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  1. In our 40's, Mr Jim swore all through life that he would never tow a caravan ( he drives a HGV and sick of following them at times). Now look at us. Gone from tent to folding camper to a TA van. Son laughs at us and our 'hobby' but the other day said he thought a campervan might be a good idea - he's 20! Wouldn't go away in anything else, much like macafee2.
  2. Mrs Jim uses one of these in the caravan - takes up much less room and dries quickly on the towel radiator - hair turban. Swears by it and also looks better than a normal towel on your head if you come back from the site showers.
  3. On our 3rd year with ours, always give all parts a good clean after each trip and it's been fine.
  4. Besides the assorted plasters, pins, tweezers and bandages etc. in our tin we also carry sudocrem which is good for allsorts of ailments. Also keep some small dressings/banages as well just in case of any dog injuries as most are transerrable to pets (and a tick remover tool)
  5. Hi Peter, I would try Hoseasons or similar . But at this late stage you may well be very lucky to find anything in such a specific area, you may have to braoden your area. rockbridge have the dates you are after but the site is in Presteigne, Powys. Have been to one of their other sites and it was good albeit we were touring.
  6. Hi and welcome! have a look on here - caravanfinder - for layout ideas. You'll need a bed back and front and mid ship washroom ideally so a bit of privacy. Something like this perhaps - bailey. I hope you still get on well with the ex as it will be very cosy inside if you get a wet few days!! In summer you could go for a large awning and put daughter/ex in there if the weather is good as another possibility. Think you may well struggle on budget for a tug and a van, but from now on is the time of year you might drop of something suitable. Good luck to you in your sear
  7. We brought a 2nd hand Vango Braemar Air 150 so quite dinky, but big enough for wellies, dog drying etc. so perfect for us for winter use. Quick to put up/take down and not huge when rolled up.
  8. I have sent you a DM when you get a chance to look. Thanks. I would add that if you are not happy with the dealers workmanship, can you try another Elddis approved dealer, however in my experience if you didn't buy the van from them they seem unwilling to take on work.
  9. Hi Ste, I feel for you, and I can hazzard a VERY good guess where you brought it! ( same as us). As you paid a balance on a Credit Card this gives you some power under the Section 75. AT present we too are trying to get our faulty van rejected. It's a long post alltogether and I can't at this time of morning work out how long you have had it. If under 6 months I believe the dealer has to prove that it was not faulty at point of sale. After then it is for you to prove faults there when you purchased. I would ring CAB for advise, they are very helpful. You have to give t
  10. Probably that word - 'experience' and practice. Knowing what to do if something goes wrong, hopefully without panicking too much and making matters worse. Been driving trucks and towing 30 years from plant to animals (which can have a very strange effect on towing when they start shuffling around) doesn't make me an expert by any means and don't profess to be, but all that practise helps you anticipate what is around you. Everyone has to start somewhere without being judged for being a novice.
  11. As it starts like this, I should imagine it's come from Elddis (Bucanneer). As they weigh around the 2 ton mark what else could you tow with besides a pick up or 4x4?
  12. Mny thanks Benny, just nice to clarify which level is which.
  13. here will tell you all about FC's. We had one, it lasted one summer. Very good if you could have a fortnight in France where it was dry, but here, if you pack up wet, the skirts all need to wiped clean as these all pack onto themselves and everything inside it. Plus you need to have space at home to open up and dry it out if you do a wet pack up. We found everything had to have its place unless you've got room in the car for stuff. Quick to put up if you don't bother with the awning. And welcome too!
  14. Hi Pauline, We've got a Braemar 150 which I know is smaller, I presume you have 2 metal poles? these fit into holes at the top by the caravan and fit back to the caravan side to keep draught at bay. Normally fasten with velcro or ties at points up the pole. If you are struggling to pull it through by yourself, attached some string to the lead end if there are any eyelet holes. If you've taken out the panels theres not much else to make it any lighter ( thats what we do with the Kampa 400). We always feed from the front as a more gentle curve than trying to feed around a bend.
  15. Ours is used for the dog's stuff - leads, bags, ball etc. Much handier to grab what you need on your way out. swing top bin lives in the awning.
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