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  1. Well, you've put me off that idea! Looks like we all need about half a dozen shapes and sized awnings for all eventualities if we had room to store them all. Might just still to the canopy for summer and the little one for winter and if it turns chilly - venture inside, never saw the point in sitting outside wrapped up in hats and coats and blankets.
  2. We are thinking much the same, we have a large air awning that we have not used since the kids stopped coming, a little 1.5m Vango one for winter - just somewhere to dry the dog and put muddy shoes. Then we brought a Fiamma roll out canopy for shade in the summer and was wondering about getting the sides which you can attach - would this be a possibility as would provide a bit of shelter? Put shoes/wellies/crocs on their side under the van - this will keep most of the weather out of them.
  3. Cat and Fiddle a decent road if you take your time and it will be summer, if it was winter I wouldn't have suggested it.
  4. Hi Doug, Buxton is on our doorstep - lovely part of the world and lucky to live in it. If it was us coming home from the north we'd do: M6 A537 Knutsford, Monks Heath to Macclesfield Carry on over Cat n Fiddle right into Buxton then on to where ever you are staying. Wouldn't go any other way. Buxton - Stockport road always busy, but a sunday would be quieter. Or, if you didn't fancy going over the Cat, head for leek on A523 and then A53 to Buxton, not a lot further time wise. Go the scenic route rather than the built up route.
  5. I couldn't get on either earlier today.
  6. Hi Gary, we have had for several year a Z pro tango inflatable kayak, go it 2nd hand been great at Llanberis. Very well made.
  7. Hi William, does it look like this? We have had 2 panels go in 2 vans under 2 years old. Contacted sargeant as under warranty and a replacement was sent out for us to fit. A bit fiddle but doable with patience.
  8. I would rather have this Christmas without all the family IF it meant they had a chance of keeping healthy and being around for many more Christmas's - my parents are in the 80's bracket and not having them at Christmas will be different but necessary.
  9. Hi Benny, have you thought about keeping the car and going down route of a trailer tent or folding camper? easily suitable for 2 + 2 kids see how you like it before going down caravan route.
  10. In our 40's, Mr Jim swore all through life that he would never tow a caravan ( he drives a HGV and sick of following them at times). Now look at us. Gone from tent to folding camper to a TA van. Son laughs at us and our 'hobby' but the other day said he thought a campervan might be a good idea - he's 20! Wouldn't go away in anything else, much like macafee2.
  11. Mrs Jim uses one of these in the caravan - takes up much less room and dries quickly on the towel radiator - hair turban. Swears by it and also looks better than a normal towel on your head if you come back from the site showers.
  12. On our 3rd year with ours, always give all parts a good clean after each trip and it's been fine.
  13. Besides the assorted plasters, pins, tweezers and bandages etc. in our tin we also carry sudocrem which is good for allsorts of ailments. Also keep some small dressings/banages as well just in case of any dog injuries as most are transerrable to pets (and a tick remover tool)
  14. Hi and welcome! have a look on here - caravanfinder - for layout ideas. You'll need a bed back and front and mid ship washroom ideally so a bit of privacy. Something like this perhaps - bailey. I hope you still get on well with the ex as it will be very cosy inside if you get a wet few days!! In summer you could go for a large awning and put daughter/ex in there if the weather is good as another possibility. Think you may well struggle on budget for a tug and a van, but from now on is the time of year you might drop of something suitable. Good luck to you in your sear
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