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  1. Well I'm hoping it will be a nicer place, i hope it won't be a country just obsessed with objects, maybe learn that something that not new is still perfectly usable, thats everything, learn to make and mend rather than replace because its unsustainable. Greed needs to stop, look at the people that panic bought food 2 weeks ago, and food waste has gone through the roof. Tax will increase, some will whine about it, but we have to pay money back. Get back to nature it keeps you sane. why go abroad and pollute the environment when we actually live in a beautiful country
  2. Morning, Looking about there seem to be a large number of used lunar van, but then there seem to be lots of negative comments about lunar vans, as the the layout we'd like is twin single beds there seem to be more lunar vans of that layout, but are they all bad, are they still built in a conventional method i.e wood inside side panels, or have they gone to composite materials, i know there are good and bad every where, I know there has been resent issues with company going into administration, and subsequently bought out.
  3. Morning, Now at last we have a car that will tow a decent sized van, we've looked around for a while, having spent time trawling the net, to me the alu-tech, seems to be one of the best construction styles for all year round use with high insulation, the wife likes the style of pegasus rimini( 2 single beds, good access to toilet without doing a commando roll) i like the orions, in different styles. Then comes the BUTT, since reading threads/comments from of the horror stories of water ingress, etc we're kinda thinking do we actually bother, don't want to be in an argument with a dealer as they sold me a dud. One thing that crosses my mind is go really cheap so it doesn't matter, but they are very dated, or brand new on some pcp package, so covered under manufactures warranty. There are obviously other brands, but seem to be just as many horror stories. Don't want to potentially spent £10-£15,000, that you have to fight to get things sorted, easier to keep money in bank. are there plenty of good stories of bailey alu-tech owner ship, or is it doom all around. thanks jeremy
  4. Hi, Reading this with interest, i do like the look of Adria altera 552 up, its looks simple, big bed, settee that just works, no fancy niff naff stuff, as one video review says, its very ikea, which can't be a bad thing. the kitchen although a little small, looks perfectly functional. unfortunately they have an oven, (which from our experience we never used,) the only down side is the bathroom, but i've emailed adria uk, they say its built to be used fully water tight and built to be walked on. Has anyone experienced these? are they as good as they look. Has any got or tried the cavelair antares, little 455, again small perfectly formed and just what more do u want?
  5. HI, We used to have a little lunar clubman a few years back, i freely admit i hated caravans, then we got our little lunar, it was brilliant, but little, at the time it served its purpose,it was sold but not upgraded. We now have the car to tow(baby range rover).
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