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  1. Sorry I should have added! I'm not worried about it emitting heat! My girlfriend wants one because of how they look 😂 half tempted to screw an iPad to the wall!
  2. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with removing the heater? I want too remove mine (it doesn't work anyways) and put in a small LED fire. Any advice is welcome!
  3. I guess hot water storage, I'm planning on getting a bigger water tank, hot water storage and adding a inline water booster to increase water pressure, but without running out of water quickly
  4. Hi guys, just wondering what's the largest water heater you've come across? Most I can find are 10 - 12 liters Thanks, Ross.
  5. Ahh okay I didn't think about that side of things, that's a very valid point, thank you!
  6. Hi, I was looking at inline booster pumps and wondering if I added one before the water inlet for my shower if it will increase the pressure coming through the shower head? If anyone has any information I would much appreciate it! Thanks, Ross.
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