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  1. Yeah I do have an internal water tank, but the fill water tank switch is located next to the main fuses!
  2. Hi guys, I have a mystery switch on my abbey spectrum that lights up when on but have absolutely no idea where or what for, has anyone else had an abbey that knows what it does? It's the switch on the left of the control panel. I will add a photo! Thanks, Ross.
  3. Hi guys, both my light covers in the caravan have broken off at the clips, does anyone know where to get some replacements? Thanks, Ross.
  4. Sorry I should have added! I'm not worried about it emitting heat! My girlfriend wants one because of how they look 😂 half tempted to screw an iPad to the wall!
  5. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with removing the heater? I want too remove mine (it doesn't work anyways) and put in a small LED fire. Any advice is welcome!
  6. I guess hot water storage, I'm planning on getting a bigger water tank, hot water storage and adding a inline water booster to increase water pressure, but without running out of water quickly
  7. Hi guys, just wondering what's the largest water heater you've come across? Most I can find are 10 - 12 liters Thanks, Ross.
  8. Ahh okay I didn't think about that side of things, that's a very valid point, thank you!
  9. Hi, I was looking at inline booster pumps and wondering if I added one before the water inlet for my shower if it will increase the pressure coming through the shower head? If anyone has any information I would much appreciate it! Thanks, Ross.
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