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  1. Article in the telegraph this morning saying that after all this they are moving to a UK sticker instead of GB. There will be a lot of p'd off people who have just stuck a great circle to the back of their vehicles!
  2. we are still hoping. We have 2 weeks annual leave booked in august. if we can we will head down to the eurotunnel..... Although I looked it up last night and it is approx 900£ instead of the approx 400-500£ it usually is!! I'm hoping price might come down if demand goes up and more people go on...
  3. coming back to an old thread. Can anyone confirm to me what I need to buy to be able to 1) attach it to the caravan gas point 2) use it with canisters thanks
  4. absolutely agree. that post was spot on handyandy. you have made me realise that it is about passing a test not how good anyone is at driving. We will wait and do it properly.... frustraaaaaating. thanks for help as ever.
  5. There seem to be limits on the weight as a minimum but nothing as a maximum weight and size. We are struggling to get a b&e assessment and test booked in promptly, so looking at a DIY option. I am an experienced tow-er so hopefully I will pass. Any tips are very welcome though.. Thanks
  6. So, just to come back to this thread - we have bought a sun canopy thing and a utility tent for the poor. Will give that a go a couple of times and see how we get on with it. We might then sell the awning if we dont feel like we need it. I think this will be worth it for trips to the continent. The question is about uk trips - but we are fair weather campers at heart so with a bit of luck it will work fine
  7. thank you so much to all for your comments. Lots of options to look at. We have a vango 390 air awning. it is a ***** because we cannot zip out the front or the sides, and therefore it is all or nothing - you can only open them. "junk" includes bike helmets and other kit, inflatable swimming rings when abroad, wet towels, picnic mat with toys, table, 5 chairs etc etc. We do need it to be secure (from wind etc), we wouldnt sit in it in the cold I'm quite happy to rule out a fixed canopy, I'm tempted by a sun canopy plus pup tent for the junk. We dont often stay more than 4 days, which looks like the line for many people - it just doesnt seem worth it to put up a big awning (also we sold one last year after using it once....) I guess, like everything we want something different for different scenarios.
  8. We went away this weekend and remembered that we are really falling out of love with our awning. It is not very big, and barely fits all 5 of us in and the piles of junk that we carry around with us. But we have always shyed away from really big awnings as we dont have the patience to put them together, and never really find it worth the effort. We actually don't often sit in it, but of course we might if we liked it more. It is also very dark and makes the van dark inside. We are thinking about a canopy type thing instead, and the wishlist includes - not dark - somewhere to put shoes on etc coverd - somewhere to leave shoes etc out overnight and not worry about them getting soaked in unexpected rain. - somewhere with shade for continental travelling - possibly somewhere to sit and eat, although we struggle to eat with bugs/wasps around and often therefore eat in the van, unless we had a totally sealed unit. - something that will withstand some weather - we are fair weather travellers but of course get caught out, and have been in some whopper storms in france which the current awning has dealt with fine. Anyone else had this decision? Thanks
  9. Remote is somewhere in the guts of the boot of the car. go somewhere quite and do a screeching emergency stop. that will out it. If you find it will you tell me where our caravan tv remote control is? We drove off with the jockey wheel down today....
  10. thanks - ive had a look. I think it is the old chestnut of the definition of outside. I have been fascinated by some pic on social media of restaurants with structures in their gardens that look a lot like buildings....
  11. This is just guidance though isnt it? We are staying at 2 campsites before the may date, and both have toilet blocks open. I guess there are choices for everyone. (5 in our caravan, it is non stop number 2's here - off you go to the toilet block...)
  12. i am starting to think awnings are bonkers. We just use ours to dump stuff, I am not sure it earns its effort...
  13. we didnt go to pommier in the end, decided it was too much of a flog down south in the circs and the weather was all fantastic. another time perhaps!
  14. Welldone. I was just going to say dont worry too much about stopping traffic for a short spell. My father never did and I have taken his confidence. It is only a minute or two. Own it, give them a smile and a cheery wave and off you go. (we live on a main road now, it sometimes takes me a couple of goes to reverse on to the drive but there we go, cest la vie.). (not everyone is nice about it, but not everyone is nice.).
  15. Glad you made it home safely Chris. Ended up with a bit of an adventure, as did we We are now in day 10 of quarentine, holiday was still 100% worth it.
  16. I feel for you chris - I think we have been on a previous thread together on this same subject. we are sitting it out in france and taking the hit on the quarentine and school return. These threads are so overloaded with "i told you so's" and "irresponsible" that it is sometimes hard to see the practical advice. in relation to the 14 days - you only need to stay in for the balance of the 14 days if you go somewhere en route where quarentine is not allowed. so for your first question - if you drove to NL through france, and spent 10 days in NL - then only 4 days quarentine in UK would be required. (I know NL now also requires quarentine, it is just the example from the start of the thread. Otherwise solidarity to you. We are trying to make an adventure too - we have changed our plans.
  17. we have an adria altea as well, with triple bunks. The bunks are massive in foreign caravans, not so much in english ones. We love the layout, it is bright and airy, and the dinette is a dream for kids to sit and colour/play and to eat at in the rain- we can seat 5 in it with a seat at the end. It is a cracking van for storage as well - we thought it was going to have less than the german LMC we used to have, but it is much more practical, we almost dont need the roof box, (we are taking in, to keep the boot emptyish for a child to sit there)
  18. thanks for suggestions of other places to look. folkestone is too far, we'd as well stay at home. I thought this would be a popular request but apparently not that much! I'll do a bit more searching and report back on what I find.
  19. Hi thanks in advance for any ideas. We are have a eurotunnel booked for lunchtime next friday. Coming from Birmingham we normally do it on the day. We thought for extra excitement we might get down the m40 the evening before after work but I am not having much luck finding a site around the m25 or the tail end of the m40. we are members of CCC but all sites are saying 2 nights minimum, and pitchup is giving me nothing. Are there really no campsites in this part of the world? any suggestions gratefully received
  20. ah! we are going to pommier la ciela. There seem to be a few but it might be the same one. if we cant get to france we might look at alternative countries in europe. it would be a bit more ad hoc, but it would be a suitable alternative and an adventure all the same
  21. where was it chris? we are off to the ardeche in a week or so.
  22. we had a few laughs last weekend watching people slowly reverse brand new vans into the campsite. I particularly enjoyed the couple who spent a long few hours putting up the awning; didnt put a single peg in, and then watched it double over the top of their van. And then felt obliged to refuse help because, you know, the disease. We were also pretty pleased to sell our old van for the same amount we bought it for 4 years ago, in spite of a significant deterioration in quality. Corona prices - we had tonnes of interest, even after listing the many faults. We are very pleased with our upgrade.
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