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  1. I was just in the process of writing a similar comment, SamD. If I was the OP I’d be having second thoughts about coming back after that reception! Jim
  2. Barry, on my Pioneer DAB you press-and-hold the Source button (SRC) for a few seconds to turn the radio off. Jim
  3. The Truma does have a clip - in the link below it the blue piece at the end of the pistol grip - it hinges up https://www.pioneercaravans.co.uk/shop/accessories/water-supply-accessories/truma-ultraflow-water-pump/
  4. Hence why I suggested (above) checking out the Freeview website “before leaving home”. Jim
  5. I’m always slightly puzzled by these “It’s a faff getting tv reception” posts. I don’t think I’ve ever failed to quickly set up my TV in the last 20-odd years (except in a couple of notorious reception black spots in Wales). Before leaving home I pop my postcode into the Freeview website, and note the bearing and polarity (H or V). Then on site I use a basic compass (cost 90p at the time) to point the aerial, and press auto-tune on the TV. Job done with plenty of stations and excellent reception. And no need for any apps, reception finders or satellite dishes & receivers! Jim
  6. I found I could get the same discount just by asking, without being a member!
  7. My guess is that it’s been wired in the wrong way round. Can you get at the cables at all - either at the vent end or somewhere along the route? If so, try swapping the wires over.
  8. TeeJay, you say you “couldn’t spot anything” - well sometimes these fuses look okay, but may have an “invisible” break. So best to check them with a multimeter if you have one, or replace the fuses with a new one. Jim
  9. My Elddis also has a sink “plug 'ole” … … Jim
  10. It says in the article that it’s a slip road off the A30 at Sourton.
  11. As you’re adding the it under the van, I assume it’s ‘solid’ rather then ‘fluffy’ insulation… … so if you just cut a hole through the insulation immediately below the drop vent, any gas that needs to escape will still be able to ‘drop’ - no need to add any sort of extension in my view. Jim
  12. Mal, unless ViaMichelin has changed recently all the caravan option does is add some time and costs to the journey - it didn’t seem to alter the route at all. When I have a little time I’ll have a fresh look to see if it’s changed.
  13. Caravan Talk have a list of storage sites, but I can’t immediately find a link to it (perhaps Mods/Admin can help?) Also there’s the CaSSOA web-site - which lists 37 sites within 20 miles of Liverpool - see here. Jim
  14. Martin, my ‘fixed’ bed has magnets which hold the extendable section to the main frame, but easily separate when you give the handle a tug … so it may be worth looking to see if you have a similar arrangement and check they’re not blocked in any way. Jim
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