. They also haven't paid any of their staff furlough yet for over 2 months now leaving staff unable to even claim benefits because as far as HMRC are concerned they are in reciept of furlough payments. So some have managed to find a second job and some have been left with absolutely nothing and on the bread line. The behaviour of Lunar Automotive is beyond de
  5. There is no such thing as a lunar 2021 model. All lunar automotive have is a handful of 2020 demo vans which were built by lunar caravans in 2019. Lunar Automotive have never seen a single van go into production. They have no design team, no sales team, only a handful of production and office staff who currently haven't been payed anything for 2 months. The Strand road factory is without power as the owner switched it off due to none payment of bills and are currently taking Lunar Automotive to court for none payment of rent which now amounts to a few 100 thousand pounds. Also the owners
  6. Yeah, I've heard they have been told they will be laid off for a month and they have to take a pay cut as well! On top of that they will all be expected to take on multiple job rolls as there will be a smaller assembly line and fewer people. Not going to fill the remaining staff with enthusiasm is it? The funniest part is that whilst they had the staff back at the factory telling them all this the owner of the building turned up with two engineers to cut the electricity and gas off because they hadn't paid the energy bills! This bloke just seems to think he can pay peo
  7. These vans for sale on eBay are 2020 proto types that were built in early to mid 2019 to be shown at Birmingham NEC in October. They are one offs as no production of them ever commenced. You'd be mad to pay anywhere near £31k for that in my opinion. Nice Van but never went into production so getting spare parts should things go wrong on it could be next to impossible.
  8. There are big problems as well with Lunar Automotive getting parts from suppliers as the old Lunar collapsed owing over £1million to at least one supplier and hundreds of thousands to many more. To finish vans they obtained from the buy out they had to buy parts through one of the long time dealers as suppliers wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. To get parts they are going to have to put a lot of money up front and they aren't going to get any of it at a good price, especially if they are only looking to build 8 per week. So any Van they do build is going to have a high ticket price
  9. Latest news is that Lunar staff (what's left of them) are being told that production will start at the end of October and they are looking to manufacture 8 vans per week. Watch this space.
  10. This is in the Times newspaper now. Nicholas Marks the owner of Lunar Automotive has been reported to HMRC by the local councillor for not paying Furlough and not making any pension contributions to the Lunar staff since he took over last year.
  11. There are no staff working there at all at the minute. The factory is shut, I pass it every day.
  12. I can tell you with absolute certainty there is no production going on at their Strand Road factory, there are no office staff there either. If you watch the video on Lunars Facebook page of the big move, the people you see in it are the entirety of their workforce and a good few of them have left now because they aren't getting paid regularly and never know when the next pay check is coming. The factory is massive but the workforce is a handful of people. Staff who were made redundant over a year a go all have new jobs now and because of what they have heard of the new owner and his attitude
  13. Personally I wouldn't buy one unless they were rock bottom price, these are as you say demos and haven't been road tested in any way and you are going to struggle if you need replacements for anything such as internal furnishings , doors and panels etc as mass production has never commenced and there may not be a functioning factory to produce said items.
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