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  1. we have an adria altea as well, with triple bunks. The bunks are massive in foreign caravans, not so much in english ones. We love the layout, it is bright and airy, and the dinette is a dream for kids to sit and colour/play and to eat at in the rain- we can seat 5 in it with a seat at the end. It is a cracking van for storage as well - we thought it was going to have less than the german LMC we used to have, but it is much more practical, we almost dont need the roof box, (we are taking in, to keep the boot emptyish for a child to sit there)
  2. thanks for suggestions of other places to look. folkestone is too far, we'd as well stay at home. I thought this would be a popular request but apparently not that much! I'll do a bit more searching and report back on what I find.
  3. Hi thanks in advance for any ideas. We are have a eurotunnel booked for lunchtime next friday. Coming from Birmingham we normally do it on the day. We thought for extra excitement we might get down the m40 the evening before after work but I am not having much luck finding a site around the m25 or the tail end of the m40. we are members of CCC but all sites are saying 2 nights minimum, and pitchup is giving me nothing. Are there really no campsites in this part of the world? any suggestions gratefully received
  4. ah! we are going to pommier la ciela. There seem to be a few but it might be the same one. if we cant get to france we might look at alternative countries in europe. it would be a bit more ad hoc, but it would be a suitable alternative and an adventure all the same
  5. where was it chris? we are off to the ardeche in a week or so.
  6. we had a few laughs last weekend watching people slowly reverse brand new vans into the campsite. I particularly enjoyed the couple who spent a long few hours putting up the awning; didnt put a single peg in, and then watched it double over the top of their van. And then felt obliged to refuse help because, you know, the disease. We were also pretty pleased to sell our old van for the same amount we bought it for 4 years ago, in spite of a significant deterioration in quality. Corona prices - we had tonnes of interest, even after listing the many faults. We are very pleased with our upgrade.
  7. thanks very much for the comments. In the last lockdown people were travelling home as I understand it? Although I dont relish the idea of spending nights in calais trying to get over, with a car full of kids. I can think of worse things than being locked down in a campsite in france... moorgate - do you think that the campsites will get busier? I assume so, as the summer goes on.
  8. We always spend the summer on the continent and really want to do that this year too. Eurotunnel is a fortune, so I guess we are not the only ones. Can anyone help me come up with what I need to think about as my brain is not thinking about the risks. So far I have - making sure we choose refundable crossings etc - checking travel insurance when we buy it. - working out how we would get home in a pinch - or stay? - wondering whether we should limit which countries we visit - although we only normally go to benelux, fr, d and ch - so nothing too adventurous. - finding campsites not too booked up at this point! with pools... I am sure there are other threads on this, but I havent seen them yet, grateful if anyone can point me there.. Thanks for all responses in advance
  9. it is terrible website to navigate. I am considering changing club as it is so awful.
  10. thanks, I'm all over ebay this week (avoiding covid Talk!). We have a german caravan at the moment, we are looking at adrias as they have well sized bunks, but I am not sure which english vans we would be pursuaded into budget is up to about 12k, pref 2010 onwards. We want an upgrade from the 2003 upholstery
  11. We are looking to buy a new van, and have 3 small children. We would like to maintain a single axle, but are very attracted to a van with a dinette which we don't need to use for a bed. The children would love a triple (as would I to live out my childhood vicariously). Models that suit in our budget are few and far between, I am wondering if it is straightforward to alter another van? If so, does anyone know how much it might cost and who I should ask to do it? Thanks very much in advance
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