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  1. Well, my dealer has stated categorically, and in writing, that the van will be turned away and the work will not be carried out if any ‘stuff’ remains in the van when I deliver it … so, although it’s a big, big deal, I shall have to comply. Jim
  2. If one thing works in a socket, but another doesn’t - then you have to suspect the ‘other’ item. If possible, can you plug the TV in elsewhere to test it? Also check the fuse in the TV’s plug.
  3. Do what others seem to do nowadays … just leave it by the on-site rubbish bins along with all the other no-longer-wanted items like camping chairs, windbreaks, inflatable settees and pergolas - “SEP”. Jim 😜.
  4. … … for 20 though !
  5. Charlieboy, the water heater is a Whale Expanse and, afaik, it can’t be bled. Jim
  6. Does that confer you with the same powers as the site warden? 😀
  7. Now that, LE, is a very good idea 🙂. (Although I think it’s going to be over £10+vat around here!)
  8. Thanks for all the replies so far. A few comments - > I can’t keep stuff in the car, as it’s not a one-day handover - the van could be there a couple of months! > I don’t have a dining room, study, spare bedroom, garage or loft. > The dealer now says I must remove the seats and cushions, but the mattress and curtains will be covered over. > We don’t know the neighbours well enough yet to ask to borrow a room. > I can’t ‘go elsewhere’ as all the dealers are only doing catch-up work for their regulars, local approved workshops are booked for months, and m
  9. I have a dilemma. My caravan needs to go into the dealer for some warranty work, and may be there some time. They tell me that, due to covid, the van will need to be fumigated - and that I must therefore remove EVERY possession and item of equipment before arrival at the service centre. (I’m currently trying to confirm whether or not this includes upholstery and the mattress, and I feel it may well do). The problem is that my van is kept in storage, and all my caravanning “stuff” is stored in it. I can’t physically get it anywhere near my home. And if I could, I have a
  10. I never, ever, ever take the blue stuff inside my caravan. The damage that can be caused by just a few drops of that stuff is unbelievable and irreversible! (Dont ask me how I know🙁)
  11. OP here. Just been away in the van for a week - and it continues to make the “ssllrrpp” sound 😡. I’m now fairly certain it’s coming from the underfloor water heater, because it happens only when that appliance is switched on. I managed to record it, in case it helps anyone identify it - listen here - oh dear, unable to attach the file for some reason. Jim
  12. Porlock Hill has a big sign advising against towing caravans - this link to StreetView may work - https://goo.gl/maps/WGYeFFvNCxHiXbox9 - if it doesn’t, it advises using the lower toll road instead - but I’ve heard that’s almost as bad! Other than that you may have to go via Barnstaple and the A361 toTiverton, then the windy A396 back northwards!
  13. Griff, if you mean ‘supporters’ - a simple search of members shows 52, out of a total membership of 71,367.
  14. I used Tyres On The Drive recently and their van was fitted out with the ‘spider’, and he had appropriate allen keys. It was £7.50 extra per change of tyres. Also Kwik-Fit deal with Tyrons - see here - https://www.kwik-fit.com/tyres/types-of-tyre/caravan-and-motorhome-tyres.
  15. Diploma, leaving the mover on is definitely not recommended by any of the manufacturers to my knowledge, but as Alfie says it may act as a useful very short-term security measure whilst in the services, for example. It will almost certainly be in your manual somewhere … … I was going to paste a copy of mine, but can’t seem to do it, but it says something like “The mover is not a braking system and should never be used as such, when stopped always apply the caravan handbrake and remove the rollers from the tyres”.
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